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Without a sparring partner, you might be wondering what the best way is to improve your punches. Whether you’re practicing boxing or another martial art, you don’t always have someone there to help you. Punching dummies are a great way to rectify this problem. If you’re a little unsure of which one to get, I’ve got all the best dummies here so your training regiment stays strong.

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Why Use One?

Simply put, it is a great way to practice your technique. By using the hands, arms, and legs on the dummy, you can try blocks and defense, which is something you can’t do during traditional training. It also allows you to jab at full power and speed so it’s more like you’re fighting a real opponent.

You can improve your balance and reaction time while keeping your mind completely focused on every aspect of your opponent’s body. With one, the included resistance and give behind it really does prepare you for your next match.

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Despite knowing how effective these can be, lots of fighters have questions about which type they should buy, if they should buy at all. Consider what you’re looking for with these common questions.

Punching Dummy Vs Heavy Punching Bag

Since many of us see professionals using heavy punching bags, or see those heavy bags in the movies, we tend to think that those are the best bags to buy. They are great of course, but they don’t offer as much resistance as a solid wooden one would when you jab. Even dummies that are made a little softer give you great resistance so you’re as close to fighting a real opponent as possible.

Sand Vs Water

You can buy one with either sand or water inside, and honestly, both are great. Which filling you get is really up to you. Water is the more available option, but can sometimes leak even if it’s easy to clean up. Sand is less likely to leak and provides you with more stability at the base. It is heavier to move however especially when wet.

Height and Weight

More than likely, you’re looking for a dummy of a certain height to help with your training. The height should be similar to the people you’re fighting against so you can find a technique that will work in a real match. The weight will also help you send out even harder hits.

Century Fitness BOB

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This is great when it comes to height adjustments, including 7 adjustments from 60 inches up to 78. The base fills with either sand or water to suit your preference, and thanks to the rounded shape, you can roll it around easily if you’ve got to move it around. Don’t worry that it’s around 270 pounds when you’ve got it filled then! Set this dummy up wherever you’d like and get jabbing, since the skin is high-strength plastisol and the inner cavity is filled with durable urethane foam to withstand your strikes.

Why Its So Popular:
– Stays up easily with great stability
– Easy to fight at multiple different heights
– Has a good amount of give like a real opponent
– Durable; able to withstand lots of daily abuse
– Simple to put together quickly

Keep In Mind:
–  It is a little bit hard to adjust
– Can be difficult to transport outside of the home

Century BOB With Base Unit

century BOB XL

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The large base unit on this Century BOB allows this freestanding heavy bag to remain still when you punch. It’ll hold up to 270 pounds of water or sand, but even when it’s full, the circular base makes it easy for you to transport it to where it needs to be. Once you’ve got it set up, it’s got a large striking surface for either head or body shot training, with multiple height settings you can make use of. The strong plastisol and urethane will keep it safe when you jab as the base unit ensures it stays in the same place.

Why Its So Popular:
– You can really aim for sensitive targets like the ribs or throat
– The height is perfectly adjustable for use
– It doesn’t hurt to jab it
– You can remove the torso for ground training
– Ideal for full force training thanks to how stable it is

Keep In Mind:
– It can be tricky to adjust the height at first
– Not an ideal model for instep or groin kicks

MMA Man Shaped

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Now this man shaped bag will certainly make you feel like you’ve got a real opponent in front of you. It’s made of heavy duty polyester to withstand all your hits, so you can use it for MMA, boxing, and kickboxing for the most realistic action. The design allows for a full 360 degree usage and maneuverability around every part of the body, so you can practice real moves on the arms and legs too. If you don’t want to hang it, use it as a ground or floor striking bag to improve every aspect of your training regimen.

Why Its So Popular:
– You can hang it at any height depending on what works best
– Fill it with old clothes for an easy surface to hit
– Perfect partner for a greater variety of strikes
– Made of heavy-duty and durable material
– Hanging hardware is sturdy and reliable

Keep In Mind:
– The fact that it fills from the head can be somewhat difficult
– Does take up a good amount of room

Bobby Bully

Check price and more details here

Bobby Bully lets you adjust your height with two available height adjustments so you can jab the most comfortably. This life-like manikin provides a great amount of resistance to strengthen your punches even more and make you feel like you’re fighting a real opponent. It works especially well for kids thanks to the size, so your little one can practice at home whenever they don’t have a sparring partner that’s their size. Whether you’re working on sparring techniques or target training, Bobby Bully is one of the most preferred options for both punches and kicks.

Why Its So Popular:
– Perfect device to help kids apply lessons they may have learned in class
– Great quality, so it’s made to take a beating
– Gentler on the hands than the adult version
– Allows kids to more easily visualize real attacks
– Grows with kids thanks to the height adjustment

Keep In Mind:
– Can be a little light when kicked
– May not be heavy enough for larger kids

Bob XL Wavemaster

BOB Xl Body Opponent Bag

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With the two height adjustments available to you, from 5’6 to 6’ tall, you’ll be able to adjust the height to whatever you need to suit your training. The base will fill with sand or water depending on what your preferred material is. When you do have to move it, the rolling base helps a lot since 270 pounds does end up being quite heavy. This Bob XL is different from others due to its larger size and more realistic feel. The longer torso will increase the surface area you need for both body shot training and kicks too.

Why Its So Popular:
– You are able to get a substantial body workout due to the size of this dummy
– Very dense, with resistance in the face as well
– Can be used by teenagers without a problem too
– Lasts for years before you might need to replace it
– Intense precision no matter what type of training you do

Keep In Mind:
– The base is not as durable as the rest of the dummy
– It sometimes moves around a little more than other dummies


Instead of looking at a traditional bag, consider a punching dummy that will provide you with a large amount of surface area to practice punches, kicks, and even defense. No matter which bag you end up buying, you’ll have something that will feel like a real opponent, and that will ultimately kick your training up to the next level.

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