Everlast Speed Bag Review: My Honest Opinions

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2019)

Introducing: The Everlast Speed Bag

Whether you’re just getting into boxing or you’re a long-time fighter, there’s one thing you can’t do without: a training bag. There are the large bags which you practice punching on, but here I’ll talk about the Everlast Speed Bag, a small leather bag that will test your speed and timing as a boxer.

When training, your goal is to hit the bag at just the right moment to make it bounce off the roof quickly. You’ve likely seen an experienced boxer do this before, making it look easy. I can’t help you find the right rhythm and speed to punch at. But I can help you out with this Everlast Speed Bag Review.

The Best Speed Bags

Why Choose Everlast Speed Bag?

First off, Everlast is a respected brand in the boxing world. They are known for their high-quality equipment and boxing accessories, so you know that you’ll receive a bag that’s well-balanced. A well-balanced bag will help you to improve your accuracy overall.

The high quality of the Everlast speed bag bladder ensures that it’s meant to last longer without needing a replacement. Overall, you’ll spend less money in the long run, and will be able to better improve your skills.

All About the Everlast Speed Bag

The Everlast speed bag is special because it’s made of genuine leather, giving the bag a long life and better functionality. The Everlast seams are reinforced, so you can go all out, and the well-balanced weight will improve the accuracy while you’re training.

Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag Everlast Everhide Speed Bag

Everlast Elite Adjustable Speedbag Platform

These Everlast speed bags come in two sizes: medium and large. Pick your option and hang the bag. The swivel mechanism will support either size, but if you’re a beginner, the medium speed bag will be better for you. Larger bags provide you with a larger target to hit, and will keep you from becoming frustrated prematurely.

More Details

As with any product, you’ll get reviews that are both very high and very low. It can be difficult to sort through those to determine whether speed bag from Everlast will work for you, so take a look here to think about how it’ll fit into your gym.

Weight and Sizes

You already know that this bag comes in two sizes. As a novice, you’ll want the larger size to improve your skills, but as someone with more experience, the smaller bag will improve your speed and accuracy over time.

This happens because of the distribution of the bladder inside a smaller bag, which allows the ball to bounce back for a better workout.

Design and Color

The rubber bladder on the inside will improve your accuracy, while the beautiful leather will help the bag stand up to even the heaviest beatings. Of course, the Everlast logo will be stamped right on there. But this isn’t just for style.

This logo gives you a good focus point to act as a moving target while you’re in session.

Durability and Craftmanship

You know that Everlast is made to be the highest quality. The seams and the ball are reinforced, while the leather is weighted properly to ensure balance and improve the overall accuracy of your hits. Hang it with the rope that closes the bag, which is well-threaded so that it won’t unravel when you’re punching. The high-tensile steel keeps it hanging the entire time.


How it looks and how durable the Everlast Speed Bag is doesn’t outweigh the comfort. Even if it’s a great bag, it needs to feel great on your hands too. Rest assured that this bag is filled with air, so it’s a softer target for you to hit. This keeps your hands comfortable.

The weight makes these Everlast speed bags easy to use too, allowing you to get a rhythm and speed together that lets you keep moving. You will be able to build your training speed like this. Regardless of how soft this bag is though, remember to wear your gloves when you’re punching it to keep your hands safe.

Considering Alternative Speed Bag Options

Title Platinum Atomic Speed Bags

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This speed bag does have some flair to it, I’ll admit. Title is a good brand for boxers too. Their bags come in two sizes, being XXS Super Pro and Xs Mini Pro. The size makes it great for experts to use. The shape itself allows all fighters to adjust to it quickly, and for the bag to bounce back quickly. The only thing making people pause is the price, which is a bit higher than other options.

Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speed Bag Punch Bag S- 6×9

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This speed bag by Pro Impact also touts high durability and impressive durability. Boxers enjoy it because it responds well to light punches without breaking easily. You might not care about how it looks, but it will fit in well with any gym and remain durable. It is a little larger though, so you may want to use another brand for a smaller option.

Cleto Reyes Speed Bag

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The design and shape of the Cleto Reyes Speed Bag are worth noting. But let’s face it: that’s not what you want the speed bag for. You want something that will be high-quality and doesn’t let out air easily. It’s a good thing that the Cleto Reyes bag fits the bill. Go for several sessions without having to add more air. The weight of the bag will make it easy to hit for both experts and novices, while the consistency of swings will increase your strength and accuracy.

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Final Verdict

While you do have other options in this Everlast Speed Bag Review, there’s no denying that the Everlast Speed Bag is one of the best out there. The brand is respected, they have the years of experience to make high-quality items, and they know exactly what boxers need to improve their skills. The bag is made to handle all your punches, whether you’re just starting out and finding your rhythm or whether you’re an experienced boxer.

I won’t tell you that you might not like one of the other options, like the Title bag though. And it is true that some people say the Everlast latex bag deflates a little too fast. Even so, it’s a great option that’s definitely worth your consideration.

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