Strength Training for Muay Thai

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2019)

Muay Thai is another form of MMA. Many people who are new to Muay Thai don’t realize that you can strength train for Muay Thai. It’s just like with any other fighting style. There are many benefits to strength training, no matter what fight style you practice.

Why Strength Train?

There are different reasons someone may choose muay thai strength training. Some people will do it to lose weight but keep their muscle mass. Others will do it to increase their overall strength. You can also use strength training to improve your cardio. Many fighters will use strength training to also improve their fighting styles.

You can increase your muay thai striking power and clinching by strength training. You don’t want to over do it with the strength training though. Muay Thai isn’t about lifting up heavy objects or being the strongest.

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It’s about knowing your personal strengths and using them. You need to have a good technique before you start worrying about your strength.

Muay Thai Strength Training

Pull Ups

Pull ups are great for strength training. They will help you when you need to manipulate your opponent’s weight. In order for you to improve your clinch, you should do weighted pull ups, this might make it a little more difficult if you aren’t used to it.


Squats are a good way to strength train, but you need to make sure you do them properly. Just like with any exercise, you could potentially injure yourself if you don’t do the exercises properly.

You could add weights to your squats if you would like. Squats will help you build your strength everywhere because you use so many different parts of your body. You could do both front and back squats, which will help switch it up a little bit during training. How to strengthen your shins


Running can help make your legs stronger. It will build your bone density as well. Leg strength is necessary in Muay Thai. Running also works your core and other parts of your body as well. You could run sprints, which will help you train. You could also add a resistance band to strengthen your legs even more. Don’t push yourself too far though.


Planks are great for strengthening your core. If you do planks everyday, it will also improve your posture. You want a strong core since it is connected to all of your limbs and is the center point of your body.


Deadlifts are the most popular exercise for strength training. They are simple but effective. They build your arm muscles and your core as well.

Heavy Bag

Working with a heavy bag for muay thai is a great way to strength train. Not only does it force you to move weight with your strikes, it also causes you to use proper technique. You’re hitting dead weight, which means you need a proper technique so you don’t injure yourself. This workout will make you stronger while improving your technique.

Push Ups

Push ups are great for an upper body workout. They also improve your posture, which could help you in the ring. Push ups work your arm muscles and keep you focused. You could even do some one armed push ups if you feel like. One armed push ups could help you with your balance as well. This will keep you balanced and have proper posture at the same time.

Boost Your Endurance and Stamina

If your body isn’t used to strength training, it can take a toll. It’s best if you work on your endurance and stamina in the beginning of your training. Not only will it make the training easier, it could make you a better fighter. One way to boost your endurance is to run long distances. You’ll have to start at a small distance and work your way up as you go.

More Muay Thai Tips

Take Proper Care of Yourself

Of course you want to give it your all during training, but you need to still take care of yourself. You still need to stay hydrated and eat the nutrients your body needs. You should also make sure you sleep enough. If you’re too tired, your body won’t be able to do the training that it needs. Don’t overwork your body to the point of exhaustion.

Exercise Properly

Although you are building your strength, you don’t want to hurt yourself. Make sure you are doing each exercise properly and taking the appropriate tests in between each. You don’t want to have a serious injury because of improper training.


Make sure you stretch before and after a workout. You want to have a good warmup and cool down routine. Your body will thank you and you’ll see better results as well.

Keep It Even

If you are working on your arms, you should also work on your legs. If you are working on your back, you should also work on your core. You don’t want to focus on just one part of your body. There needs to be balance.

There are plenty of workouts that will also work your entire body as well. If you need to tweak a certain exercise to fit your needs, make sure you do it properly. Some fighters make up their own routines. It depends on what your needs are. You could also get with a trainer to help you decide what is best for you and your goals.


Muay Thai Strength training could help improve your skills. Many people don’t think it’s necessary to strength train with Muay Thai, but it could make you a better fighter. You could learn better techniques, build more muscle, and improve your overall posture.

Balance and posture are important with any Muay Thai or MMA fighting technique. Remember to take care of yourself and not work your body too hard. You should get enough sleep, eat properly, and stay hydrated. Your training will go to waste if you can’t stay healthy.

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