Best Dextrose Supplement For Restoration & Energy

(Last Updated On: January 18, 2017)

Right after your workout, it’s difficult to find the time to boost your energy and nutrients with a proper meal. You already need to shower, change, and get home, so you definitely don’t want to worry about your blood sugar levels at the same time. Dextrose supplements are great right after a workout to keep your energy up.

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What Are Dextrose Supplements?

Dextrose by itself is a simple sugar that’s just like glucose, which is why it’s prescribed when blood sugar is low or when a person is dehydrated. It can also be used as a nutritional supplement to increase weight and muscle while providing more energy. There’s not a huge nutritional value, but dextrose can raise blood sugar levels quickly. This muscle-boosting supplement can provide you with a helpful boost for post workout growth and recovery.

Using Dextrose for Working Out/Bodybuilding

You use a lot of energy when you’re training or working out. The time right after you’re finished provides you with the perfect opportunity to get those nutrients and energy back into your body with dextrose.

Restore the Muscles

After an intense training session, your muscles will feel strained and tired. This is perfectly normal, so it’s also normal for your body to immediately look for the necessary nutrients to help with repairs. Right after your workout is the perfect time to use dextrose to boost the recovery process, especially since you might not feel like making a large meal.

Elevate Insulin

If you combine protein and carbohydrates, which is dextrose in this case, you can elevate your insulin levels. This will act as a trigger to help your body store nutrients. Some worry about increased fat from this, but with consistent workouts, your muscles will make great use of this extra energy. Dextrose taken right after a workout will also help the healing process start quickly.

Taking the Supplements

Dextrose can definitely be helpful as a supplement, but nothing will happen if you don’t know how to take it. One method is through a shake. There are lots of different types and recipes, so all you need to do is make the right one for your specific training goals. Match the amount of dextrose to your weight class.

The Ideal Shake

The best types of post-workout shakes already contain proteins. Adding dextrose will do wonders. You can either pick up a powder supplement already or make your own. For the most part, 30-40 grams of protein is fine, while you should add 5 grams of dextrose every few sets.

7 of the Top Dextrose Supplements

The best types of supplements will provide you with energy without adding fat to your diet. It all comes down to your training regiment when you’re considering what’s best for you.


Now Foods Dextrose Powder

Now Foods makes a completely vegetarian dextrose powder that will increase your energy and allow you to meet your workout goals. Nothing else is added to the powder, and lots of servings will ensure you’ve got enough for a while.

Why It’s So Popular
– Perfect for people with sensitive stomachs
– Dextrose is derived from corn, so it’s completely natural
– The large amount will last you for a low cost

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Keep In Mind
– People question if it’s really GMO free
– The product is imported from China

Muscle Feast Dextrose

Dextrose is perfect when it comes to getting carbohydrates for recovery, and Muscle Feast makes sure there are no flavorings or sweeteners. They make their powder right in the United States to ensure that the quality is high.

Why It’s So Popular
– Great product for the price
– Allows you to tailor the doses according to how much you need
– The powder is really fine, so it dissolves easily

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– Some say it’s a little sweet
– There’s trouble mixing it with some products
– There is an actual taste to it that you may not like

Mike’s Mix Tapioca Dextrose Powder

Pure tapioca dextrose has a slightly sweet taste for those of you mixing with ice cream or sweet shakes. There’s no wheat, corn, or any other GMO grain as it dissolves quickly in whatever you put it in. These high quality ingredients are perfect for your post-workout needs.

Why It’s So Popular
– Dissolves easily in water
– People love the fact that it’s corn-free, pure, and non-GMO
– High quality powder made in the USA

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– It may be slightly sweet for some people
– More servings are preferred

PROMIX Recovery

PROMIX includes a ratio of 2:1 dextrose to protein to be sure that you get the best lean muscle recovery you can get. It should be digested quickly for improved performance, with organic dextrose and maltodextrin acting as perfect sources of energy.

Why It’s So Popular
– There are no artificial sweeteners, soy, fructose, gluten, or cane sugar
– Made from grass-fed whey proteins with carbohydrates from dextrose
– You get a lot for your money

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– There is a very mild flavor; may not work well in only just water
– When it mixes, it can be a little foamy


After a rough training session, your muscles will certainly be feeling the sting. To boost your muscle recovery and help you be ready for your next session, try some dextrose. A good dextrose supplement will eliminate the need to make a full meal right away while increasing energy and insulin levels. Delicious shakes now do more than just taste good.

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