How To Punch Harder: 7 Important Tips To Apply

(Last Updated On: March 25, 2019)

Being able to defend yourself from any attacker is important. Whether you are a professional fighter or a regular Joe, there is always a chance that you will have to protect yourself from another attacker sooner or later. What should you do if your opponent is bigger? Stronger? Taller? Well, the first thing you should learn is how to punch powerfully. If you can deliver strong, concentrated jab, you might end the fight before it even starts.

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Too many people think that just because someone is big, they can deliver strong, fight-ending strike. We are sorry to disappoint you, but that’s not true. Being able to hit hard is something you have to work and train for.

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Being masculine will help you deliver a somewhat stronger jab, but without proper technique, your full potential will stay in the shadow. That is why we will talk about all the things you should do properly if you wish to jab stronger.

Balance is everything, keep your feet on the ground

If you imagine a human body as a pyramid, bottom of the pyramid will be your feet. We all know that shape of a pyramid is incredibly stable because the lower portion of the pyramid is much larger than the tip of a pyramid. Now imagine that pyramid tipped on one side. That would make it pretty unstable. Same goes for you.

punching powerful

When you keep both of your feet on the ground, you can use their full potential for adjusting your whole body before striking your opponent. Muscles on your legs are incredibly powerful and the play a crucial role when delivering a strong jab.

If you lift your foot when striking, you will become more unstable, and you will lose solid base beneath your feet. This will significantly affect the power of your jab so remember to keep your feet firmly on the ground.

Use your entire body when punching

How many times have you seen tiny boxers and MMA fighters deliver knockout jabs? Too many. There’s a reason why you don’t see bodybuilders make a living out of being able to jab strong.

If you lack proper technique, your jabs will land flat and weak. While it is true that your arm has a weight, you must use your entire body when throwing a jab. Use all of that weight to drive your body and your arm forward.

To do that properly, rotate your heel outwards while also rotating your torso and hips as much as you can. Your back and your legs are strong, and you will want that force helping you when throwing a punch. That’s what you need to do if you wish to punch powerful enough to knock someone out.

Control your jab

To explain this, picture a car moving at high speed. What would happen if the driver was about to hit the brakes all of a sudden? All passengers would feel that force by flying forward. Same thing happens when you throw a strong jab. You must know when to stop a jabin order to achieve that stopping force effect. That way you will be able to transfer complete momentum and force into a jab. Also, if you swing strong and you miss, that will give your opponent chance to counterattack you.

Try to stay relaxed

Relax your whole body. Breathe. Breathing is the most important thing in a fight. Relax your arms while keeping them up. You don’t want to keep your muscles tense and tight; you should save that for a moment right before you take a punch. If your body is tense, you will get tired much faster, and you won’t be able to defend yourself if a fight lasts more than a couple of minutes.


Sooner or later you will end up fighting someone who is in a much better physical shape than you. But that’s alright, even though it will hurt, it will show you on what aspects of your technique you should work on and what things you should change in your approach towards the fight. You can inform yourself online which training regime would suit you the best.

Common mistakes

· Stance – don’t stand upright. Power is generated through your legs so keep yourself low to deliver a powerful jab.
· Don’t ever lift your feet off the ground. You will lose balance, and you won’t be able to use your entire body when striking.
· Never take your eyes off of your opponent. You can’t hit something if you don’t look at it.
· Stay in range. If you have to reach for your opponent, you will deliver a much weaker strike.
· Don’t try too hard. If you start throwing jabs like a maniac, most likely you will miss your target, and you will lose energy. Stay relaxed and focused. Sometimes only one jab is enough to end a fight.

So to conclude

Now you know fundamentals on how to throw a powerful punch. You have to work for it; you have to train. It isn’t enough being big and masculine, you have to have a proper technique, and you have to be patient. Remember to use your entire body, not just your arm and your fist. Keep your feet on the ground, keep your eyes on the opponent. Breathe, try to relax your entire body while moving; use your muscles only when attacking. There is much more to strong jabbing then what it seems. Stay focused, cool-headed and never underestimate your opponent. That’s everything you need to know about hard jabbing . Now go out there and train your punch to hit even stronger.

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