Corkscrew Punch: What You Need To Know About The Heartbreak Punch

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2021)

A corkscrew punch is a commonly used move in the boxing ring. If done with the correct technique it will knock your opponent down and do some serious damage. This punch is thrown by twisting your wrist and shoulders and is a good option for many boxers and fighters as it has many unusual angles. It is also often used for its unpredictability against opponents.

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What Is It?

In simple words, a corkscrew punch is thrown by a twist of your fist while punching. Your fist rotates and your palm remains down when you punch.

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Charles “Kid” McCoy, the famous boxer invented it. It is quite a funny story as he invented it by seeing a cat, who was trying to strike on a string ball. McCoy observed that style and used it to injure his opponent. As it adds a lot of sudden power by its movement, many boxers started using the corkscrew punch and it continued to get more and more popular over time as variations were also discovered.

It helps a boxer in many ways. Apart from speed and power, it can inflict extreme pain on the opponent if done with the correct technique.

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Benefits of Using the Corkscrew Punch

A corkscrew punch can be lethal in many ways if it is used properly. Below are some of the main benefits of this punch.

1. Your hands and chin are protected: In a match, while throwing a punch, your thumb can get broken. But while throwing this punch, your knuckles touches your opponent first, ensuring a lesser chance of a broken thumb. Your chin also gets better protected as the shoulder of your lead arm remains in a raised position.

2. It improves your muscles: Your shoulders are shock absorbers of your body. Outward rotation stretches your muscles and makes it prone to reaction.

Why Do Boxers In Particular Use It?

Boxers find it useful to throw a corkscrew punch. First of all, it provides the boxer with great power and speed. Your wrist rotation is the most important factor here and if practiced hard and perfect, your wrist becomes more stable to deliver the punch. Even after punching, you can come to a defensive stance with much ease.

This technique helps you in throwing punch after punch. The boxer can throw many punches at different angles, surprising the opponent and forcing him to make some mistakes. It unbalances the opponent and makes him predictable, thus giving you a distinct advantage over him.

How To Do It?

Before you starting using the corkscrew punch, you should practice rotating your wrist. If practiced as a regular exercise, it will improve your wrist and forearm rotation. Once you perfect this, it will be easy for you to rotate your elbow and shoulders. Only after you master should you attempt standing in the ring and training hard against your opponent.

There are various types of corkscrew punches. Some of them are straight, cross, lead hook, rear hook, and overhand. When you use the corkscrew punch for punching straight, you must use your arm to extend your fist. This will enable you to punch with your palm down.

Corkscrew punches can also be used for hooks. Similarly, begin by rotating your arm and punching your opponent with the elbow. This will land hard on him.

When using corkscrew uppercuts, you have to rotate your arm in a reverse way. You must move your arms inwards and punch with the elbow going down. Use it to deliver tight corkscrew uppercuts to the opponents. It can be very effective.

It is important for you to understand that this is a power punch. It is aimed to deliver a power-packed move to your opponent. Your fist is dependent on your leading arm to supply the necessary power involved in this punch.

Secondly, be sure to rotate the forearm, lifting the elbow as fast as possible. Your palm should be facing down. You can use it to punch in a horizontal angle to get a quicker impact. Also, the corkscrew technique provides energy to your shoulders.

Not only it gives you the freedom to hit from alternative angles, but it is also good for defending. It can be a great defending technique to block your chin and head region. You can throw all kinds of punches by using this technique – be it a straight, around, or over punch. You can comfortably reach your opponent and throw a punch.

Don’t focus on your fist for long. Instead, try to move your punching arm and use your muscles in your hand and shoulder to make a strong stand. This will help you to be more effective and powerful. Try something like shadow boxing.


There are some corkscrew punches that work well for some boxers. Many don’t use jabs as they think it makes them more exposed. While most of the fighters use the corkscrew punch, it depends on whether you want to go with it. But one thing is for sure, this boxing technique gives you a secret advantage. It helps you to get closer to the opponent and punch him close to his guard, weakening him.

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