Best Water Punching Bags 2020

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2020)

When you see boxers train by hitting punching bags while they’re warming up, it looks like it’d be a fun and energetic exercise routine. You may not realize this. But it’s actually a lot tougher on your hands, feet, joints and other sections of your body.

These heavy bags cause a lot more strain than most people would expect. So be sure to find one that’s worth the soreness and may help prevent extra strain on your body.

Best Water Punching Bags Reviewed

Aqua Training Bag 15 inch, 75lbs

If you’re searching for an aqua training bag bag that is a little smaller than you’re an average bag, but not too small, this is a great one to check out. It can be hung wherever needed including somewhere right outside your house, at the gym, or in your personal workout compact gym at home.

Not interested in buying a boring, plain black heavy bag? Then you’re in luck. This bag comes in various colors and styles to fit whatever mood you’re feeling when training. You can pick from colors like orange, blue or red to match the design of whatever room you’re exercising in.

When you first receive the bag from the mail or in the store, it will not have anything inside of it quite yet. You will be responsible for filling the empty bag with water through the nozzle using your garden hose, kitchen sink nozzle, etc.

Since this aqua training bag is filled with water, it’s easy to assume that it can easily burst open or leak as a result of getting hit repeatedly. The creators of this bag are way ahead of the game though. They designed it so that this exact situation can’t happen. The weight inside of the bag was created to be distributed evenly in the bag so it won’t tear or rip open.

Everlast HydroStrike Water Bag 100lbs

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I have always wanted to purchase a punching bag of my own, but have never lived in a space large enough to hold a regular sized one. I was always hesitant to buy a smaller punching bag because I assumed it wouldn’t be large enough to handle all the punches and kicks a large, classic punching back can normally handle.

The HydroStrike bags though are made to handle almost everything a regular sand-filled punching bag can handle. You can throw any punch needed from any angle, even uppercut punches.

Throwing these mighty uppercut punches on a larger sand-filled bag would normally cause pressure and strain on your hands. With the HydroStrike bag’s technology, your punches are absorbed. Making it less difficult for the smaller joints of your wrists and hands to feel too much stress and pain.

The durability of these bags is impressive as they last for a long length of time. Even if your bag can’t seem to handle the strength of your superhuman punches, this bag does come with a warranty lasting up to two years.

Aqua Training Bag 18-inch and 21-inch 

I have a lot of friends who like to use heavy bags to train in many different ways. Some like to focus on the power and strength of their punches on a bag, and others like to work on where they punch, so accuracy is important to them. Some bags only allow you to practice your expertise on either strength or precision. This bag, on the other hand, helps you work on both techniques.

The Aqua Training back can help you throw whatever punches you desire to help you improve as a boxer. It helps provide an effective workout. Luckily, this bag comes in two different sizes. If you want a larger bag to handle bigger, stronger punches, then the 21-inch bag is a great option for you.

If you decide you don’t want to go that hardcore on your fighting, there is a smaller 18-inch option that could be perfect for you as well that is still strong enough to handle the tough punches.

Ringside HydroBlast Water Heavy Bag

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There is a concern among trainers that is understandably common when it comes to purchasing a heavy bag: the price. Bags that are filled with sand cost extra mainly because they normally arrive at your door unfilled. So you have to go purchase sand as an extra expense. Or they do come with sand inside of them but are so heavy that the cost it takes to ship them is an unnecessarily large added expense.

If you purchase water-filled bags, you no longer have to worry about this incredibly high additional price. They come in the mail unfilled. So all you have to do when it arrives is fill it up with your own water. This makes your overall experience cheaper.  You won’t have to pay any additional costs like with a sand-filled bag.

They also come in smaller sizes than sand-filled training bags so you won’t have to worry about getting charged extra for the size and heaviness of the bag. You can purchase this bag in several different weights, starting from 24 pounds to 153 pounds (after being filled with water), depending on your heavy bag preferences.

Final Verdict

When using a punching bag, you want to give it your all as you punch and kick with all your might. When you do this with sand-filled bags, that can cause a lot of pain to your joints in your hands, feet and other parts of your body.

A water filled training bag is exactly what you need. It allows you to punch as hard as you want without causing damage to your body. With this bag, you can make your punches as powerful as you want. You won’t suffer the negative effects you would normally experience from a heavy sand-filled bag.

Be sure to carefully determine what kind of water-filled bag you’re looking for before you decide to purchase. Once you’ve bought your new aqua training bag, feel free to punch your heart out. You don’t have to worry about the consequences you’d normally receive from a punching bag filled with sand.

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