Best Punching Bag for Kids: 2020 Reviews

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2020)

Punching bags have always been a popular toy among kids. Even if your kid doesn’t really have any aspirations for becoming a world boxing champion one day, he/she will definitely have fun playing with a punching bag.

Regardless of your children’s age, there are several benefits in getting them a punching bag. Even if that’s a bag for toddlers, this popular toy makes an amazing gift for active, energetic kids all around the world.

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Below is some advice on choosing the Best Punching Bag for Kids. The benefits they will have of playing with one and the top 7 models you can get today. You might also consider getting the best punching dummy.

Top 7 Best Punching Bag for Kid


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This punching bag is most fit for the kid that dreams of becoming tomorrow’s world boxing champion. It’s a whole youth boxing set that includes everything a kid needs to get started with boxing: pair of slip-on gloves and slip-on headgear with an elastic chin strap. Recommended for ages 2-5, this bag is 17″ long x 5″ diameter, and weighs 2 lbs.

Pros: You won’t need to buy any extras, since this is a whole boxing set that comes with everything your kid will need when training to become a professional boxer. The quality of the product is top notch, the stitching is of very high quality and lasts a long time.

Cons: The bag is smaller than you might expect and it’s best to stay with the recommended age, since taller and heavier kids find it too small and not fun. Also, the bag would be much more useful if it came with a stand.

Pure Boxing

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This Pure Boxing Punch & Play Kids Boxing Set lets your kids train like the pros while having fun. The bag height is adjustable from 35″ to 47″ and is recommended for ages 4 to 10. The base is plastic to reduce scratching of floors and has a built-in spring connector for rebounding action. The base fills with 15 lbs. of sand or water for maximum stability. The set includes one pair of youth boxing gloves, air pump and free-standing punching bag that will let your little boxer punch and play for hours.

Pros: The built-in spring rebound action that this bag comes with is great for improving hand/eye coordination, agility, and overall fitness. This punching bag is very easy to set up, really durable and solid and can take even the heaviest punches that kids up to age 10 can deliver.

Cons: The punching gloves that come with the set are not really well made and might get old pretty fast. Also, many have complained that if you choose to fill the base with water it might leak, so it’s better to fill it with sand.

UFC Youth Training

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Although not serious boxing equipment, this is another model great for the kid looking for something that can take the strongest of punches. This bag features web straps and chain loops for easy hanging and is constructed of reinforced vinyl to withstand heavy punches and kicks.

Pros: This really well made, high quality punching bag is perfect for the really active 5-10 year old. It will last you a very long time and even after some years will still look like the same day you bought it. It’s a pretty big and serious bag that can withstand even the strongest of punches, so it’s also popular among adults and teens. Also, the gloves are very adjustable.

Cons: A bit short for kids older than 10.

RDX Kids

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This leather punch bag is perfect for child athletes that want to pursue MMA. The bag, perfect for the kid that looks for something to train on, comes with a pair of junior Maya Hide MMA gloves. This is a 3ft (including chain) boxing set that comes with a rust-proof swivel chain and a 3-strand high-grade steel chain that will weather any condition, indoors or out. The bag is filled with shredded textiles for absolute shock-absorption.

Pros: This is a heavy, very durable bag that a kid will enjoy for many years. It’s pretty heavy and can take punches from kids of different ages. It’s a great training bag that you can hang both in your house and in your yard.

Cons: The chain would be better if it was a little longer.

Century Lil’ Dragon

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Are you looking for a punchbag for toddlers? The Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster was designed with young martial artists in mind. The bag features four height adjustments and a rounded base for easy roll relocation. The Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster logo is screened on one side of the bag, while the other side is screened with three colored shapes and numbers.

Pros: This is a great choice for a kid that’s 5 years and younger. The bag that is adjustable in height will be a toy that your kid can play with as it grows taller. It is very well put together, sturdy and very stable. It’s really easy to set up by filling it either with water or sand and your kid can start enjoying it in no time.

Cons: The top part where you put in the sand is fairly small, so it takes some time to get the sand in there.


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This punching bag set features a height adjustable, spring action reflex bag. The stand is height-adjustable from 47 to 57 inches and the set includes everything needed such as a pair of boxing gloves, hand pump with needle, and assembly hardware. For maximum stability, base can be filled with sand or water.

Pros: This model is easy to put together, very well made and can take some heavy punches. The boxing gloves that come with the bag are really well made too and high quality. It’s a good buy for the cost, excellent quality and great for that energetic child who really needs to burn some energy.

Cons: There are no paper instructions in the box, the assembly instructions are a picture with arrows and a parts list on the side of the box.

Ringside Youth

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The Ringside youth heavy bag kit comes with everything your kid needs to practice and get an unbeatable workout in the process. It’s a filled 40 lb. Vinyl Heavy Bag great for kids 5-13 that comes with a pair of youth boxing gloves and a pair of hand wraps.

Pros: This is a very good and durable bag, perfectly suitable for kids around the age of 10, but also enjoyed by many parents. The stitching of the bag is really well made and makes sure it lasts a really long time.

Cons: Might be too heavy for a 5-6 year old kid, since it’s a bit heavy.

What To Consider

Since, just like anything else, some punching bags are better than the rest, there are several things you’d want to keep in mind when looking for the best model for your budget.

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Don’t underestimate your kid, children can be really active and they need something that can answer to their strength. If you want to get a toy that will last longer, always check the durability of it and how well it was made so it can last longer. Also remember to check the overall construction and quality.


Just like with clothes, keep in mind that children grow very fast. Keeping this in mind, look for one that can adjust to different sizes and still be useful and fun for kids once they grow taller and gain weight.


Ask yourself – why am I getting a punching bag? Is it because you’re simply looking for a fun toy or a fun toy that will also improve your kid’s strength, agility, and coordination, or are you looking for equipment that your kid can train with? Every model out there will answer to a different need.

Benefits of Boxing For Kids

That said, punching bags (and boxing overall) are not just entertainment, but they also bring many benefits to kids that help them excel both physically and mentally:

Your kid will learn how to coordinate his moves and throw different types of punches

By practicing, your child will learn the correct body mechanics needed to throw different types of punches with the most power and speed. Being strong and able to defend yourself outside of your home is something everyone can benefit from.

Your kid will learn how to move efficiently

By training in boxing or even simply mimicking the way boxers move around the ring, your kid will learn how to move efficiently in order to deliver punches. By this, your kid will eventually learn how to distribute weight on each foot and improve his/her coordination and balance.

Your kid will develop his/her confidence and focus

Boxing has been proven to improve not only kid’s health, but also their confidence, determination and focus. This focus can later translate into focus when studying or listening. Aside from that, boxing has shown to help children control their anger and aggression.


If your child loves to run around outside and is full of beans and bursting with energy then there are some great choices here for them. These Best Punching Bag for Kids should be able to really help them to burn through some of that energy. Or if you have a child that has been spending to much time inside and you want to encourage them into a fun sport that will teach them some self defense at the same time, then this is also a great way to get them started.

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