Title Gel World Boxing Gloves Review: 2020 Updates

(Last Updated On: September 17, 2020)

When you see the brand, Title Boxing,  you know that you’ll enjoy a high quality product. 

These gloves are made of quality materials, featuring an all-leather outer core, with the inner hand compartment made of their exclusive Gel Lining as well as layers of foam padding for extra protection. They feature an adjustable, wraparound wrist strap to stay secure while boxing.

When you purchase these gloves, you can be guaranteed of quality performance, power,  and layers of protection. On a more practical note, they come in sizes from Medium, Large and Extra-Large. They’re also available in a choice of three colors: Red, Black and Pink. Their weight is approximately sixteen ounces.

What We Like

Heavy Punching With Lesser Pain

What good are boxing gloves if you end up with skinned knuckles or wrist pain after a few hard punches? When you deliver a heavy punch, you want a quality glove to protect your hands.

With the Title Gel World Boxing Gloves,  no matter how hard a punch, your knuckles and wrists are protected. Everything about these gloves spells comfort and support. They’re made of superior leather and have added support with their exclusive gel padding. The stitching is top-notch and secure. With the adjustable wrist strap, your wrists are supported no matter how hard you punch. If you want a heavy punch with less pain, this is the glove to buy.

Comfortable and Secure Gel Enforced Lining

 When you slip your hands into a Title Gel World Boxing Glove, you’ll feel that gel lining surrounding your hands with comfort and protection.  Best of all, the inner lining is comfortable to wear and stays cool because of a unique, moisture wicking and antimicrobial feature. 

Tough Durability

If you want a high quality glove that’s sturdy and well constructed, look no further. This glove is a  powerhouse. They’re tough enough to go round after round while staying comfortable and durable. 

Looking for a glove able to spar and hit a training bag over and over? These gloves won’t let you down.  They’re sturdy enough to take the impact of constant punching. Durability is build into every glove with their tightly stitched seams, painstaking construction and added comfort layers. 

Adjustable and Wrap Wrist Strap

The last thing you want in the middle of a solid punch is for your boxing gloves to slip. Thanks to the added feature of an adjustable wraparound wrist strap, that won’t happen when you wear these.

A sturdy Velcro fastening gives the wearer a secure and tight fit. Unlike gloves that lace and unlace with each use, you’ll love the ease of this snug fastening.

One Year Warranty

Not only are these gloves well made, but they come with a warranty. In fact, all Gel training equipment comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee of a year from the date of purchase.

Three Colors 

As if these gloves aren’t fantastic enough, they come in a choice of three colors: red, black and pink. 

Worth Every Penny

There’s a saying that one pays for quality.  So it’s no surprise that the Title Gel World Boxing Gloves are on the high end of the price range.  They are one of the costliest gloves you can buy.

There’s another saying that states, you pay for what you get.  You may pay more, but these gloves are worth every cent. They are quality made, durable and sturdy enough to protect your hands from harm.

Imagine being able to spar or train without any pain. An added bonus: if you buy a pair from Amazon, you get free shipping within the U.S. and to all APO/FRO mailing addresses.

Stylish Design

Not only are these gloves well-made, but they’re sure to catch the eye of everyone who sees you wearing them. They’re professional and stylish. 

No Regrets

When you invest in a pair of Title Gel World Boxing Gloves, you’ll have no regrets. They’re quality through and through, durable enough to stand up to the heaviest punches.  You can train or fight with the added comfort of the Gel lining. They’re better made and safer than ordinary gloves.

What We Don’t Like


These gloves are higher priced than others. However, it’s worth the investment!

Its Warranty

Is a one year warranty enough?   It’s your choice if you feel this is enough time to see if you’re satisfied with the gloves.


One strike against the Title Gel World Boxing Gloves is the weight.  They’re heavier than a regular boxing glove. This isn’t always a bad thing – it’s just a thought to consider when purchasing the gloves.  Boxers who aren’t use to a heavier glove, will get some hand strain at first.

Another thing to consider is the glove’s construction. The glove’s face should be flatter if you want your wrist to roll when punching a training bag.  These gloves don’t give enough to make that happen.

Buying Tips

You’ve read the reviews and now you’re ready to buy.  Here are a few tips on how to choose a pair of boxing gloves that will suit your needs best.

The first tip is to choose the right size glove to fit your hand. Next, make sure the size you’ve chosen is right for your weight. Try them on and make sure they fit like a glove – no pun intended. You want to make sure that these gloves will protect your hands and wrists.

Who Should Get These Gloves?

These gloves aren’t for everyone. However, if you’re a heavy hitter and can punch a training bag like there’s no tomorrow, these are your choice. If you work out on a regular basis and can jab like a pro, these are the gloves for you.

Who should avoid this?

Beginning boxers or those who aren’t into heavy training. Use a regular glove before working up to this option.


Are the Title Gel World Boxing Gloves for you?  Maybe. If you want a durable product, safety and protection for your hands and wrists, and a quality brand name, this glove is for you.

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