Calisthenics For BJJ

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2019)

When it comes to working out, there are so many options out there. However, calisthenics is the oldest workout routine and  these days it is being rediscovered and reintroduced.

Calisthenics can be practiced on its own and made a part of some more complex workout routine. The question remains – how well does it fit BJJ trainings?

What is Calisthenics?

Calisthenic training is a type of exercise where you use your own weight to strengthen your muscles. It is, therefore, also known as “body-weight” training. You don’t use any additional equipment, as the only thing you need is your own body.

This training includes pushups, pull-ups, squats and more. You can use it as the only workout or make it a part of some other exercise routine.

This type of exercise has many benefits and can help you lose weight, build muscles and stay fit. Depending on your goal, you can combine different upper and lower body exercises and adjust the intensity of your workout.

Because you are using your own weight, you can exercise wherever you like and design very exciting and dynamic workouts that will keep you motivated and amused, as well.

Benefits of Calisthenics

When I first started researching calisthenics, honestly it didn’t seem to me that it has the ability to transform my body. I thought that these exercises are not that hard and therefore cannot be compared with the weight-lifting I have practiced before.

But I was wrong. As I decided to start with this type of training and see where it will take me, I have discovered that it has many benefits I wasn’t aware of before.

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It is Natural

First of all, this is the most natural way for you to train your muscles. You don’t use anything but your own weight, so there is very little chance you will get hurt.

Your body is your limit, so there is no chance you will overestimate your strength. With calisthenics exercises you will activate your whole body. Just think about it – when you do the pull-ups, several muscle groups are working at the same time.

You will exercise your arms, shoulders, abs and back. And what I like the most about it is that I can change the intensity of my workout by simply spreading my arms or arranging it in some other position. As this is the most natural way to strengthen your muscles, the time you will need to recover from the workout will be significantly shorter than when you are lifting weights, for example.

Therefore, you can do this type of exercise on a daily basis. However, I personally prefer training three times a week, so my muscles still have the chance to rest and recover in between the workouts.

It doesn’t Require Investment

This is a very cheap sport, as it doesn’t require any special equipment. All you need is your body and by combining different moves and positions, you are able to adjust the workout intensity and reach the wanted results.

However, if you are more like me and take your workout seriously, you will still have the need to build your own workout station as I did. This means you will spend some money on the pull-up bar, sturdy door frame and dip station.

Still, in the long run, this is the best investment I have made and by practicing calisthenics, I have managed to save some money. I don’t have to go to a gym, as all the exercise I can do in the comfort of my own home.

And the fact I don’t have to travel and can exercise whenever I want, saves a lot of my time and energy, as well.

It Builds Your Muscles

Before I started this type of training, I thought that these exercises are not really going to do much for my body. And I was wrong. There are so many ways you can combine your movements to adjust the training intensity and the exercises always target more than one large muscle group.

This type of training burns a lot of calories and activates your entire body. As your muscles grow stronger, you will have better coordination and develop better balance. Because you are using more oxygen than when lifting weights. For example, this type of exercise is beneficial for your cardiovascular system, as well.

In my experience, this is the most effective way to burn fat and build your muscles. When I struggled with my weight, with the help of the calisthenics circuit training, I have managed to lose the excess fat in a very short time.

And the best part is I didn’t have to pay as much attention to my diet.

It is Different

When I was starting with this workout, I thought I would get bored after a while. But, thankfully, I was very wrong. Calisthenics is anything but boring, believe me.

You can combine all sorts of different movements and choose from hundreds of different activities.

In addition, you can change resistance and adjust the training intensity to whatever you like.

Calisthenics for BJJ


It turns out that calisthenics combines with BJJ perfectly, which made me even more excited about this type of exercise.

It is the oldest workout routine and combines many different exercises to make you stronger.

These exercises will keep your body strong and you will be protected from injury. As I have already mentioned, these exercises target multiple muscle groups and keep you lean and fit.

All of this translates to the field of BJJ and helps you endure and recover faster from the intense training.


Although the chance you will be injured is significantly lower, you should still make sure you don’t overdo it. Watch your knees

As I have said earlier, training three times a week is an optimum and you should adjust the intensity according to your needs and how you feel. Always use a good mat.


Calisthenics uses your own body weight to strengthen your muscles and help you get slim and fit. It works great with BJJ, as it makes your balance and coordination better and helps you recover faster from intense training. You should still wear your BJJ GI and rash guard


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