How to Measure Reach

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2018)

Simply put, reach is the total length of your arms starting from your middle right fingertip to your middle left fingertip while holding your arms parallel to the ground.

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What is Reach?

Fighters with longer reaches are said to have an advantage in combat, but it does not really determine who would win as there are still other factors to consider. So if you don’t have a long reach then try focusing on some of your other strengths during training that are going to give you the advantage over your opponent in the ring.

In order to measure your reach, follow the steps below:

Get A Partner

You’re going to need some assistance here, because you would not be able to measure your own reach (at least not accurately) without anyone helping you. You’re not going to have any free hands because you’ll be holding your arms parallel to the ground. This works especially well if the person you choose also needs to have their reach measured, as you can help each other out.

Remove Upper Body Clothing

You can opt not to remove your shirt for measuring your reach, but in order to get more accurate (and proper) results, it’s best to do it without any upper body clothing. Clothing can interfere with the measurement process as it can get in the way and muddle up the measurements being taken.

Warm Up

Measuring your reach is best done when your body is at peak flexibility. In order to achieve this, you can engage in a few minutes of light cardiovascular exercises. Afterwards, stretch your shoulders by lifting and stretching your arms across your body at a height and parallel to the floor. This will loosen up your body and prepare you to do the proper stretching that is needed when measuring your reach.

Get In Position

To get optimal results, you should stand straight with your shoulders and back flat against the wall. Make a 90 degree angle by lifting your arms perpendicular to the body and stretch them as much as you can. To make sure that your arms are straight, check if the tips of your middle fingers are in line with your elbows.

Mark The Tips

Have your partner mark the points where your middle fingers reach. Then you can get the measurement of your reach by measuring the distance between these two points.

Because the upper part of your torso and shoulders also factor into the measurement of your reach, a person with narrow shoulders and long arms can have a somewhat equal reach with someone broad shouldered but has short arms. In the end, those who have longer arm measurements still have the advantage of being able to fight from a distance, while those with shorter arm lengths mostly stick to fighting close range.

Write It Down

As per the usual stat sheets, you must list down the measurement taken in both inches and centimeters. And there you go, you have successfully measured your reach. Remember to thank your partner and do a quid pro quo if they need help as well.


If your reach doesn’t turn out to be very long then don’t be discouraged, you can practice fighting in close to your opponent and getting them with fast short quick and explosive blows. In return that will do just as much damage as a person with a long reach standing back and picking off their opponent with distant jabs.

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