10 Muhammad Ali T-Shirts To Collect and Own

(Last Updated On: September 17, 2020)

While not everyone agrees with his politics or ideas, almost everyone can agree on one thing.  Muhammad Ali was a legend. Few other names in the 20th century even come close to this dynamic pro boxer’s fame.   As a celebrated sport’s figure, an activist and an inspiration in his brave battle against Parkinson’s disease. Muhammad Ali was someone to watch then and remember now.  He earned the nickname, “The Greatest.”

If you want to let the world know you take pride in Ali’s accomplishments and are a passionate boxing fan, why not show off in some muhammad ali tee shirts?

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Top 10 Muhammad Ali Shirts

Muhammad Ali Shirt Cassius Clay 1964 T-shirt

cassius clay muhammad ali shirt


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Before he changed his name to Muhammad Ali, he bounced into the boxing ring as Cassius Clay.  The year was 1964 and the world of pro boxing would never be the same. Pay tribute to the official beginning of the legend with this black t-shirt with gold lettering.  It comes in a variety of size options and gives a classic fit. This t-shirt is also officially a license of A&E Designs.

Ali vs Frazier Thrilla in Manila

I don’t know about you, but I sure remember the historic fight between Ali and Joe Frazier. If you’re a boxing fan, remember this legendary match in Manila. This classic designed t-shirt celebrates the Fight of a Lifetime. Black with a grayscale photo image of Ali’s punch, this is one awesome shirt. All the details of the fight are on here in a recreation of the fight’s advertising poster.  The cost is a little higher than other shirts, but for the detail and flawless fit, it’s well worth the price.

Muhammad Ali Heathered Gray GOAT T-Shirt 

So what’s a GOAT got to do with Ali?  Take the letters to spell – G-reatest, O-f, A-ll, T-ime. There you have it – GOAT.  This is a simple, yet classic, t-shirt of dark or heathered gray. The accents featuring GOAT, a signature, plus a silhouette of Ali, arms raised in a victory sign are a simple white. Simple yet worth the price to show off your pride in Ali’s accomplishments.


Muhammad Ali T-shirt All Over Again

all over again t shirt ali


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This shirt is a basic black, with an image in vivid white. It features Ali standing in victory.  A classic, high quality 100% cotton shirt that comes in a variety of size options from small to larger. It has a reasonable price, not too high, so that everyone can show off their feelings about the boxing legend. Well worth the cost.

Muhammad Ali Youth Legend T-Shirt 

Ready to let your kids know about “The Greatest?” Here is a shirt that features the famous Muhammad Ali  photo of him knocking out Sonny Liston. It comes in an appealing gray with the photo, Ali’s signature and the legend, “The Greatest of all Time.” Best of all, this t-shirt comes in youth sizes as well as adult. A terrific way to show the younger generation about the legendary boxer.

Roots Of Fight Muhammad Ali Shirt – Empower

A bold golden yellow t-shirt with gray scale images show Ali, fist raised. Besides being a world champion boxer, Ali was also concerned with his fellow man. He became an active voice for people and many remember him for this power more than his boxing ability. This shirt pays homage to the ‘roots’ of Ali as a fighter and also to the ‘roots’ of him as a fighter for humanity.

A boxed quote from Ali graces the front of the shirt as well as the back.

Shirt Muhammad Ali Knocks Out Sonny Liston

It was 1964  when twenty-two year old, Muhammad Ali, won the world heavyweight championship from Sonny Liston. Muhammad Ali’s knockout of Liston is one of the most famous photos ever recorded in the world of boxing. Celebrate that moment on this t-shirt featuring that famous image. This classic t-shirt comes in a choice of three colors and a wide variety of sizes. It’s perfect for lady boxing fans who want to show off their passion for Ali. It’s comfortable, sized in loose-fitting options and perfect for fans.

Muhammad Ali and Cassius Clay T-Shirt 

Cassius Clay was born in Louisville, Kentucky. This classic, heather gray shirt with vivid white lettering states the simple message. Cassius Clay. Louisville, Kentucky.  You might say it’s where the legend of Muhammad Ali was born. This shirt comes in a variety of sizes for the perfect, comfortable fit. It can be a little pricey, but well worth it in quality. It’s a well-made option to show off your passion for all things Ali.

Roots Of Fight Cassius Clay The Greatest Shirt

The legendary Muhammad Ali wasn’t just a pro boxer, he was a legend in other aspects of life too. As a conscientious objector, Ali protested against the war, unequal rights and tried his best to give service to others. This t-shirt expresses a bold statement on the front – Cassius Clay – The Greatest – with a boxed quote near the bottom of the front. On the back, another quote speaks in Ali’s own words, “Service to others is rent you pay for your room here on earth.” A truth he not only believed, but lived. This t-shirt gives expression to the man behind the boxing gloves. A great pick for your collection.

Roots Of Fight Ali Vs Lee Night Of Greatness Shirt

A fun t-shirt to have and ask what if? Although they never fought together, both men -Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee – greatly admired one another. They had similar fighting techniques as well as personal ideals.

This is a t-shirt sure to strike up some interesting speculation. Who would win in a match between the Greatest and the Dragon? It’s a masterful design showing a photo mock-up of Ali and Lee in a fake fighting pose.  The names of both masters are showcased in vivid, red and white below the photo. Excellent buy!

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