Bobby Bully: My Review and Experience

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2019)

No matter your discipline, be it Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing or Muay Thai, developing your striking power is extremely important. While hitting the heavy bag in the gym builds up your power, a Body Opponent Bag or BOB enables you to practice your strikes on a realistic target. This trains you to strike with greater precision and effectiveness. From the ring to the gym, you’ll be able to hone your striking power with the Bobby Bully.

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Bobby Bully

bob punch dummy


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Don’t let your kids get bullied, teach them how to defend themselves with the Bobby Bully. Introduce your kids to the world of martial arts with the Bobby Bully. It’s an anatomically correct, mannequin punching bag.

Specially designed to be light enough for kids but still able to take a beating, the Bobby Bully can be adjusted accordingly to suit younger fighters. To get a feel of the Bobby Bully, we’ve broken down this section into several different sections for easier reading. We start with:

1. Size

Before we start off, it should be noted that the Bobby Bully is built for younger fighters. Just like its bigger brothers, the Bobby Bully is anatomically correct and is designed to help younger martial artists hone their striking abilities. The height of the Bobby Bully can be adjusted to match a fighter’s height and is great if you’re buying it for your kids as it allows the Bobby Bully to grow with your kid.

2. Weight

Okay, for all you Mike Tyson’s out there, the Bobby Bully will no doubt be easily knocked over. However, for younger fighters the lightweight nature of the bag makes it a great choice for starters.

Light enough to go easy on the hands but heavy enough to be realistic, Bobby Bully offers a good mix between weight and realism.

3. Assembly

This bag is a simple 2-piece design which allows even the most DIY-inept martial artists to put it together. All you will have to do is attach the mannequin to the base of the punching bag and you can start punching.


How Effective is It?

Whether you’re starting a gym or buying the Bobby Bully for your kids, you’d want to know how effective it is. Here, we take a look at some of the benefits of the Bobby Bully.

1. Anatomically correct

One advantage Body Opponent Bags have over the average punching bags is the fact that BOBs are anatomically correct from the waist up. The Bobby Bully is no exception with an extremely punchable face and a torso to match.

It allows junior fighters to hone their strikes with precision which allows for more effective strikes in tournaments and on the street. This allows your kids to improve their striking abilities on a realistic target without having to hurt themselves or anyone else.

All of this makes the Bobby Bully an excellent sparring partner for kids and even teens. Let your kids work off their excess energy or hone their abilities with this realistic BOB.

2. Durable

True to their namesake, punching bags take a remarkable amount of punishment throughout their years of service. From hard jabs to sledgehammer elbows and knees, any punching bag worth its salt should be able to withstand monstrous amounts of punishment.

Cheaper, weaker bags often tear or fall apart after just a short amount of use. Let’s face it, nothing could be worse than landing a crushing blow on your punching bag only to have it split and spill filling. While it may make you look like a tough guy, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Bobby Bully is specially designed to withstand continuous punishment from younger fighters. From jabs to crosses and kicks, the Bobby Bully is constructed to be extra durable to ensure years of service.

A word of warning though: the Bobby Bully is built to withstand punches from kids and teens alike. It  should not be considered as a suitable replacement for the larger sized BOBs.

3. Easy on the hands

One benefit of the Bobby Bully comes from the fact that the bag is specially designed to be easy on the hands. Soft enough to be used without gloves but still hard enough to be realistic, the Bobby Bully is gentle on the hands of younger martial artists. This prevents injuries such as torn knuckles or boxer’s fracture.

Many fighters complain that gloves are hot, cumbersome, and makes training unrealistic. The foam used in the Bobby Bully makes it especially suitable for use without gloves. However, you should also note that if you’re an inexperienced fighter, you should always learn the proper technique before unleashing your fists of fury.

Failure to do so could potentially result in damage and injuries sustained on your skin, knuckles and wrist.

4. Stability

When purchasing a BOB, you always take note of how stable the actual bag is. After all, imagine the frustration of having to constantly right your BOB after a few hits have been struck.

This is why the Bobby Bully comes with a fillable base that provides it with stability. The base can be filled with either water or sand to lend its stability. Once the base has been filled, the entire bag weighs a total of 170 pounds. While it may not stand up to an adult, the Bobby Bully will have more than enough mass to spar with younger martial artists.

Along with this, if you wondered how you were going to shift 170 pounds of deadweight, you have nothing to fear. This is because the Bobby Bully’s base is specially rounded which enables you to move the Bobby Bully easily without breaking your back.

Where Can I Buy It?

Interested in purchasing the Bobby Bully? Head on over to Amazon.com. You’ll be able to get awesome prices on the Bobby Bully from a variety of buyers.

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Final Verdict

With its adjustable height and easy-on-the-hands construction, the Bobby Bully is a solid start for younger martial artists. If you’re looking for an affordable and effective BOB, the Bobby Bully may be just the one for you.

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