RDX Shin Guard Reviews

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2018)

Renowned as the UK’s most famous fight brands, RDX has primarily grown in popularity during the last couple of years, with their reputation continually increasing in numerous countries around the world. The brand’s product range is also well regarded due to the reasonable price tags it carries, whereas quality is never a compromise. In fact, RDX remains one of the first choices for equipment, either when starting out in martial arts or a seasoned fighter.

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About the RDX Muay Thai Shin Guards

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When it comes to RDX Shin Guards, it should be noted that they are advertised as 3D molded gear meant to increase impact protection and training resistance. Featuring a form of dual gel foam padding along with nylon inserts the product is not only ideal for intermediate fighters but also advanced ones also.

Whether you’re a fan of colors or not, there are options on both sides, with shin guard choices offered in either gold, red, or classy black detailing. Of course, looks aren’t everything, and the RDX guard benefits, in fact, from a new technology which makes it 50% lighter than standard shins. Protection, however, is still a guarantee, as the 26mm of protective foam will ensure safety and resistance during kicks.


Weight distribution

When speaking about the overall feel of the RDX Shin Guard, it should be noted that the majority of the weight falls down the shin, although you could ensure that you sufficiently tighten them to create an equal distribution that is better for your circulation.

By using their ‘Neo-1’ neoprene and ‘Quick-EZ’ Velcro closures, alongside a conventional elasticated underfoot strap, the shins are designed to fit you well, regardless of your calf size. In other words, this is meant to allow you, the wearer, to move and kick seamlessly easy, and that’s why the product is as lightweight as they come.


Although the overall design of these shin guards won’t draw the attention of everyone around, there is a classy element brought on by the matte black material that has either a white or gold “RDX” logo written down the shin.

Available in red, black, or gold, these creations are suited for fighters who want to make a statement using their protective gear. Nonetheless, the pure black design is a slightly less flashy alternative that still guarantees the protection they are meant to provide.

The comfort side of things

Ergonomics and comfort are possibly the most fundamental things to consider in shin guards, especially considering that you will require freedom of movement throughout the session. Moreover, you’ll want a product which is accessible to put on and tighten up, as opposed to ones that you’ll have to struggle with while huffing and puffing.

Bearing that in mind, you should know that RDX achieves both these goals. By using a Velcro fastening system, they’re snug enough to use in grappling, and the 26mm padding allows for the ability to strike without hurting yourself or treating your partner a bit rougher than intended.

If we’re talking about room for improvement, we would say that you might find that the shin guards dig into the bottom of your kneecaps, which can turn uncomfortable after 20 minutes. Possibly if the product were either a bit shorter or a bit taller, this could be solved, and we’re looking forward to seeing this design flaw rectified in the near future.

Of course, it also depends on what size shins you go for, relying on what makes you feel comfortable. The best course of action is to try out a couple of different sizes until you reach the perfect fit –or buy a size up if you’re getting them online.

Construction materials

One of the main advantages of these shin guards is the craftsmanship that has gone into them. Using 3D molding technology, it’s simple to see why RDX is nowadays a giant in the industry, with thousands of customers being impressed with the high-quality materials being used in the shins’ construction.

Using 300 denier nylon based outer cover for durability, you can rest assured that months and months of training and hard striking won’t wear down this product –ultimately working the same as they did when coming out of the package. Featuring a QD-2 inner lining, the RDX Shin Guards shy away moisture, keeping your skin dry even during the hot days of summer.


Available on Amazon for between £20 and £25, the RDX Shin Guards can be considered a highly affordable item, especially considering the thick padding and reliability guarantee. Simple to use by either beginners, intermediate or advanced fighters, there is excellent value for money when it comes to these shins.


rdx reviews of shin guards muay thai

High-quality and durable materials
Affordable price point
Easy to put on and off; highly adjustable
Excellent protection due to 26mm padding
Great comfort and fit


Quite plain in terms of design
Sizing is slightly off -smaller than other shin guards


The combination of dual padding, the shell-shock gel and max-stock padding offer incredible resistance and protection for both beginners and seasoned fighters, making training sessions more accessible and more comfortable. Moreover, bearing in mind that they are slightly inexpensive, there is no reason not to try this great product for yourself!

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