How To Get Into MMA Fights

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2019)

It was once considered to be a very bloody sport and people did their best to avoid it. Now, MMA is one of the most respected and admired displays of endurance, power and skill in a variety of martial arts.

Those include Judo, kickboxing, Krav-Maga and many more.

Each day, the number of young people getting in line to discover if they have what it takes to become the next MMA Champion is increasing. If you happen to be one of those guys, then here are some general rules and advice you should know about. This article should give you some guidelines

A Brief History of Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed style fighting contests can be traced back into the history books of man kind but the sport officially begun in the early 1990’s. Almost all of the fighters back then were giant brawlers, having only their testosterone as a weapon and the rules were not as clear and refined as they are now.

There were no weight-classes that we now know about in the present and there were only three rules. No biting. No eye-strikes. No groin punches. As the sport continued to evolve we saw stand up styles like kick boxing dominate and the brazilian discipline called Jiu-Jitsu climb to the top as the most ‘deadly’ forms of ground fighting.

Present fighters in the sport are some of the most focused, dedicated and talented in the world. Mixed Martial Arts has now become an extremely dangerous refined art that many younger people want to learn.

Preparing For MMA Fights

Choose Your Calling!

If you become a real professional, over time you will learn a whole spectrum of different exotic fighting techniques. However, all professionals concentrate on one specific style. Overworking yourself and trying to learn too much in a short period of time will do you more harm than good.

Finding a dojo or a similar place to train and practice your skills will be extremely helpful. Getting a coach or a mentor to help you master a fighting style is even better. Whichever style you choose don’t be afraid to test yourself against fighters who practice and focus on other techniques.

If you get into the arena, you will have to fight all kinds of opponents so it’s better to be well rounded and equipped with many different fighting styles.

Stay Concentrated and Optimistic

Whether you’re just sparing or having a real fight, there will be some that you are going to lose and some that you are going to win. You need to stay positive and focused, analyze each defeat, make each failure a lesson to yourself and keep going back in until you start racking up victories.

Your mentors, partners, coaches and competitors are all a valuable source of information which you can learn from. The gym community you choose should be one that is encouraging, hardworking and helpful in setting realistic and achievable goals.

Mixed Martial Arts is an ever-changing sport of styles and techniques so you will need well rounded trainers and sparing partners that are able to push you to your limits. For that reason you should try and get every little piece of advice and try to use it to your advantage.

Work hard to make sure you are fit and ready

Don’t ever make the mistake of jumping into a real fight without being in your absolute best fighting shape. Serious fights are all about winning, and you should know that whoever you’re facing will also be there to win. If you’re not ready to show your best then you could end up getting really hurt.

Your core muscles will always be the most important thing to focus on, regarding your physical capabilities. They provide endurance, stability and support the brute force of your attacks.

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Being dominant, explosive and fierce is a key component in deciding the winner of a match. For that reason, make sure to target those specific areas through strength workout, plyometrics and some ruthless intensive cardio. Combined with serious training sessions, you would be required to adjust your diet.

Make sure to eat only food that is nutritious, take a huge deal of protein and carbs so you can build up muscle mass and have energy to train multiple times per day. Read my post on the lean mass builders you should try.

What You Should Know

Failure is the best motivator – If you get humiliated out there, don’t think about giving up. It will make you want to train really hard, so it never happens to you again.

Your brain is your own worst enemy – Stay positive during a fight. Always. Without having a mindset that makes you competitive and makes you want to leave there as a winner, you’re just not going to be successful.

Dominate yourself as well as your enemy – It’s all about the psychology. Wanting to be an alpha male and wanting to make yourself superior compared to your opponent is very important.

It doesn’t hurt – During a fight your adrenaline will rush down your entire body and make everything you feel a lot less painful.

You may not feel much pain until the fight is over and your muscles begin to relax. You can see people do some incredible stuff under the effect of adrenaline and that’s what happens to fighters when they are left in the cage.


If your goal really is to become an MMA fighter, focus on your personal specialization, find a good training location, find a supportive mentor, dedicate yourself to hard work, stay optimistic and focused and try to gain every last bit of information about the latest fight-culture changes.

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Doing those things will give you a great chance in making your dream come true.

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