Top King Shin Guard Protector Review

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2018)

Protection is very important in any extreme sport such as Muay Thai. If you fight in a specialized sport, it is necessary to have the appropriate clothing in order to lower the risk of damage to your person. Ordinary shin guards, such as those used in soccer, will not do for heavy combat sports. The make and design of sporting apparel are assessed accordingly to what they must protect and how they will be used. The constant physical strain from combat sports require a sturdy and highly protective shin guard.

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From clothing, pads, and gloves to shin guards, Top King is a widely recognized company in Thailand who specializes in protective gear for many combat sports. This particular shin guard is from their “Super Star” line and sports a fabulous design. Top King is internationally known and is viewed as one of the highest quality sporting apparel providers in the world.

About the Top King Shin Guard Protector


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The Top King Shin Guard Protector is handmade in Thailand and offers almost complete all around protection for lower leg muscles near the ankle and under the knee caps. It is constructed from genuine leather and is both sturdy and strong.

Extending slightly halfway under the kneecap, the upper part of the guard checks hard kicks to both the kneecap and upper shinbone. The outside is vertically padded and runs straight down the shin to bar against damage.

The lower part of the Top King shin guard shields both instep and ankle area with a thick layer of padding. This padding shields you from your opponent´s kick and keeps unnecessary damage at bay.

The foot area is also covered with padding and offers extra protection against a missed kick or hit to the foot. This extra part of the Top King Shin Guard Protector is unique to the brand and allows you to feel as if the gear is an extension of your leg instead of normal apparel.


Built from quality and durable materials, these shin guards are sure to last. They feature a hook and loop closure, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. The straps and shin guard are made from one single piece of leather which prevents them from being torn off or falling apart. The leather material provides a soft feel on your legs and will not scuff or be rough on skin.

Velcro, reinforced with a leather stitching, keeps away sharp or loose edges. An elastic strap goes around the ankle and another around the bottom of the foot to keep the shin guard in place at all times. Even though it is elastic, the quality stitching makes sure they will last and not fall off anytime soon.

top king review of muay thai shin guard

Top King is known for their flashy gear and these are no different. You can select from a variety of color and designs to fit your personality. Some lines such as “Superstar” even feature a two toned fading color scheme. For the minimalists, they also offer the basic solid colors. All models however sport the Top King signature trademark flame logo on the upper part of the shin guard protector.

These shin guards may be a bit cumbersome for grappling moves. Even while making the guard work a bit more difficult, they will not easily move around your leg either compared to other brands or designs. They are specifically built for stand up striking purposes with light grappling. Muay Thai, kickboxing, and MMA are all the essential sports that these shin guards are made for. The genuine leather and their lightweight provide the best protection out there even during the hardest of sparring sessions.


  • Made from genuine leather
  • One piece design
  • Lightweight with extra padding
  • Stays in place during movement
  • Covers all areas of the shin
  • Covers the back of the calve and Achilles tendon
  • Covers a portion of the knee cap
  • Provides instep protection
  • Variety of colors and designs
  • Soft, thick padding that does not lose its shape
  • Raised shin area and inner shin compartment
  • Hook and loop straps


  • May feel thick and bulky because of padding
  • Thick size limits their scrambling or grappling applications


The Top King Shin Guard Protector has extraordinary customer reviews, with happy consumers. Top King shin guards are worth the money due to their well-made and unique design. You will receive a remarkable, functional, and durable product that will only provide you with the best protection during all your combat sport sessions. The shin guards are made from one piece of genuine leather, which is a big plus because of its flexibility, sturdiness, and soft feel. The available designs and colors are numerous and will definitely please even the pickiest of buyers.

It is a great overall product that is sure to provide the sufficient protection necessary and more in most extreme sports. These Top King shin guard protectors are uniquely designed, durable, and excel in quality materials unlike other shin guards available in the sporting market. You will make a smart decision buying this gear that is sure to protect and withstand heavy use because it is specifically designed for it by knowing and professional providers.

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