How to get into MMA shape

(Last Updated On: December 11, 2018)

One of the most popular sports in the country. Known for its ruthless rules and even more ruthless fighters. Yeah, that’s Mixed Martial Arts.

A decade ago the sport wasn’t as popular and it was a boys-only club, but now women are also participating and they are more fierce than ever.

Famous MMA fighters are quite possibly the strongest and most durable athletes in the world.

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If a fighter wants to just make it through a few rounds, without even thinking about winning the match, they must have the physical strength of a bull.

And that’s only the beginning. I haven’t even started talking about the level of skill in various martial arts and endurance they are required to have.

If you are reading this now and thinking ‘Hey, one day I might want to step into that cage’, or you watched an MMA fight and said ‘Man, I would love looking like one of those guys…’, then you have come to the right place.

I have prepared a few ideas, which you can start using as soon as you finish reading this article, so get ready to start your journey.


Every fitness trainer, every sports trainer, actually everyone who knows even a little bit about this stuff will tell you the same thing.

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Nutrition is the most important thing, whether you’re trying to become a fighter, a regular athlete or a model. Eating organic food. Dropping all processed junk and other things loaded with sugar should be your number one priority.

If you are looking to lose some weight, you should focus on eating less food and give special attention to vegetables, and fish,while still eating a fair amount of meat during the day.

Chicken meat is really good in this scenario.

If you are looking to gain some weight and increase your muscle mass, then you should focus on meat. Make meat 50% of your daily food intake.

I’m not kidding. Rest of your diet should be vegetables, diary, fish, eggs and fruit. Cut the junk food and snacks, but replace them with nuts which will give you a huge amount of protein and calories.

Hydration is no small thing either. Ideally, you shouldn’t drink anything except water.

I’m not saying that you aren’t allowed to drink anything else but limiting your fluid intake to water only is the optimal way of treating your body.

Any drinks that contain artificial sweeteners are terrible for your body, including alcohol. Alcohol is plain bad for your muscles, helps you build enormous amounts of fat, and kills your productivity and willpower.

Martial Arts Training

This is where it gets hard. Fights are much more difficult and exhausting than they look in the movies or matches. You have to focus on your discipline.

Those guys aren’t just fighters, they are martial artists. It takes years to become a master in just a single martial art and many fighters are true masters in a huge number of disciplines.

I would recommend that you get instructions and coaching from an expert or even become a member of a dojo.

Most people don’t realize this next part. Martial arts are extremely important for building your mental state. Martial art masters are some of the sharpest, quickest and calmest people in the world.

When adrenaline comes rushing, when you get hit and feel that pain, you will have to retain your focus, stay composed and execute your next move, whether it’s offensive or defensive.

Raw experience or instincts won’t get you there. Martial arts and determination will.


Just being healthy and mentally prepared isn’t enough, you must work hard and regularly to turn your body into a machine.

Endurance, power and reflexes are the key attributes that you will try to acquire.

Any kind of workout will help you build your endurance, but cardio will be the most efficient thing that you will have to do. Professional marathon runners can endure forty kilometers of running.

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Most professional MMA fighters can probably do twenty. That’s the kind of endurance you need to have if you are planning on surviving a full hour fight.

Fighting is much more exhausting than you think.

Doing a variety of workouts will help with making every single muscle in your body as strong as possible. You can’t get away with just push-ups.

If you couldn’t do a hundred burpees, not even being able to do a thousand push-ups would make you fit for a fight. Your body is only as strong and prepared as your weakest muscle.

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Last, but not least, resting is another invaluable part of a training process. When you break your muscles during workout, they need time to heal and regenerate.

If you are eating healthy and according to your needs, they will be stronger and bigger each time they repair themselves.

This is why you should always train at least three times, but never more than five times a week. You also need to sleep well and sleep regularly.

Partying every night and staying up late will seriously hurt your progress in the long run. Get your eight hours each night, champion. No slacking.


Getting into the ring is no small task or a side-goal. If you are bent on doing this like many of the greats were, you need to treat it like a full time job. Think about it all the time.

Visualize your perfect body – and know you’re getting there. Those aren’t just dreams anymore, you are working on it now.

Visualize your workouts before you complete them. Be dedicated and push yourself to the limit. Visualize yourself in the ring, standing in front of a huge crowd.

They are all cheering your name. Those aren’t just dreams either. You have a goal and it’s now closer than ever.

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