Boxing Basics For Beginners: What You Need To Understand

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2019)

Boxing is such a challenging sport which not only helps you reach the peak height of your true potential, but also serves as a tonic to a great body with agility, power, speed and endurance. Apart from physical stamina, it also helps you gain mental strength.

It makes you agile and teaches you to observe many things and respond in a quick succession of time. As we are discussing about boxing, now is the time to discuss about some of the natural benefits of boxing.

Benefits of Boxing

There are many benefits of boxing which helps in our overall development and health. I have enlisted a few of the benefits below.

1. It helps to maintain our fitness

In boxing, you have to do a lot of workouts that involves intensive training like punching sandbags or doing regular practice. After every round, there is a few spare moments for relaxation.

These trainings help in reducing the effects of cardiovascular diseases like blood pressure and heart stroke and you remain fit for a longer time.

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2. It helps in reducing stress

Boxing helps in reducing stress of the body and mind. When you are doing a lot of exercises, it keeps your physical and mental state agile and eccentric.

Also, your body releases endorphins, otherwise known as happy hormones, which keeps you calm and confident.

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3. It helps you in maintaining our weight

Boxing helps burn calories. It helps you to burn cholesterol and fat of the body, thus maintaining a good health. Combined with a balanced diet, you weight will never go astray.

4. It improves the bone density

When you do heavy exercises that involves weightlifting as a part of training, your bones become strong. Unlike people in their mid or late 30s, who are prone to diseases such as osteoporosis, boxing helps in preventing bone loss.

Basic Boxing Moves

The real power of boxing depends on speed and agility. It depends on your footwork and your hand power and those punches which comes from nowhere.

The element of surprise, the relaxed state of your mind, the calmness with which you fight – all helps in boosting your game. When it comes to boxing, there are some basic moves which every boxer must be able to deliver perfectly.

1. Jab

Jab is the most common punch in boxing. Here, you throw a punch using your front hand, rotating your fist. As soon as you are done with it, you quickly retract your hand to protect your face. This requires a quick and fast movement.

2. Cross

You use your back hand to throw a punch on the rear shoulder. Your hips and upper body helps in rotating your body and accelerating your speed. Your legs are also critical and you should protect them.

3. Hook

Aimed at the sides of the body of the opponent, it is difficult to deliver. Your legs and hips need to be flexible for delivering this punch.

4. Uppercut

Uppercut is thrown at a closer range, where your hips and upper body should rotate and your elbow should point down. If thrown multiple times in quick succession, it takes off the balance of the opponent.

Basic Boxing Techniques

As a boxer, you must follow some basic techniques to be a winner and a hard player to fight.

1. Basic Boxing Stance

For beginners, this stance is to defend and attack easily. Pro boxers choose their stance as per their game plan.

Normally, front toe and back heel are placed on the center line. Legs are bent slightly. Gloves cover the head and elbows are down. Their eyes are over the gloves so that they can see the movement of the opponent.

2. Basic Boxing Footwork

Basically, step-drag and pivot techniques are used generally. In step-drag method, you will step forward with the lead foot and the rear foot is left for dragging purpose. In this way, you can be either ready to defend or attack.

In the pivot technique, you play defensive to avoid any attacks. You usually move your front foot and pivot. You is an useful technique if you want to defend yourself.

3. Basic Boxing Punches

Throwing punches is difficult but it is essential if you wish to give a tough challenge to your opponent. You should be very relaxed and release your fist fast enough. You also must come back to a defensive position after throwing the punch.

Your whole body should be moving, especially your hips and body plays an important part in rotation and maintaining a stable balance. You should exhale after throwing the punch. Some of the strong punches of the boxer are jab, cross, hook and upper cut.

Everything depends on the timing at which you throw the punch. It should take the opponent by surprise and should be able to throw him off balance. The body shots are very powerful and fatal at the same time.

Not only they aim at your body, they also target the vulnerable spot which reduces the stamina from the body. Slowly, you lose the strength and power. The left uppercut is a powerful punch and it surprises the opponent.

Mostly, a boxer uses various boxing combinations to defeat his opponent. A mixture of jab, right cross, left hook, right uppercut and so on. This helps with the surprise element and your opponent always keeps on guessing your next move.

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Now that we know about the basic techniques and benefits of boxing, we should release that we can also learn boxing as a self-defense technique. Not all can become a good boxer, but everyone can learn to defend themselves by boxing.

Additionally, it will also keep your body and mind safe and sound and there is no negative or side effects. So my advice to you is to learn boxing and learn it fast. It will improve all our lives for better.

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