Century Fitness BOB punching dummy

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2019)

Century started the creation of martial arts products in 1976 and has grown to become the main seller of martial arts products all over the world. The creators of the Century moved into a 50,000 square feet building in 1982, this provided them a better platform to pursue their mission.

Since then, they have grown to a 650,000 square foot facility. They have expanded their operations to include boxing, MMA gear, and physical fitness equipment.

Century Fitness Bob Punching Dummy Review

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The primary aim of Century is to use martial arts to greatly impact people’s lives, and this positive impact should span a lifetime. Century Body Opponent Bag also referred to as “Century BOB” is a self-supporting heavy bag made by Century, and comes in XL and regular sizes.

Compared with traditional circular heavy bags, these punching bags are created with a muscular human torso and head, with a full scowling and threatening face. These bags are popular because they offer a similar experience to real training, more then you can expect from a standard punching bag.

The Century fitness bob punching dummy is more like an evolved punching bag.


The main difference between it and a regular punching bag is that it appears more like a person and provides you with a realistic torso. 

This particular feature gives you the most realistic experience to striking a real human. The Century fitness bob punching dummy is made out of plastisol, a combination of PVC and plasticizer which gives it a rubbery texture. Its major advantage is that the material is very resistant to impact and wear and still offers you a cushioned coating.

The body of the dummy is filled with urethane foam. This is usually used for insulation due to its ability to conceal any air pockets. This will allow a more balanced distribution. This makes it stay solid when struck, and gives it a skin appearance and feel, and to make it more realistic some parts of the Century fitness bob punching dummy are more sturdy.


The Century fitness bob punching dummy is between 60 and 78 inches high and has 7 adjustable height variations.  It weighs an approximately 270 pounds with a full base which can be packed with sand or water.

This punching dummy is fairly stable and doesn’t move around when hit. Instead, it would rotate on the spot. Its polythene base is well rounded. This makes the punching dummy easy to roll and pack away and store when not in use. Its body is much tougher than the head, with the plastic base touching the upper torso region.

Who should use the Century fitness bob punching dummy

This punching bag would be of immense help to anyone who is dissatisfied with the limitations that comes with normal punching bags.

These are the people who will find the Century fitness bob punching dummy useful:

  • Martial Artists
  • Boxers
  • Fitness and Health Enthusiasts
  • Or anybody with a gym at home and is experiencing space constraints

How Effective Is it?

I am sure if you have used different types of punching bags in the past, you would notice some major differences that would make you impressed with Century fitness bob punching dummy.

The benefits of the Century fitness bob punching dummy include:

  • It has a modifiable height

The adjustable height of the Century fitness bob punching dummy makes it just perfect, its height unit is allowed to be adjusted with 7 variations between 60 inches to 78 inches.

Which makes it suitable for any one with average height or less, you can rehearse distances and angles for taller opposition. Easily adjustable to provide you or anyone a more realistic and convenient training.

  • It doesn’t require you to have a sparring partner

Most punching bags would move about a bit when used and they require you to have someone hold it for you while you punch it. However, the Century fitness bob punching dummy moves less and doesn’t require a support person.

This means it lets you focus on combination, target or mixing up combos on the fly without you having to bother about it moving about, making you miss your punches.

  • It looks more realistic

The Century fitness bob punching dummy appears more like a person. It gives you the feeling that you are hitting an actual person and has all the features to help you target your moves properly.

With this punching dummy, you can practice waist/chest kicks, chain punching, solar plexus strikes, palm thrusts, elbows to the head, or sidekicks. The fact you have visually representative features to hit at is just great! This helps you get familiar with the distance between you and your opponent and prepares you to hit sensitive areas of the body.

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Where Can I buy It?

You can purchase the Century fitness bob punching dummy on Amazon.

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Final Verdict

The realistic features of the Century fitness bob punching dummy makes it unique from other free standing punching bags. It provides a more realistic target than any other free standing heavy bags. You might be a little skeptical at first considering it’s not as cheap as you might expect. But its durability, build quality, and the realistic target strikes means that I highly recommend it.

You may likely never have to replace it for a long time, in spite of the pounding it will receive. I would recommend this great product for anyone that wants to hone their MMA fighting skills.

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