The Gracie Diet For MMA

(Last Updated On: December 11, 2018)

Already very popular among Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community, but gaining popularity even outside the regular followers, the Gracie Diet was first introduced by Carlos Gracie

What is the Gracie Diet?

Those that have been following his teachings are probably already familiar with it, since it has been passed on for generations. According to Carlos, the reason he came up with the diet w

as to ensure that his family members would never get sick before fights. Basically, it’s a method of eating developed in a way that would prevent blood acidity and fermentation that can usually show as results to unhealthy chemical reactions to food.

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Carlos believed that for reaching maximum food transformation a body’s alkalinity (pH levels) should be kept neutral, since it is of crucial importance to the digestive process.

He believed that in order to maintain the blood pH levels neutral, you should balance the substances you eat, and you should prefer one food combinations over others. By doing so, he believed that your body will not get sick and establish the appropriate balance for its nourishment.

In addition, the Gracie diet claims that in order to achieve maximum health, meals through the day should be eaten in intervals of four hours, and only when the stomach is empty and you feel actual hunger.

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If you’re interested in following the Gracie Diet, you’ll find all the info you need on the Gracie tables that show food combinations. By understanding and following the matches correctly, you will be able to maintain the neutral pH level of your blood and make digestion easier. But before fully committing and completely forgetting what you knew about food and digestion, go on and read the 7 things I believe is good to know before you adopt the diet.

7 Things To Know

All food is divided into 6 main groups.

It’s very easy to understand, and it’s the very basis of the whole diet, all the foods according to the diet are divided into:

  • Protein and vegetables;
  • Sweet fruits;
  • Starches;
  • Acidic fruits;
  • Milk;
  • Milk cream.

It’s all in how you mix the food

The key to success lays into properly mixing and matching the food groups. According to Carlos, it’s really easy to keep your body balanced by eating the proper combination of food. In order to follow this he came up with the rules on how to mix the separate food groups and even the food within the groups themselves. But no worries, the rules are very basic, and really easy to follow and remember. All you need to do is remember this:

  • You can mix Group 1 with Group 2
  • Don’t mix food from Group 2 with each other
  • Foods in Group 3 can be mixed with not more than one item of Group 2 at a time, but only if it’s not cooked with fat.
  • The foods from Group 4 should not be mixed with each other, nor with the foods from any other group
  • Milk can be mixed with foods from Group 2 and only a few others
  • Milk cream, just like milk, can be combined with foods from Group 3, and few others

You have to choose between a cooked meal or fruit-based meal

In the Gracie Diet, fruits are not considered to be desert or a side dish, but a proper meal. So if you decide to follow the diet, you have to know that if you would like to eat a fruit you can only have fruit and not combine it with anything else.

This means that if you wanted to eat apples, you’ll need to eat enough of them to keep you full without having to eat another sandwich.

When what you eat is as important

As I already mentioned earlier, the Gracie diet also has rules on maintaining regular intervals between meals. The idea according to Carlos is that the body needs enough time (4 – 5 hours) to process food between having another meal.

By avoiding this, you avoid mixing different groups of food and ruining the combinations. Some people can’t go 5 hours without a meal, so they prefer smaller meals and shorter intervals (around 3 hours).

You should understand fruits

The diet divides all fruits into two categories: sweet and acidic. But it might be difficult and take some time before you remember which one falls under which category.

This is mainly because some of them don’t make any sense at first, like for instance anyone would say that mango and peach should be sweet, but not really, according to Carlos they’re part of the acidic group.

Because of this, acidic fruits should not be mixed with other acidic fruits, which means that you should usually stick to one type of fruit at a time.

There are different types of waters

Among other things, Carlos came up with the concept of different kinds of “waters”. These waters are actually juices made of sweet fruits that you can add to a fruit juice as base, instead of water, that will not make the juice tasteless.

This can be many things – centrifuged apple, watermelon, coconut water, lemon or melon juice. Additionally, you can mix them with figs, papaya, or pears.

No tomatoes

They’re not completely banned, but they fall under the acidic fruit group. This means that they can only be consumed alone.

Because there’s practically no way to get full enough just by tomatoes, you’ll probably end up avoiding them completely.


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