Best Thai Pads: Top 7 Reviews in 2020

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2020)

When you practice Muay Thai, you need to be able to put forth your full effort even when training. Just because you’re not fighting a real enemy doesn’t mean that you can slack. The strongest and best Thai pads are perfect for fighters practicing kicks against targets. They also provide proper protection to the holder.


Best Thai Pads To Buy

Everlast Thai Pads

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Everlast Thai pads are made of durable leather to help the pad last as long as possible. The dense foam inside is multi-layered, so it’ll really take a good hit when with the heaviest kicks and punches.

Why It’s So Popular

  • The pad is small, and can be held and maneuvered easily
  • The handle is solid and easy to hold onto
  • It holds up very well over time


  • They aren’t extremely large for larger kickers
  • If you kick without a guard, you can really get a sting
  • The pad begins to bend easily over time


Fairtex Curved Thai Pads

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The curved design of this Thai pad is much easier to use ordinarily, and better accepts those heavy kicks. The leather construction is perfect for a long-lasting choice when it comes to your training needs.

Why It’s So Popular

  • The padding is thicker, so your arms won’t be damaged
  • These are much lighter, and are perfect for beginners
  • The padding around the circled target makes it easier on the shins


  • The pads are a little stiff, and may require time to break in
  • It’s a little bit heavy for its size
  • The Velcro is might break down after a while


Contender Fight Sports

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With two hooks and loop straps, you can be sure that this Thai pad stays on securely. The handle will ensure the same stability while the vinyl helps you hold it properly as you receive kicks.

Why It’s So Popular

  • Beginners benefit from the thick, large design
  • People are pleased at the reasonable price
  • The pad is very solid after continued usage, so the stitching and leather stay strong over time


  • It’s hard to put these on by yourself
  • There’s a strong smell that comes from within the pad once you use it
  • The pad itself is a little bit on the heavy side


RDX Thai Pads

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RDX makes Thai pads with heavy, strong construction, including three layers of foam for great shock absorption. The triple stitches keep the pad together while the reinforced strap helps it stay secure on your arm.

Why It’s So Popular

  • There’s a comfortable curve that cushions in the middle
  • There are no sharp edges and shouldn’t hurt the kicker
  • The price point is perfect for lots of buyers


  • The stitching started tearing on the lower arm straps after only a few uses
  • It doesn’t work as well to absorb kicks as well as punches


RDX Strike Shield

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The Strike Shield Thai pads are an oval shape to help absorb shock easier. These light pads are easy to hold, and the three layers inside are sure to keep the forearms safe.

Why It’s So Popular

  • The curve is great for holding and absorbing shocks
  • The oval design makes the transition easier
  • These are perfect especially for women


  • The firm surface is a little better for punches rather than kicks
  • The arm bands aren’t riveted like other brands

What To Consider

There are so many types of Thai pads out there for all different prices. No matter what kind you buy though, there are certain factors you should keep in mind.


The whole point of these pads is to provide you with a proper training avenue. Thinner pads may be lighter to hold, but you’ll feel the kicks reverberate every time they land. Heavy kickers will leave you with bruised arms in that case, so you need to get a pad thick enough to absorb the shock.


Usually there are 4 sizes of Thai pads available from small to extra large. Smaller sizes are great for women and smaller guys, while people of average height should go for the medium. The size impacts how you hold the pad for your partner, so it’s important you get the right one.


All pads may look similar, but there are usually some slight variations in both height and thickness. Longer pads can be difficult to hold for punches, and smaller ones have a hard time distributing the shock. The shape usually depends on how you’re used to holding it. You can even try hybrid pads for punches, although they’re usually not thick enough to handle kicks.

Curved or Straight

The curvature is important too. Pads without curve take longer to break in, whereas those with a curve make kicking immediately easy on both the kicker and holder. You may find those without curves are less expensive however.

Quality or Price

The best kinds of Thai pads are those made in Thailand. They usually produce the best kinds of products that will last you for a long time. You might be tempted to buy something cheaper, but your forearms will end up suffering for it. In the end, the price is usually worth it for a better product.

When To Replace?

Muay Thai pads are meant to last, but even the best product will need to be replaced after a while. With lots of training, you’ll eventually notice the padding becoming more concave as it’s pushed out. When you start feeling the kicks on your forearm directly, you need to get looking, especially if you notice a difference when trying another set. The stitching along the side can also come loose. When the material inside starts leaking out, that’s a surefire indication that it’s time to find that replacement.

Quick Cleaning Tips

The best way to make any one of these pads last longer is to clean them up. Dry them properly after every use so the leather doesn’t stay wet. If you continuously throw your pads in your bag without drying, the leather can crack and start tearing. For cleaning, rub them with a natural cleaning spray to get rid of bacteria for your next kicker. Wiping once a week should be fine ordinarily, or between uses for different people. This will prevent any skin infections from spreading.


Picking out Thai pads for your Muay Thai training may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be too difficult. The best pad for you will be the right size and shape to take all the kicks that can be thrown at it. Those heavy kickers might give you a good shock, but you at least don’t need to worry about bruised forearms anymore.

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