Boon Velcro Gloves Review

(Last Updated On: September 17, 2020)

If you’re looking for a comfortable and effective set of boxing gloves, then the Boon gloves are one of the best options available on the market. They work wonderfully as boxing gloves, wrist support, and padding for sparring. These overall amazing quality boxing gloves will impress you as well as many others. If you decide to give them a try, you will not be disappointed. Keep reading this boon boxing gloves review to find out if it suits you.

Boon is a combat sports brand located in Thailand and is making a quick and tremendous growth amongst other competing brands. Boon is considered to be a rarity in the United States but they are still very well known for producing affordable and high quality sports gear that will remain durable through multiple uses and weather conditions. They produce many different types of sporting gear and Boon gloves, but one of their most popular products would be their Muay Thai Velcro gloves.

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Strong Protection, Full Padding

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Each and every Boon boxing glove is made by hand in the Boon plant in Thailand and made to order directly from there. The wait time can be pretty long if they are ordered online, but the wait time will definitely be worth it when you receive those comfortable, high quality gloves. In fact, the wait time seems to be one of the only low points of ordering these gloves.

The Boon company takes great pride in their handcrafted gloves and strives to offer amazing products and customer service. On the Boon website, they inform their customers that “all leathers are top-grain cowhide”. The gloves also include 3 layer foam for an extra level of protection for your knuckles and the back of your hand to deliver punches and block incoming kicks.

These Boon bag gloves are excellent for sparring in the 16 oz option. The smaller varieties are built for support and are a great option for hitting punching bags and other practice activities. Usually, these gloves have a more streamlined feel to them instead of a top heavy sensation that many other Thai brand gloves would give you.

The Boon bag glove will feel more like a part of your own arm rather than just an accessory for it. It is excellent for defensive motives like blocking and practicing punches and protection methods. Its lightweight sensation will make it an excellent form of padding and will give you a better sensation that regular boxing gloves would.

There are other brands like Hayabusa but these Boon gloves don’t feel as heavy on the top.

Great Comfort

The Boon velcro gloves is amazing for most any boxing purpose, including MMA, western boxing, and Muay Thai. The thumb piece is attached to the rest of the glove by one piece of leather, which gives you a better sense of coordination and makes boxing more of a breeze. These gloves are highly effective for practicing MMA and the leather design is made to stretch over your entire palm for comfort.

The materials that this boxing glove is made out of helps it remain cool even after extended hours of practice and training. The inside of the glove is also lined with soft material that helps to keep it cool. It is to my own belief that the Boon company wanted to make their gloves in a way that they could withstand the training conditions in Thailand.

Sometimes the boxing gloves have to be broken in order to eventually fit properly. Once it does, it will form and fit nicely onto your hand. A better fit will make for an exceptionally more comfortable glove.

One of the best qualities of this boxing glove, however, is its wrist protection. The boxing glove is able to hold your fist and forearms into place with a large and sturdy velcro strap. This will also help reassure you that the glove stays in place through even the most rigorous training session.

Top Quality and Tough Durability

Boon boxing glove has been improving in quality as a company over a good amount of time and has earned the satisfaction of many of their consumers. The great quality padding and stitching of these gloves have received a decent amount of praise for how well they hold up and for not showing any obvious signs of uneven stitching or fraying. No matter how much these gloves are used, they will remain durable and still maintain an appealing appearance. 

The one thing I would recommend is to buy a boxing glove for one purpose: either for sparring or bagwork but not both simultaneously. Buy a separate pair for the other purpose but keep a glove for your primary purpose. Using the same glove for both will likely wear your gloves down a little faster. While that is not always an issue, it is still a good thing to remain on the safe side so your gloves will remain durable for as long as they can.

Minimalist Design

The minimalistic design of these gloves are one of the appealing points of the whole design aspect. The logo does not peel off of the gloves and the colors do not bleed at all, which is another part of what makes this design choice pretty effective. The most popular color and design amongst Boon’s consumers is the chocolaty classic brown.

The Thai logo and patch on the velcro straps, as well as the new logo on the gloves themselves, contributes to the old school look of the overall design. The colors that are available for these gloves are pink, blue, white, solid black, red and brown. There is also an option for brown with white on the palm. Some people do not like how plain the white color is but others find it quite appealing. 

Reasonable Price

Once you put the shipping price from Thailand apart from the rest of the cost, the gloves are a pretty great deal. A pair of Boon gloves cost around $55-$60 dollars, which is an amazing price for a decent pair of gloves. 

Buying them online and having them shipped from Thailand, however, would raise the price of these gloves to $85-$90, which is still a good deal for these gloves but still makes a steeper cut into your budget. Amazon sells them for a higher price, but has a better shipping price set for them in comparison to other Thai websites.

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