Boxing Combinations: 10 Most Powerful Ones You Must Know

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2019)

Being fast, strong, and aggressive doesn’t mean that you can take on any opponent and win.

There’s a lot more to boxing than what it seems. When you step into that ring, you need to be prepared physically as well as mentally. Rounds won’t just exhaust your body; they will exhaust your mind.

You constantly need to be focused, you need to counter, block, defend, strike, and you must know how to land fight-ending combinations. It is highly unlikely that you will end a boxing match with just one punch.

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While possible, it is hard to achieve that decisive punch without opening up your opponent with an appropriate combination.

Experienced fighters know that you are not a complete fighter if you don’t know how to properly “chain” different punches.

Today, we will talk about the importance of boxing combinations and everything you need to know to throw a suitable combination, so stay with us until the end of this article!

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Stages of Boxing Combinations

Let’s talk about the stages of every boxing combination. It doesn’t matter whether you are throwing a combination in the ring or the gym, every combination should contain these fundamental components to achieve the full potential and striking force.

Set your opening rhythm

Boxing is much like dancing. You need to be able to switch from fast rhythm to medium, slow and vice versa. Movement of your head, footwork, and your agility will set the pace for every attack you set in motion.

Circling your opponent, shifting your stance and weight from one leg to another… rocking your body, head movement, stepping forward and back, posing and holding your hands in guard position on your chin when you are standing in the ring right in front of your opponent will express your rhythm.

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You need to make sure that you don’t telegraph your strikes because your opponent will be able to block them or event counter. Move around your opponent, throw fakes, standing still before throwing a punch will result in a blocked strike or your opponent will unleash a counter and counters can easily finish a fight.

Start your combination with a jab

Before you go for a devastating boxing combination, you need to throw a jab. Keep in mind that you need to shift your stance and throw different jabs so that your opponent can’t predict what is coming next.

The simplest combination set up by a quick jab will open up your opponent. Combine your jabs and your movement. Don’t forget to move your head. Jab your opponent’s head, chest, arms, mix them all up. This way, your opponent won’t be able to read your next move, and that leads us to the combination.

Put your combination in motion

You should find boxing combinations that suit you the best. You need to have combos which you’ll be able to throw in your sleep.

Some of the simplest combinations work best even on experienced boxers. You just need to throw two jabs and then follow up with a straight right and a massive left hook. Even though this combination is not special in any way, it can do a great deal of damage to your opponent.

Move out of the way

Once you open up your opponent with a jab followed by a combination, you need to step back. The worst thing you can do is to finish your combination and then just to stand there. It will give your opponent enough time to fight back.

Instead, move back or to a side. Throwing a combination will consume your energy, and that is why you should step back to catch a breath. It won’t do you any good if you end up gassed, struggling to catch a breath.

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Basic Boxing Combinations


This is a basic boxing combination. Throw a jab and then just follow it with a right cross.


Similar to 1-2, start your combo by throwing two quick jabs and then finish it with a right cross.


This one is a little more complex. To pull 1-2-3, you need to throw a jab, follow it with a cross and finish it with a devastating left hook.


Similar to 1-2-3, this combination starts with a jab and then you follow up with three strong punches. It goes jab, cross, hook, and cross. So, it is right, left, tight, left.


This boxing combination is pretty much same as the one above, but instead of a hook before the cross, there is an uppercut. So, it goes jab, cross, left uppercut and finishes it off with a cross.


You need to be careful when throwing this combo because your head will be exposed for a counter. This combination is somewhat harder to mesmerize and perfect. Start off with a jab, followed by a right uppercut and left hook, and then finish it with a right hand.

Tips In Throwing Boxing Combinations

Don’t repeat the same punch and don’t attack the same area. Mix them up. Mix up the type of punches and the area it is targeting. If your opponents can’t predict where the next punch will go, they won’t be able to defend themselves.

Don’t swing like a madman. Throwing punches consumes energy. Strike only when you are almost 100% sure that your punch will connect. Swinging and missing will leave you gasping for air, and your opponent will take advantage of it.

Mix up your combination.

This is the same as mixing up your punches. Mix your combinations. Start with a simple 1-2, then go for 1-2-5-2, go back to 1-2 and then go for 1-2-3-2. Again, your opponent can’t defend from something he can’t entirely predict.

Move your head.

If you keep your head fixated in one place, sooner or later your opponent will punch you right in the face. Move your head around, right-left and up-down.

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Position yourself.

Stay in striking range, move your feet and then go for a combination. If your combinations are fluid and immaculate, your opponent will have a hard time dodging of blocking them.

Now you know everything you need to know about mastering boxing combinations in your boxing training. The next step is to go to your gym and train. Train all those combinations until you can unleash them without a mistake.

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  1. 1-2 Left Right (Jab Right Straight)
    1-1-2 Double Jab Straight
    1-2-3 Left Right Left (Left Right Quick Hook) (Jab Right Straight Quick Hook) (Jab Right Straight Left Hook)
    1-2-3-2 Tekken 6 British Edge Combo (Left Right Left Right Straight) (Left Right Quick Hook Right Straight) (Jab Right Straight Quick Hook Right Straight) (Jab Right Straight Left Hook Right Straight)
    1-2-5-2 Left Right Uppercut Cross Combo (Left Right Left Uppercut Right Straight) (Jab Right Straight Uppercut Cross Combo) (Jab Right Straight Left Uppercut Right Straight)
    1-6-3-2 Jab Beat Down Quick Hook Right Straight (Jab Overhand Right Quick Hook Right Straight)

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