Boxing Glove Deodorizer Spray

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2019)

As a boxing glove owner you probably struggle with having smelly gloves or gear, making it uncomfortable and sometimes awkward to train with your sparring partners. That’s because, as you train, the gloves accumulate sweat and become a breeding ground for odor causing bacteria and moisture that makes your gloves weaker over time. It’s the same whether you bought a cheaper boxing glove under $50 or a beginner boxing glove.

One way to avoid this is to clean them at regular intervals to keep them clean and smelling fresh, and we’ve got just the right products that you can use to do just that!

Boxing Glove Deodorizer Sprays


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These nunchuk shaped deodorizers are very effective at completely removing foul odors from gloves, and they do this by absorbing moisture while infusing them with aromatic scents like Lavender, Fresh Linen, Cologne or Cedar. These are stuffed on the inside of the deodorizer in the form of Cedar chips and aromatic blends.

This spray works just as well for boxing gloves as it does for goalie, hockey and ski gloves. Basically any type of glove (and even shoes) that is prone to foul odors as the result of excess moisture. It keeps the gloves dry and protects them from wear and tear caused by moisture build-up, which in turn makes them last longer. You can put these into your glove right after your workout, and just one set can last anything from 3 to 6 months, depending on how regularly you use it.

Clear Gear Spray

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Clear Gear is water based deodorize spray that comes in a compact 4oz as well as a bigger 8oz bottle. It instantly dries and disinfects the gloves and is really easy to use, requiring just a simple spray down. It works really well when it comes to removing odor causing bacteria from the gloves, and has a slight but fresh smelling scent that is not too overpowering.

Clear Gear is also effective in killing over 100 disease causing germs such as Staph, MRSA and Strep, while protecting athletes from ailments like influenza, ringworm, mildew, mold and even athlete’s foot. This makes it a must-have for anyone who trains on a regular basis, and is exposed to germs and bacteria on a daily basis as a result.

And the good news is that you can use this on your gloves as well as other gear such as wrestling mats and workout machines etc., but it doesn’t work as well on pure leather gloves though.

Glove Air

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The Glove Air Spray uses a specially developed formula to keep gloves dry and germ-free. It absorbs moisture from sweat while acting as an antiseptic to prevent the gloves from developing nasty fungus, mold and bacteria.

The spray is undeniably effective with maintaining gloves in mint condition, as it slows down the deterioration process, and it’s so good that it can even restore old gloves too. But what I really like about this spray is that you can easily use it to keep your shoes, gym bag and locker fresh and clean as well.

Pure One Outdoors

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The Pure One Outdoors spray was developed by doctors specifically for athletes who struggled with foul smelling gear. Its formula removes both odors and bacteria from the gloves, while forming a protective layer to prevent moisture and foul odors from occurring again. It works on any type of material and actually conserves the quality of your gloves by preventing the wear caused by moisture and bacteria.

I like that this spray works immediately and you don’t have to spray it everyday for it to be effective, only when you smell new odors coming through. And you can also use this to keep other items fresh like your gym bag, shoes, and even your dog’s bed. It works on pretty much anything.

Ways to Keep Your Gloves Fresh and Clean

  1. Air them out: It’s always a good idea to air your gloves out immediately after a training session. Simply leave them to air out in an open space like your patio or a sheltered balcony. This keeps the gloves dry, which prevents mold and bacteria from forming in the first place, and you can use a mesh bag to hang them out if you’re not comfortable just hanging them out on their own.
  2. Freeze Them: Place your gloves inside a plastic bag, close it up, and leave them in the freezer overnight. The idea with freezing your gloves is to kill as many bacteria as possible, which will then reduce the odor.
  3. The DIY Sock Remedies: Take a pair of clean socks and fill them with dry rice and chopped dryer sheet and place them inside your gloves for a few hours after your workout. This absorbs the moisture from the gloves, drying them out to remove the stink and the dryer sheets replaces the odor with a fresh smell.
  4. Another neat sock remedy involves stuffing the clean socks with cedar chips and then placing them into your gloves to suck out the bad odors and moisture. Just make sure that the stuffed socks are a good fit for your gloves.
  5. Never leave your gloves inside your gym bag: The warm and damp conditions inside your gym bag make it the ideal breeding ground for odor causing bacteria, especially in the warmer summer months. You might need to store the gloves in your gym bag while traveling home from the gym, but it’s important to air them out as soon as you get home to prevent them absorbing excess moisture.
  6. Use anti-bacterial spray: This is probably the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to keep gloves smelling and feeling clean. Just choose your favorite from the antibacterial sprays we mentioned above and spray on your gloves after each workout. Just be sure to choose a spray that doesn’t just mask the odors, but kills bacteria and still keeps your gloves in a well-ventilated area when you’re not using them. Especially if you’ve spent a fortune on your gloves, or perhaps you bought a special colored pink glove for example, you really need to maintain and keep them clean.

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