How To Punch Faster With Speed & Power

(Last Updated On: March 25, 2019)

In the field of martial arts or boxing, the speed of your punch matters the most. It not only speaks volume of your excellent technique, but also makes a fiercely competitive opponent. A faster punch can take off the balance of the opponent and gives you an advantage over him. Often a quick, surprise punch helps you to knock down the opponent as they didn’t anticipate them. You can beat them with less effort. Apart from professionals, this technique should also be taught to anyone who wants to learn martial arts and use it.

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Improving Your Speed

Your hands should be very fast in delivering the jab. There are many techniques to improve the speed of your hands and some of them I have enlisted below.

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Relax your body and increase the quickness of your mind:

Whenever you are in the middle of a fight, your mind is the first thing that works. If you anticipate a jab, you might get tense, thus slowing down your reflexes by a fraction of second. This helps your opponent to get back at you and you have to pay the price. Your mind should be always alert and focused.

You should be quick enough to charge and quick enough to release a jab. Your mind-eye-hand should have excellent coordination to make it for your advantage. You have to practice, practice and practice hard. And that too, regularly. Then only your mind will be aware and your reflexes will be super-quick, and you can throw that quick surprise strike that will knock your opponent down. You can also increase your speed by doing reverse push-ups.

The right attitude:

You should cultivate the right attitude while fighting your opponent. It’s not about delivering the harder jab. It is about delivering the right one at the right time, at his weak spot so that the strike will throw him out of his balance for a while.

On the ring, you can’t afford to give your opponent any chance, because that might cost you a game. All the time, you have to protect yourself. You shouldn’t leave your guard open. Only if you protect yourself, then only you will jab quicker and harder. Your approach is to make him tense, make your opponent worry.

Relax yourself before delivering that fast jab:

The key to hit a quick jab is to relax your muscles. Don’t tighten your muscles all the time. Only when you are about to deliver it, you should tighten and deliver with full force. You should know that there is a thin line between relaxing and lazy jab. Relax but do not give enough time to your opponent and give him an opportunity.

Breath quickly and punch faster:

Breath is directly related to jabbing quickly. When you jab, you should allow your body to move freely by exhaling quickly. If you keep it simple and keep doing it regularly, your speed will gradually increase. Don’t take any shortcuts.

Stick to your routine and practice hard and master your technique and skill. Don’t move your hand backwards to deliver your jab as it delays your jab while it moves backwards. You lose precious time and if your opponent is watching you closely, then he will notice this and use it to his advantage.

So the faster you breathe, the faster will be your reflexes and so will be your punches. A few good and fast jabs to your opponent can prove to be a winning strategy for you.

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You should be able to jab using combinations:

Just giving one or two jabs, that are fast enough, will not do much damage. You should be able to jab him with a particular combination. This will help in slowing him down and you will be able to knock him. When you practice hard, your jabs will be continuous without a break. You should also be able to block the counter jabs  which are thrust upon you by your adversary.

Improving your technique:

Even though you need a relaxed and stable mind for quick thinking and fast reflexes, practice is most essential. It improves your hand-eye coordination and makes you react quicker in a fight. One of the favorite tool is the speed bag which helps you improve your hand-to-eye coordination. You can hit your opponent accurately and quickly.

A double end bag is also an effective tool in improving your reflexes. It helps you stay focused and hit the target faster with more accuracy. You should practice to focus harder and try to be in good shape. Coupled with good timing, it can give a serious blow to your opponent. You can also use a resistance band to stress your muscles to be extra flexible and durable.

They can help you increase your strength and stamina. By strengthening your muscles, you can stay active and energetic throughout a fight. Practicing plyometric can help you with your movement and speed. There are lot of exercises involves in plyometric which when practiced perfectly can outperform any opponent. Also shadowboxing can come in handy while throwing a surprise punch. It will also increase your speed of your hands to a considerable extent and improve the tolerance of your muscles.


Now in this day and age, everyone should be entitled to basic self-defense and punching by hands becomes a vital part of defense. Everybody, whether man or woman, should learn how to jab as per their own capacity. This will help them in protecting themselves as well as learning martial arts will make them stay fit and in tune with their health.

If you are a fighter or a boxer or a martial arts trainer, there is no other option than to be fast in jabbing your opponent at the right areas. This will help through your opponent out of balance and may even present you a good chance to win.

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