Everlast 100lb Heavy Bag C3 Foam Review

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2021)

Everlast punching bag is one of the top-heavy bags used for martial arts and boxing. Everlast as a company focuses on quality equipment for martial arts and boxing clubs. Many of the users of the Everlast 100lb heavy bag c3 are athletes practicing martial arts who require strength and professional level boxing training. This makes the heavy bag an excellent choice if you’re searching for an MMA version on a budget.

If you want a bag that is proven to be durable, high quality, and a good value for money that will help you with your strength training, the Everlast is a go-to option. It can withstand heavy punches and provides good cushioning enabling you to train without getting any injuries.

You can also easily install it by attaching it to a support beam or just hang on a heavy bag mount or stand. But, for stronger stability go for a Heavy Bag Anchor. In case you are still doubting and aren’t sure whether the Everlast 100lb heavy bag is the right choice for you, here’s a detailed review to help you out.

Design of the 100 lb. C3 Everlast Punching Bag

The 100 lb. is very sturdy built with a great design giving it a wonderful feel. The C3 Foam Heavy Bag is available in black with a weight of 100 lbs. It measures 50.3 inches x 14.3 inches x 14.3 inches. This allows the Everlast 100lb Heavy Bag to provide you with a good space area to practice on your training. The 100 lb. C3 Everlast heavy bag is covered in a poly canvas shell. This differs from that of the C3 Foam Heavy Bag MMA which is covered in synthetic leather.

The mounting and hardware are made of heavy-duty nylon straps with a swivel hook providing safety. On the other hand, the double end loops provide increased functionality. The adjustable chain and straps secure the bag and place the bag at the right height for proper training, especially on kicking techniques such as those for MMA fighting.

The C3 foam tech is designed to absorb force and disperse it on the bag. The Everlast C3 100 lb. can be bought at around a hundred dollars depending on where you buy it and is worth the value at this price range.

Everlast Punching Bag Features to Note

The Everlast punching bag is manufactured using a technology called Contoured Closed Cell Foam (C3). The technology aims at increasing the cushioning capabilities of the bag and dispersing any hitting force applied to it. The ability of the bag to withstand heavy pounding maintains sturdiness and increases durability.

The Everlast 100lb’s foam is manufactured from synthetic leather and vinyl with good webbing and construction. The inner part is filled with a blend of sifted sand, synthetic fiber and natural fiber providing you with resilient shock absorbency. The foam’s high density isn’t just for force dispersion, support and cushioning, but it also prevents moisture from getting into the foam padding.

On the outside is a cover consisting of a sheet of poly canvas filled with shaped closed-cell foam which adds to the overall vintage look of the heavy bag. 

The bag’s stitching is well done and even with heavy punching, it never tears, rips, or looks cheap. Overall, the heavy-duty nylon straps with double end loops, the long-lasting poly canvas sleeve, and the durable webbing system are all designed to increase the durability of the bag for intense and heavy-hitting workouts.

Being a hanging heavy bag, it allows you to train without getting any injuries. But, most heavy bags have been known to injure ankles and wrists and it’s best to wear boxing gloves. 


The Everlast 100lb Heavy Bag is not just safe but also unbelievably easy to set up. You can easily hang it up and use it in any environment and anytime that you need to. It has a set of heavy-duty double-ended nylon straps that you can use to set it up in an upright position.

The straps allow you to hang the bag with ease in any place. They also maintain the bag in a steady position making it strong and stable enough to withstand heavy punches and excessive force. If you are not sure how to hang the punching bag, it’s best to read the manual properly to understand the step-by-step process of setting it up.


  • Though the punching bag is a heavy bag of 100 lb, it has a sturdy build.
  • The Everlast c3 foam technology makes it a perfect choice for boxers. The form also allows the absorption and dispersal of any hitting force applied. It also makes the bag softer reducing any stiffness experienced from using other leather heavy punching bags.
  • It includes a custom filling of both natural and synthetic fibers.
  • Though it is a heavy bag, the Everlast 100lb bag is comfortable and provides the right amount of resistance required for strength training. For normal exercises, you can opt to go for lightweight bags. But, if you prefer heavy bags to lightweight bags, then it’s a perfect choice.
  • The foam can take strong blows with frequent usage of up to 3-5 times a week and still serve you for a long time. It provides good shock absorption.
  • It comes at an affordable cost, making it worth investing in.
  • It’s an ideal choice for cardio training.
  • With the swinging motion when punched, the bag simulates a real opponent. This allows you to practice your punches and footwork as if you were training with a real person.
  • The versatility of the punching bag makes it an ideal choice for different workouts and routines in a variety of different ways and alternation between different types of techniques. 


  • Some users complained about a rough surface of the punching bag which requires that you use boxing gloves.
  • Heavy use of the Everlast 100 lb. C3 led to the stuffing settling to the bottom leaving the top and middle sections squishy. This makes it a bad choice for those who hit hard.
  • The straps which are about 16 inches long aren’t adjustable making it difficult to hang to a low ceiling. 

Apart from the Everlast heavy bag having its pros and cons, there are several FAQs that include not placing it outside. The bag does have a poly-canvas that protects it during all weather conditions.  But, because the changes in weather patterns from hot to cold can be hard on it it’s not advisable to place it outside. The bag can also be used for boxing as well as knees and kicks. When it comes to the age of users, it depends on the user’s height. 


Obviously, the pros outdo the cons making the Everlast 100lb a great choice for a heavy punching bag at 100lbs if you want to take some light exercises or improve your motion and timing. While it might not be the best for those who hit hard, compared to other heavy bags, it’s well designed to withstand heavy use, durable, functional, comfortable, of great value and worth your money. But, you can get a hand injury and it’s always best to protect your hand by wearing the best boxing gloves. 

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