BJJ White Belt Tips

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2019)

BJJ is a popular type of martial art/combat sports that involves grappling and ground fighting. The art entails one opponent controlling another using a technique that forces the other opponent to submit. BB white belt can be attained with proper training and the right use of the techniques.

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Here are some tips that will guide you through your BJJ white belt journey.

BJJ white belt tips

Be consistent in your training

Training is important in BJJ, and not just training, but ensuring a consistent routine. While you might be busy with other tasks, it is essential that you create a training routine that you will follow to the latter.

Set up sometime during the week when you attend the training sessions without fail. A proper attendance of your BJJ classes will ensure that you are always on the same level as other students. It will also enable you to learn any new positions or techniques that might be taught by your instructor.

I always recommend that students should attend their BJJ classes on time. This makes it easier to understand and work on new moves. Regular training shows a massive improvement after several sessions. With a good instructor, healthy eating habits and enough rest, your body will adjust to the techniques.

Keep practicing the techniques taught by your instructor so as to meet your highest potential.

Be ready to learn

Learning BJJ white belt is neither simple nor hard. As a beginner, learn from the basic techniques and as you master them move into the tougher ones. Learn how to use the triangle choke from both standpoints. This is with both arms in or out.

Learn how to use both the offensive and defense techniques, underhooks and overhooks on a daily basis. Fundamentals such as mount escapes need to be learned slowly as you grasp the technique until you perfect it.

Focus on your learning process working on body movements and hand techniques. Learn your positions and how to open and keep the base in the closed guard.

Mistakes shouldn’t stop you from practicing

BJJ white belt techniques are not easy to master and you will fail before you finally learn. However, mistakes should not discourage you but instead give you the motivation to get better.

Learn from the mistakes and try to avoid them. If it gets difficult, keep on trying until you finally get it right. The ability to improve and become a master in BJJ all depends on how determined you are. Bit by bit you should be able to attain your long-term goals.

Practice sparring more

Sparring, also known as rolling enables you to know your strong areas and weak areas to get ready for training. During training, you can practice better with your instructor and easily understand how to move and achieve your goals.

Relax when rolling

Most people are nervous during their first time rolling, but this gives you a chance to showcase the techniques that you have learned. Use this opportunity to display your expertise in using various techniques and positions. This not only improves your level of confidence, but it also encourages your instructor.

Rolling also teaches you new ways of improving in the BJJ white belt. Knowing that a student has mastered what they have learned is every instructor’s pride. Relax as you roll so as to capture what’s happening around you and be open to learning.

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Concentration is key when you are learning techniques and moves from your instructor. Focus on the fundamentals and learn every move with enthusiasm. Be eager to capture every position and move shown by the instructor.

Tap when you have to

Submission in BJJ white belt does not mean that you are a loser. You can tap and submit to your opponent as you use this chance to learn more moves. Submission is fine, especially when your opponent provides you with no escape, simply Tap.

However, if you feel that you are in a position to escape your opponent, find a better way to escape. Learn when to tap so as not to miss on winning opportunities from tapping when in the wrong position.

Feel free to ask questions during training

Educative and beneficial learning involves teaching and understanding what is being taught. Sometimes you might not understand the technique showed by your instructor. You should feel free to ask questions in the event that you do not understand a move or technique during class.

Asking questions allows your instructor to explain in details and even demonstrate the technique for you to grasp. Ask questions about anything that you do not understand. Being with an instructor offers you a chance to expand your knowledge.

Start competing

Competition is not only healthy, but it enables you to experience first-hand how it feels to fight on a leveled ground. It also helps you to work on your weaknesses and get better in BJJ. Every fight has a winner and a loser. Do not be afraid to compete for fear of losing the competition.

Competitions are meant to experience, learn and have fun with other people with a similar interest as you. Injuries are normal and a little injury should not keep you from testing what you have learned. The more you compete, the more you learn. You can use the competitions to polish your techniques. Frequent exposure to the mat, rolling and the zeal to be better will bring you great improvement in the world of BJJ.


Every BJJ match is different starting from the White Belt, Blue Belt to Purple Belt. Different techniques are applied, but one technique from one belt can still work in another belt. Try out different techniques and find the right one that works best for you.

Having received the above tips, put them into practice and see how it goes a few weeks later. If you haven’t joined a BJJ academy, locate the right academy and enroll. Find an academy with reputable instructors and be open to learning and experiencing what the martial arts world has to offer.

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