Celebrita Italy Punching Dummy Reviews: My Thoughts

(Last Updated On: March 25, 2019)

Mixed martial arts (MMA) has gained popularity over recent years with UFC becoming well watched by old and new fans alike.

People who take it seriously train in gyms dedicated in MMA with many like minded people around to practice and improve their skills.

However, some people may see MMA as just a way of exercising and relieving stress, or just do not have the capacity to train in dedicated gyms all the time.

Therefore finding a training partner can be hard.

There are options in the market where you can spar without the need of a real person as a partner.

Grappling dummies are widely available and can help you train without the need of a real sparring assistant.

Although training with a practice dummy isn’t as engaging as training with a sparring partner, the benefits are still there and you can still improve your MMA skills.

Train in the comfort of your own home and even save money on gym memberships.

If you are looking to practice your lifting, takedowns, and tossing prowess then look no further. Celebrita Italy Punching Dummy has you covered.

Celebrita Italy Punching Dummy Review

celebrita dummy

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The Celebrita Italy Punching Dummy is a moveable punching bag that is shaped like a person.

It is an unfilled dummy designed to train MMA attributes such as ground striking and many more.

Weight and Dimension

This training dummy can be adjusted to suit different weight and height classes.  

It is an unfilled bag so the sizing is up to you, whether you want to start small and light, or straight in to the heavyweight division.  

The bag can be weighed up to:

  • 40 inches at 25KG
  • 47 inches at 35KG
  • 59 inches at 45KG
  • 70 inches at 55KG

Its ability to be changed into different weight and heights is one of its advantages. This means that you can use this dummy to train both kids and adults.

The ranges of 40’’ to 47’’ is perfect for training with kids, and 59’’ to 70’’ is for the adults. Let your kids practice their favorite MMA finishers without hurting anyone.

Material and Filling

When buying the dummy, you can choose the exterior material from either Artificial Leather or Canvas.

Artificial leather will be more rugged and resistant to striking but it can be a little slippery when you become sweaty. Canvas is more breathable but can susceptible wear off quicker than leather.

When ordering the leather, you may smell a distinct scent initially due to the properties of the material and it not being used yet.

Photos on the internet shows the dummy while its filled so don’t be surprised if yours come in flat like a pancake.

You can use various materials to fill the bag up. It can be filled with cotton and garment shreddings, or any other suitable filler materials.

Target Training

MMA has a lot of different styles and techniques to beat your opponents. The Celebrita Italy Punching Dummy can cover you for most fighting techniques.

The bag is designed to provide target training and practices the fundamental aspects of MMA.

The dummy’s flexibility gives you numerous approach replicating a body of a real human.

It bends and bows so you can practice triangle stifles, arm triangles, arm bars, omo platas, and even your clears.

The legs can be kept in an upright position so you can practice your leglocks, gatekeepers, and stacking.

Practice your entry with the arms and legs up in position and carry out deadly holds to make your opponents tap out. If that doesn’t do it for your opposition, you can train your wrestling and takedowns to deal a pounding blow.


Pricing and Availability

There’s no doubt that there are many benefits of using a training dummy for practicing your MMA skills.

Buying a training dummy doesn’t cost all that much plus they are easy to find and buy. You can avoid going to the gym which can save you in membership fees for the gym.

Practice Realistically

Its realistic properties allows you to shape and bend the dummy to practice certain fundamental techniques for you to master.

It is flexible enough to accommodate different weight and sizes depending on who is training, making it a universal product.

Train Anywhere

You can take this punching dummy anywhere with you to train. You can practice in your home or take it out to the park to practice on softer ground. Your options on where to train are endless.

Where To Buy

This training bag is easy to find and purchase online. However, Amazon is perhaps the best place to buy it.

Amazon often offers reductions and package deals with the Celebrita punching dummy. You can include other essential items that go with the purchase of a punching bag, like gloves and training shorts.

Amazon gives you a delivery peace of mind knowing that your package will come quickly and in great condition.

Final Verdict

All in all, the use of a training dummy to practice MMA is similar to boxers using punching bags. It is a tried and tested method of training without a sparring partner.

Sure, practicing with a partner is much better, but there will be instances where you will have to practice alone.

Based on online customer reviews, Celebrita Italy Punching Dummy is a great buy with great value for the price.

It is a sturdy product that gives you options on how you train and what parameters you use for practicing.

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