How Long is a Boxing Round?

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2021)

How long a boxing round is might seem like a silly question. But it is a legitimate question. If you like watching box or if you are a boxer you can probably recognize the sound of a bell even while you are asleep. Once the bell rings, the boxing round match is about to start.

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Once the boxing round starts, fighters engage in a battle of strength, endurance, and wits. Being strong is not enough in the ring, you have to be smart, and you need to know how to pace yourself in order to get through the rounds.

Time might be your biggest enemy in a match. Time can be more dangerous than your opponent.

Each round can last differently. If it is longer, it means that high-caliber fighters are fighting and that big promotion is involved in the match. Since there are several categories in boxing, the professional round will have a different time compared to youth matches or amateur matches.

Also, we shouldn’t forget about Olympic matches because there are different rules and rounds last differently. Also, the duration can be set by the age group. Senior matches will have longer durations while youth matches will last shorter.

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Youth Matches

Youth matches are not quite popular as they deserve. People generally don’t pay attention even though it is one of the best parts of the boxing world. Youth boxing consists of people boxing for their clubs.

You are representing your club, you are not there for your own personal gain so to say. These matches can be extremely amazing and fun to watch. If you are a youth boxer, you are doing it for the club, and you are not seeking international or national fame. Even though it is called youth boxing, it doesn’t mean that it is just for teenagers. You can find fighters in their 30s.

Here is more information about youth boxing round lengths.

  • Bantam – three one minute rounds, one-minute rest
  • Junior – three one minute rounds, one-minute rest
  • Intermediate – three one and a half minute rounds, one-minute rest
  • Senior Junior Olympic – three two-minute rounds, one-minute rest
  • Sub-Novice – three two-minute rounds, one-minute rest
  • Novice – ten two-minute rounds, one-minute rest
  • Open – ten plus two-minute rounds, one-minute rest
  • Master Class – ten plus three-minute rounds, one-minute rest

Amateur Boxing Matches

This type of amateur boxing round is very popular at Pan American Games, Olympics Commonwealth games, and other various organizations where they are practiced. And don’t be fooled because of the word “amateur” in the title. Even though it is called amateur, boxers are certainly not amateurs.

Amateur boxers aren’t necessarily as capable as a professional, it just means that they feel more comfortable with amateur boxing where the rules are different. You don’t get points for knocking out your opponent or how powerful your punches are, you get points by landing clear punches on your opponent. Another difference is that there are no money prizes.

An amateur boxing round will go for 3 minutes and women for 2 minutes. That means that men will fight three three-minute rounds while women will box four two-minute rounds. Since January 2009, this has been the rule.

Professional Matches

Hundred years ago, Professional boxing was known as prizefighting. As soon as it became legal and acknowledged sports people came in search of glory. As soon as it becomes legitimate ground rules were set. Over time, those rules have evolved, and they were adopted because the entire sport has evolved into a real professional sport.

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The length of rounds last longer than in any other category. Generally, fighters will box for 12 rounds even though the longest boxing match has lasted unbelievable 110 rounds. Despite that, 12 rounds are sort of a standard in pro boxing today even though it all depends on the promotion and organization.

Each round lasts for three minutes. That means that if you wish to be a professional boxer, you will have to be prepared to box 12 three-minute rounds. Between each round, there is one minute for resting.

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Now that we know a bit more, we can conclude that the length of a boxing match and round is dictated by the type and organization/promotion. Youth boxing has the most regulations, and we can tell that by the number of rounds. Amateur boxing is for people who like precision, focus, and speed.

This type of boxing strictly follows the rules on how to behave and where you are allowed to hit the opponent. On the other hand, professional boxing doesn’t have too many rules and is most grueling. Gifts for boxers

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