Finer Form Free Standing MMA Punching Dummy

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2019)

If you’re looking for a new way to train your kick boxing, MMA, boxing, or muay thai skills at home and want to train on the most realistic training equipment, then look no further. The finer form MMA punching dummy is the perfect piece of equipment to put long hours of sweat and tears into.

One of the top-rated pieces of MMA equipment available, it is the perfect piece to help complement your MMA gym. It is also especially useful for households that have no upper scaffolding to host punching bags and other heavy hanging equipment.

Finer Form Free Standing Dummy

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Provides realistic training feel

The finer form MMA punching dummy gives you everything you need to train on a life like human height structure, so you can train relentlessly and work on your technique outside of sparring. It is surrounded by a heavy-grade urethane foam, that can absorb tough blows and feels like you’re making contact on skin.

The Wide body provides you with multiple contact points to punch, kick, knee and elbow this punching dummy all day. It also has a slim base, so you can use as a conditioning tool as well, to dip, lunge, and rope around the base to work on your movement techniques.

It also provides you with a good range to work on your distance and footwork if you have no body to help you out. If you’re serious about your training and need an extra partner, this dummy is as close as it gets to the real thing.

High strength durability for serious damage resistance

If you want to kick ass all day but have run out of friends to be your test subjects, then the finer form MMA dummy is exactly what you need to keep your sparring sessions going until your legs give out. The dummy is made of heavy-duty materials, covered by the heavy-grade urethane foam, that will keep the dummy feeling soft on your kicks, but provide ultimate cushion to the full frame.

It also gives it strong wear resistance, to both sharp kicks, punches, and wicks off the sweat. It has a built-in steel and rubber spring set, so giving this thing your hardest blows will have it bouncing back up and asking for more.

You can kick and punch the finer form dummy all you want; it won’t take any breaks. It’s been used by first timers, and by seasoned strikers, so we know the dummy can withstand even the toughest training regimens thrown at it.


Strong, Stable Base filled to your liking

You can kick this dummy as hard as your hearts content, because there is no way you are knocking it down from its full framed, fill with what you wish base. The large round base is compact close to the dummy, so it props its core up to a good standing height for you to punch, kick, and knee your way into its body.

The stable base can be filled with any weighted material of your choosing, and can hold up to 265 pounds of water, or 400 pounds of sand if you really want to show it what it’s made of. You can even fill it with concrete or rocks if that’s where your heart lies, but it is definitely not recommended to hit for low leg kicks.

Your striking routines may be relentless, but this free-standing MMA punching dummy is built to last, and take whatever you’re dishing out.

Easily movable and adjustable

Worried about this punching being too tall to head kick or having its face right by your knees? That is not a problem, as it comes readily adjustable to transform into three separate heights.

If you want to adjust it to stare directly at you, you can do so. You can also change its heights to get creative with your workout routines. By adjusting close to leg level, you can work on your knees, and low leg kicks, or you can adjust high, and work on getting that kick way over your head. The versatility and weight is endless, and you will have no problem adjusting to any level for your routine.

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How effective is it?

Works and builds strong motions

The dummy is created to last through hard core MMA workouts. By adding the dummy into your workout routine, you will be able to gain strength, tone your muscle, and build resistance to hitting contact surfaces.

You can work the dummy into your conditioning stints, by adding repetitive punching motions, minute timers at the end of push ups, or work it into skipping routines. There’s an endless amount of ways to work it into a workout, but having something steady to contact outside of punching or speed bags makes this dummy an ideal conditioning partner.

Reinforces skills

As a stationary man that can absorb the toughest punishment, you will be able to work out any weaknesses in your stand-up game. By recording your motions, your footwork, and boxing skills against the finer form MMA dummy, you will be able to make steady adjustments, and take out all the kinks in your armor through fine tuning your game.

This dummy makes the perfect component to train your skills on before you take them to your next sparring session.

Where to buy it

You can purchase the finer form MMA dummy from amazon.com

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The finer form free standing dummy is the perfect training companion to help you work on your stand-up game at home, or at the gym. It is highly durable, feels realistic on the outside, and is easily adjustable to fit all heights and workout routines. If you’ve been having trouble finding competent sparring partners to grind out heavy workouts with, then this guy will have no problem taking the damage for them instead.

We seriously can’t recommend this training dummy enough, and mix it into our workouts almost daily now. 

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