Boxing Techniques: 10 Things You Must Know

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2021)

Boxing is such a challenging yet rewarding sport where you have to dedicate your body, mind and soul to a good fight. On a physical level, eye-hand coordination along with swift footwork plays a vital role in making you a winner.

A miss for a fraction of a second may cost you a crucial fight. You must be alert and agile all the time. If you want to be a true champion, you have to fight like one. Boxing is all about dedication and techniques. In this article, let’s look at the various boxing techniques that you can practice regularly to make your mark in the boxing ring.

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Boxing Techniques

As far as boxing goes, boxing techniques are an integral part of it. So let’s get to know some of these techniques.

1. Stance

There are two stances in boxing. In the Orthodox stance, your left foot is in the lead while in Southpaw stance, the vice-versa is true.

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Depending on the opponent, a boxer will choose what is the best course of action. Some will lower their hands to make their opponent punch them and then get back on them once they find a chance. A pro will always protect his face and never lower his guard. They have great and swift reflexes and can easily punch or push a heavier person while keeping their stance centered.

2. Attacking

There are a lot of attacking techniques. If these techniques are delivered at the right time, they can throw off the balance of the opponent.

a) Jab: This is the most effective one as it sets the way to more power punches. When a pro hits strong jabs, it stuns his opponent for a brief moment of time. Also, a pro can hit from different angles by a series of fast hand combination movements and swift footwork.

b) Cross: It is a punch thrown at the opponent from stance. It hits the opponent quicker and is more effective.

c) Hook: This power punch hits the side of the opponent and if done properly can do some major damage.

d) Uppercut: This shot hits the opponent up and under the chin. It is very powerful and can do some serious damage leading to a KO

e) Overhand: It’s also a dangerous punch that aims at hitting the head in a continuous fashion.

3. Defending

Like attack, defending also requires a lot of focus. Without a proper defense technique, you are prone to attacks from your opponent.

a) Footwork: It is just as important as your punching. You need to be able to move around your opponent quickly, attack, and then move away from them while controlling your balance.

b) Slipping: When an opponent is aiming to punch you, you need quick reflexes to avoid that. You have to bend your hips and shoulders a little to protect yourself from getting hit.

c) Block: An important one is to take the punches on your arms and shoulders. It blocks the punches coming at you from hitting your chin or jaw area.

d) Holding: This is a technique where you move close to your opponent and keep their arms tied so that they can’t hit you. When you are tired, you can use this to gain some time.

4. Constant Movement

You should move constantly in a fight. This technique is contrary to what most people think as they assume that it is a waste of energy.

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You become unpredictable and this confuses your opponent from being able to read your next move, making you a tricky boxer. Normally, if you observe a pro, you will find that they have energy left even after fighting many rounds. They have the stamina to last the fight and they have more capacity to endure. They play the opponent, pushing him, turning him, holding him and finally, they land some jabs or uppercuts on their chin or side of the body. This seals their chance of winning.

5. Amazing Footwork Techniques

When Muhammad Ali used to fight, he used his swift footwork to beat his opponent. His movement on the ring was effortless. He moved like a butterfly. You should perfect one technique with repeated practice and hard work.

Once you are good at it, you can show your elegance in the ring. You will gain power, speed, stamina, and stability by doing your repeated workouts. In the ring, you should always bounce around. Let your foot dance in a rhythmic way so that you can come really close when you are about to hit and then move swiftly out of their way while anticipating your next punch.

Even when you deliver the punch, your foot should always be moving. There should be the right balance of energy and power to throw punches. With energy, you need to have stamina. You must be durable to break your opponent’s defense. You have got to work harder and smarter so that your opponent doesn’t know from what angle your next punch is going to come from.

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6. Deceptive Hitting Techniques

The pro boxers are very familiar with this technique. They use deception as a tool to make the fight tricky. One moment, you will think that they are far from hitting distance. The next second before you realize it, they suddenly appear close to you from nowhere and land a punch right under your nose. You can’t anticipate their moves.

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To be like a pro, you must learn to read your opponent and notice his footwork. You also should be in constant motion and try to confuse them. Even in such an intense fight, your mind and body should work in a flow. That is the essence of boxing. Only then can you land a good punch.

Amateurs make the mistake of throwing many headshots while pros love to give body shots. A good shot has its own advantages. They will drop the defenses of the opponent, their head or elbows will become exposed for a while. Taking advantage of this situation, a pro can keep throwing punches, jabs, cross, uppercuts to the opponent making him weak and vulnerable.


These are the few crucial boxing techniques that will help you to keep your ground in the ring. The most important thing is to observe the movement of the opponents. Hand-eye coordination, fast punching, swift footwork, speed, and durability – are all part of boxing techniques.

But you should also remember, losing is a part of the process of boxing training and improving in your craft. Without getting disheartened, you must keep practising more each day, work hard regularly and stay focused. Ultimately, you will taste victory from all your hard training and techniques leading up to your fight.

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