Punch Bag Game: Hacks You Should Know

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2019)

You may have seen the machines that allow people to throw a jab at something when they’re at bars without harming anyone in the process. This is a punching bag game that invites people to find out their punching skills by giving out scores and points depending on the quality of the jab. Now you may be wondering how to achieve a high score on this game, and this article is going to tell you exactly how.

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The Stance

In order to get a solid jab that would matter in terms of points, you have to start with the proper form or stance. Start off with your feet apart in line with your shoulders. Then, whatever your striking arm is, put the opposite foot closer to the bag. So if you’re using your right hand to jab, your left foot should be closer to the bag and vice versa. This is the stance that boxers and mixed martial arts artists are taught which can provide the proper movement for a good strike. This is because your body would flow naturally with the movement for a strike.

The Punch

Now, it’s time for the jab. You’re going to have to shift your body weight from the balls of your heel to your front foot. While you do that, you’re also going to turn your hips, thighs, and stomach muscles to the side to add to the momentum and the force behind the punch. Repeatedly practicing this movement would help it become natural for you. Check out TKO bag.

As for your arms, take care not to bend your wrist as you could hurt yourself. Make sure that it, along with the back of your fist, is in line with your forearm that’s at shoulder-height. Apart from force, speed also factors into striking. You can achieve this by not being stiff. Loosen up your hand, arms, and shoulders. Another secret to throwing a good jab is that you can gain more speed by closing your hands into a fist just before the impact of the jab. See Punch Dummy

It’s much quicker than starting the jab with your fists already closed. The game bases its scores on speed and power, meaning quicker jabs will gain you points apart from just strong jabs.

The game varies from electronic bags in the gym because those base points based on the different areas that you hit. This generally scores based on straight shots and direct strikes. A follow through is also going to help you gain more points in the game. Read about Hayabusa.

This has the basic elements of how to throw a proper jab, with a slight variation on the quality. While uppercuts and hooks are so much more valuable in a gym or at a real boxing match, they’re not given much points in the game. But it’s a game and it teaches you basically how to throw a proper jab!


Practice makes perfect, and this isn’t any different. Keep on practicing your form and how to effectively throw a strike in order to achieve a high score.


The punching bag game can be a fun way to let off some steam or beat a personal best high score. Round up some of your mma buddies and practice some of your training techniques to see who has been training the hardest.

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