How To Start MMA Training: Tips You Should Know

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2018)

Bored of just going to the gym and lifting weights? Well, maybe you should look into giving Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) a try. It’s a great alternative to working out, as it’s known for burning even more calories.

The downside of it,  however, is the challenge of getting into the whole MMA mindset. So how to start MMA training? There’s actually a good amount of things you need to  know before you jump into the ring.

Before you start your MMA training, you have to adopt a certain mindset to keep yourself from burning out quickly. A few key things you  need to keep in mind are:

Without mental strength, your physical strength means nothing

MMA is a very tiring sport, and when you’re getting wailed on, it can be easy to call it quits. But what makes professional MMA fighters as tough as they are is their mental fortitude . They don’t view being tired as a physical issue, but as a state of mind. If you can adopt  this same train of thought, MMA training will become much easier for you.

Pain is something you can worry about after the fight

Any sport that’s sole purpose is causing as much damage to another human being as possible is going to come with some physical pain. But if you let that pain interrupt your focus during a fight, the it  will only get worse. When you watch MMA fighters on TV, you see them fight through bloodied faces and bruised up bodies like it’s nothing. So if you’re interested in doing MMA, building up a strong pain tolerance will pay great dividends.

Motivation is everything

The work needed to get the quickness and the endurance of an MMA fighter can take months if not  years to acquire. And it isn’t just a light workout four days a week, MMA fighters put in hard work everyday to get to the physical stature necessary to endure the sport .

Fighters also typically have a strong desire to win. If you go into a fight half-heartedly, then you’ll undoubtedly take a rough beating from your opponent.

Persistence and  follow-through

As I’ve said, Training for MMA is hard work. The idea might sound fun to you at first, but after a few weeks of a rigorous workout routine, you might not find it as enjoyable as you first thought. If you want to have success in MMA, you need to be able to push through that barrier and make it a habit to get your training in. If you take a week off, you’ll undoubtedly have trouble getting back on the saddle, which could lead to you dropping MMA.

Getting into MMA isn’t as easy as going to a class and showing off the  moves from your childhood karate class, it takes a lot of consideration and preparation. So before you can get into full swing, you’ll want to check out these eight steps below.

8 Steps

1.What do you want to get from MMA?

There’s a lot of different ways to approach MMA, as it is mixed martial arts. Do you want to learn  several different fighting styles, or do you want to to focus on one like kickboxing or Jiu Jitsu? You’ll also want to consider your experience in any form of martial arts or fighting.

Because if you have an extensive amount of experience doing wrestling, maybe you should start at a higher level.

2. Ask people about their experiences in MMA

These people will be able to provide the best knowledge about your local MMA scene, as they may know some of the better schools in your area. They also offer first hand knowledge of how MMA training really is, so they’ll be able to give you insight on whether it’s right for you or not.

Also, they may have great training routines they’ve developed that they can share with you.

3. Check out some classes

I’ve never heard of a place that won’t let you  sit in on a lesson and observe. You don’t have to participate, but sitting in on a class is a great opportunity to see if the school is right for you. Try to figure out if you like the instructor. Do you like how he teaches? Do you like the other people there?

If you’re wavering on any of these, don’t be afraid go check out another place. The last thing you want is to to be practicing in a place where you aren’t comfortable.

4. Purchase sparring gear

Once you’ve found a place you like, you’ll want to start buying your MMA materials. From typical athletic clothing to protective sparring gear, you’ll need it all.

Make sure to get a cup if you’re a guy, and a comfortable mouthpiece is needed for everyone.

5. Start your classes

Most fighters start off tense, which is one of the worst things you can do. Try and loosen up as much as possible, everyone in your class has been where you’re standing right now. Don’t be afraid to try something that makes you uncomfortable.

You’re going to mess up your first few classes, don’t be afraid of mistakes, it’s the only real way to learn. .

6. Learn how to properly breath

MMA is excruciatingly tiring. After a couple of minutes of fighting, you’ll probably be breathing as fast as an engine piston. It’s hard, but you want to try and keep your breaths long and consistent. Another issue people run into is forgetting to breathe entirely.

This is one of the worst things you could possibly do. When you hold your breath, you deprive your muscles of oxygen, weakening your body.

When you keep your breathing long and steady, you’ll also keep calm and focused.

7. Soak in everything your instructor says

It can be a pain, but the smallest bit of information about your stance and your strikes are what help you progress as a fighter.

It may be that your feet are too far apart or that your hands are too high up just take in whatever your instructor tells you. Every piece of advice helps.

8. Don’t try to be a hotshot, know your limits

Your pride can get you hurt. If you’re in an uncomfortable hold, tap out. No one will look at you as a quitter. Maybe they’re more experienced than you, or bigger and more physically fit.

Either way, everybody taps out sometimes.

Getting into MMA can be an undertaking  due to the time commitment needed to train for it. You’ll definitely want a place that is close to your home for those days in which getting out of bed is a struggle.

If you go somewhere too far, then your likelihood of skipping sessions increase. You also want to find an academy where you fit in with the instructor and the people there. One thing always to remember is not to get into the ring until you have had enough training.

If you actually compete before you’re ready, you could easily get hurt.

How to start MMA training? Starting your MMA training  can be a hassle, but if you’re really serious about sticking with it, you’ll need to build the mental strength, determination and work ethic After you build your routine, it could become an easy and fulfilling part of your everyday life.   


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