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Best Punching Dummy Reviews 2023

Without a sparring partner, you might be wondering the best way to improve your punches. Whether you’re practicing boxing, or punching. or another martial art, you don’t always have someone there to help you. Punching dummies are a great way to rectify this problem. If you’re a little unsure of which one to get, I’ve got all the best punching dummy products here, so your training regiment stays strong.

Best Punching Dummies Review


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Really great stability and toughness


Extremely stable; ideal for full force


Great variety of strikes


Gentler on the hands; great for kids


Easy to bend and toss

1. Century Fitness BOB punching dummy

This Century punching dummy is great when it comes to height adjustments, including 7 adjustments from 60 inches up to 78. The Bob base fills with either water or sand to suit your preference. And thanks to the rounded shape of this Bob punching dummy, you can roll it around easily if you’ve got to move it around.

Don’t worry that it’s around 270 pounds when you’ve got it filled then! Set this Bob punch bag dummy up wherever you’d like and get jabbing. The skin of the Bob is high-strength plastisol, and the inner cavity is filled with durable urethane foam to withstand your strikes. This product comes in both regular sizes as well as a Century Bob XL size. The Century Bob XL size will be perfect for sturdier fighters to train with.

Why I Like It:

  • Bob stays up easily with great stability
  • Easy to fight at multiple different heights
  • The Century Bob XL has a good amount of give like a real body opponent
  • Durable; able to withstand lots of daily abuse
  • Simple to put together quickly
  • Comes in a Bob XL size

Keep in Mind:

  • The Bob is a little hard to adjust
  • Can be difficult to transport outside the home

2. Century BOB Body Opponent Bag

The large base unit on this Century BOB body opponent dummy allows this free standing punching bag to remain still when you punch. It will hold up to 270 pounds of water or sand, but even when it’s full, the circular base makes it easy for you to transport it to where it needs to be.

Once you’ve got it set up, the Century BOB body opponent has a large striking surface for either head or body shot training, with multiple height settings you can make use of. The strong plastisol and urethane will keep this freestanding dummy safe when you jab. The base unit ensures it stays in the same place.

Why I Like It:

  • You can practice aiming for sensitive targets like the ribs or throat
  • The height of the Bob is perfectly adjustable for use and practice
  • It doesn’t hurt to jab this Bob dummy
  • You can remove the Bob torso for ground training
  • Ideal for full force martial arts training, thanks to how stable it is

Keep in Mind:

  • It can be tricky to adjust the height of Bob at first
  • Not an ideal model for instep or groin kicks

3. MMA Man Shaped Dummy

Now this body opponent bag will certainly make you feel like you’ve got a real opponent in front of you. It’s made of heavy duty polyester to withstand all your hits, so you can use it for mixed martial arts, boxing training, and kickboxing for the most realistic action.

The hanging design allows for a full 360-degree usage and maneuverability around every part of the body, so you can practice real moves on the arms and legs too. If you don’t want to hang this hanging bag, use it as a ground or floor striking bag to improve every aspect of your training regimen. Great as a throwing dummy or a human-shaped boxing bag.

Why I Like It:

  • You can hang this dummy at any height
  • Fill this dummy with old clothes for an easy surface to hit
  • Perfect practice partner for a greater variety of strikes
  • Made of heavy-duty and durable material
  • Hanging hardware is sturdy and reliable

Keep in Mind:

  • The fact that it fills from the head can be somewhat difficult
  • Does take up a good amount of room

4. Bobby Bully

Bobby Bully punching dummy lets you adjust your height with two available height adjustments so you can jab the most comfortably. This life-like mannequin dummy provide significant resistance to strengthen your punches even more and make you feel like you’re fighting a real person.

It works exceptionally well for 
kidsthanks to the size, so your little one can practice at home whenever they don’t have a fighting partner that’s their size. Whether you’re working on sparring techniques or target training practice, Bobby Bully is one of the most preferred training bag options for both kicks and punches. Be sure to check out the sizing chart.

Why I Like It:

  • Perfect to help kids apply lessons they may have learned in class
  • Great quality. It's made to take a beating
  • Gentler on the hands than the adult version
  • Allows kids to more easily visualize and practice real attacks on the body
  • Grows with kids thanks to the height adjustment

Keep in Mind:

  • Can be a little light when kicked

5. Jayfo Punching Grappling Dummy Bag

Use this dummy to complement your realistic training sessions. You'll be able to practice a range of different moves such as snares, kicks, uppercuts, punches, and more. Constructed with heavy-duty canvas, this dummy is made to be tough, so you know it'll be a worthy fighting partner. It weighs up to 140lbs and doesn't rip easily.

Why I Like It:

  • Doesn't rip easily, made to last
  • Easy to bend
  • Easy to toss
  • Practice leg locks, arm bars and more

Keep in Mind:

  • Doesn't sit on its knees or elbows

6. Celebrita MMA Judo Punching Bag Grappling Dummy

This grappling dummy is great for Judo training! Whether you want to practice Sambo leg-lock drills or other moves, it's also a solid piece for your BJJ drills. Designed with its legs curved, you'll be able to train more Brazilian jiu-jitsu and other strategies. Comes in a range of different sizes, colors, and designs - even for kids. This MMA dummy is a legit solid dude to train with! Available in synthetic leather or canvas.

Why I Like It:

  • Great for practicing ground punches, muscle and punching techniques
  • Great for children interested in MMA due to the large variety of sizes available
  • Quality and durable material that can take in heavy hits

Keep in Mind:

  • Stuffing the arms and legs can take up a lot of time

Why Use the Best Dummy Punching Bag?

Simply put, it is a great way to practice your technique. It's one of the most basic piece of training equipment or sports equipment you should have. By using the hands, arms, and legs on the dummy, you can try blocks and defense, which is something you can’t do during traditional training. It also allows you to jab at full speed and power, so it’s more like you’re fighting a real opponent.

You can continue practicing and improving your balance and reaction time while keeping your mind focused on every aspect of your opponent’s body. With one, the included resistance and give behind it does prepare you for your next match. Always protect yourself. Put your gear on and use your hand wraps, punch mitts, and sparring gloves. Some of the best grappling and punching dummies available will allow you to practice to your heart's content to improve your body strength and fighting techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

Despite knowing how effective punching bags can be, many fighters have questions about which training dummies they should buy to practice if they should buy at all. Consider what you’re looking for with these common questions. Examine your budget and look out for an available punch bag sale. Also, read my review on TKO punching bags.

Which materials are best used?

Most are made from high-density urethane foam, polymers, leather, plastic, and PVC. Different parts can be made of different materials since each part might need different materials. The best material should be one that suits your resistance and hardness requirement. Always check how easy it’ll be to clean the bag.

Where do I hang my punching dummies and how do I get the right fixture? 

You can hang your bag on your house beams. Check if there’s a hollow sound when you hang them and if not, it means that they are strong enough to support even the heavy punching bags. Another option is to drill a hole and install an eye bolt before finally mounting the training bag over it. The bolt must be firmly anchored and not pull out of the plaster and drywall.

Alternatively, you could use a wall mount from any local sports store or online shop. A wall mount is a safer option if you have a home gym. Mount a hardwood board with a set of beams secured with bolts in your house. Then attach the mount and hang it. You can secure the mount more firmly using fasteners.

A height-adjustable wall mount will allow you to set up the required height. A height adjustment is great if you intend to practice martial arts and flying kicks. You can also check if there's a punching bag sale available. It might come at an extra cost, but it’s worth investing in.

Can I use my punching bag bare-handed even if my knuckles hurt and are in pain?

Never hit your bag barehanded without gloves. It’s much safer getting yourself some hand wraps or a good pair of boxing gloves.

How do I choose between expensive and inexpensive brands that offer the same features?

The bag or dummy has to be strong enough to bear a lot of strain. While some might offer the features and cost less, if the body of the punching bag isn’t strong enough, then it won’t be durable. The best punching bag should be from a trusted brand and made of sturdier and quality materials. It might cost you more, but if it has the best features, it’s worth the price. Read reviews before purchasing.

Considerations When Choosing The Best Human Dummy Bag

Your age and size of the dummy are some of the top things to consider when choosing the right size. Since a punching bag is supposed to help you learn combat moves and refine them, it should have features that match the user. This includes your height and weight.

They come in different sizes, heights, widths, and weights. The height can range from 2.5 feet to 6 feet and weight from 60 pounds to 150-plus pounds. Some even have integrated mechanisms that allow you to adjust the weight as needed. Below are factors that will enable you to choose the best dummy for a human.


The design of the dummy will impact your practice helping you enhance your moves. For instance, a design that allows you to make some height adjustments is a critical factor. The body structure should also resemble that of the human body to make your practice more practical. It will enable you to target all the vital organs that may be critical to winning in combat sessions.


They should be stable enough not to fall off with a single hit. They should withstand some heavy beating without snapping off, since they are meant for punches and kicks where unexpected and swift movements are involved. An unstable dummy is unsafe and may cause serious injury when there’s an unexpected bag movement. The movement may even cause muscle tears when there’s an unnatural movement of the limbs. Often, they are filled with sand or water for stability.


How you punch the face is entirely different from how you hit other body parts like the abdomen. Martial arts practice with a dummy resembling the human body is a great way to learn how you face your opponent. It will help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses and figure out how to refine different moves. With a human-like feel, you get hands-on experience on how it would feel in self-defense scenarios or when competing with a human opponent.

Punching Dummy Vs Heavy Punching Bag

Since many of us see professionals using a heavy punching dummy or see those heavy bags in the movies, we tend to think that those are the best bags to buy. They are great, of course, but they don’t offer as much resistance as a solid wooden one would when you jab. Even dummies that are made a little softer give you great resistance, so you’re as close to fighting a real opponent as possible.

Sand Vs Water

You can buy one with either sand or water inside, and honestly, both are great. Which bag filling you get is really up to you. Water is the more available option but can sometimes leak even if it’s easy to clean up. Sand is less likely to leak and provides you with more stability at the base. It is heavier to move, however, especially when wet. A fillable bag with a standard filling material is easy to move around and can be conveniently installed at a location of choice. 

Height and Weight

More than likely, you’re looking for a dummy of a certain height to help with a realistic training experience. The height of the dummy should be similar to the people you’re fighting against so you can find a technique that will work in a real match. The weight of the dummy will also help you send out even harder hits.

Usually, the recommended size for adult heavy bags should be approximately half your weight. If you weigh 180 pounds, choose a 90-pound bag. For most adults, a heavy bag that is around 4 or 5 feet long should work.

Are Punching Bags Worth It?

According to personal trainers, some of the best punching dummy bags has lots of full body benefits you might be unaware of, which include: 

Reducing stress

Too much stress can have adverse effects on your health. Working out using a dummy punching bag can relieve stress and improve your mood, causing physiological and mental stress relief. As you work out, it increases the production of neurohormones like norepinephrine, improving your cognitive function. You can also use the dummy to represent your burdens as you continually hit them, and release any stress you might have.

Improving Strength & Power

A heavy punching dummy workout focuses on building strength and enhancing punching power. This includes the chest, arms, shoulders, back, and legs muscles for a full-body workout. Apply the greatest possible, and over time, you’ll be able to notice the change in your upper body strength and power.

Building your endurance

Workouts that involve even the best punching bag are not a walk in the park. A dummy will push you beyond your comfort zone, building your endurance over time. As you push beyond your limits, you endure even more. Combine bag workouts with other forms of fitness and daily activities to make it more effective.

Enhancing the Boxing Technique

The boxing technique requires proper coordination, stamina, balance, aerobic endurance, and muscle strength. It is mentally and physically draining on your upper body, lower body, and core, and you need full-body training and sparring. Frequent practice will improve your boxing technique.

Apart from just throwing punches, you’ll be able to perform each movement with the right coordination. You will benefit greatly as you work on your muscular strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness. By hitting the bag while practicing, you will experience the force of impact when you hit, and improve your punches and overall performance.

Final Verdict

Instead of looking at a traditional bag, consider a punching dummy that will provide you with a large amount of surface area to practice punches, kicks, and even defense. Keep your eyes out for a punch bag sale so you can have the best value. No matter which bag or boxing dummy you buy, you’ll have something that will feel like a real opponent, ultimately kicking your training up to the next level.