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(Last Updated On: April 1, 2020)

Boxing is certainly one of the most highly regarded forms of martial arts in practice today. Even those with next to no interest in sports will be able to recognize and identify the various equipment used in modern day boxing, most notably boxing gloves and punch bags, both heavy bags and speed bags.

Heavy bags are available to purchase in a huge array of different styles as well as many different filling types. However, speed bags are more limited because of their function. As the name suggests, boxers use speed bag to help build up their punching speed, whereas they use heavy bags to build up their power and strength.

Due to the speed used when punching on speed bags, excellent hand eye coordination is required in order to time the punches correctly. 

10 Best Speed Bags 

1. Title Boxing Gyro

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While designed specifically for boxers, Title Boxing equipment is used by people in a wide range of different martial arts. Their products are well renowned and the Gyro speed bag is a perfect example of why this is.  

Gyro-Balanced: As a descriptor for speed bags, Title Boxing has actually trademarked the term Gyro. Gyro-balanced in essence means that there is a physical gyroscope inside of the speed bag.

The gyroscope keeps the bag swinging in a predictable manner to help the user achieve a quick sustainable rhythm with their strikes.  

Wide Range of Sizes: While many speed bags are limited to just one size and suiting only one type of user, Title Boxing produce speed bags in a variety of sizes, catering for everyone from professional to absolute beginner. 

Cost and Value: This speedbag is actually one of the cheapest on this list, surprising for a company known for producing such quality products. 


  • Suitable for daily use 
  • Excellent company 
  • Range of sizes 
  • Gyroscope inside 


  • Slightly lopsided 

 2. Pro Impact Genuine Leather

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Pro Impact is a company that solely has boxing on the mind and produces everything from jump ropes to boxing gloves, all at very reasonable prices.

Durability is key with these bags thanks to their genuine leather construction.  

Made of Genuine Leather: Unfortunately, the use of leather has mostly been replaced by a variety of synthetic fabrics in modern speed bags. Pro Impact has kept the tradition in their range of leather bags meaning they tend to be more durable than other speed bags on the market. 

Reinforced StitchingSplitting at the seams after long periods of use is a common flaw among many speed bags. Pro Impact’s solution to this problem is seen here in the form of reinforced stitching meaning they take a lot more punches before becoming damaged.  

Cost and Value: While the reputation of the company is certainly enough to justify a hefty price tag, this speed bag is surprisingly affordable. You would be hard pressed to find a comparable quality leather speed bag for a lower price than this one. 


  • Useful for a variety of martial arts 
  • High Quality 
  • Genuine Leather 
  • Reinforced Seams 


  • One size only available which is slightly small 


3. Cleto Reyes Platform

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Despite a very affordable price tag, the majority of this company’s products are still handmade, really making this company stand apart from the others on this list.  

Handmade: Whether or not your product is handmade is definitely not the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when buying a speed bag. Cleto Reyes absolutely challenges this observation, taking boxing back to early tradition. 

Genuine Leather: As well as being handmade, Cleto Reyes also uses genuine leather to craft their speed bags giving great durability and quality. 

Cost and Value: While at the higher end of the price scale, the quality more than justifies the price, especially when you consider the fact that it is handmade by a highly respected company in the world of boxing. 


  • Handmade 
  • Genuine Leather 
  • High quality brand 
  • Includes extra bladder 


  • Higher Price Tag 


4. Title Boxing Super

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Title boxing is the only company appearing more than once on this list, a testament to their quality. The super speed bags come in a number of sizes as well as colors. 

Triple Stitched Seams: The triple stitching used in the seams really highlight the company’s focus on a high quality, long lasting speed bag. 

Reinforced Top Loop: Aside from the seams, the other time likely to cut the life of a speed bag short is the top loop tearing. Title avoid the issue here by reinforcing the top loop in this product. 

Cost and ValueThe reinforcement seen in the bag is definitely more than should be expected for the low price. 


  • Triple stitched seams 
  • Reinforced top loop 
  • Great price point 


  • Inconsistent rhythm due to large stitches 


5.Tomasar Free Standing 


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Tomasar produces a wide range of products for the home, not limited to martial arts equipment. This free-standing bag is easy to assemble and perfect for a home gym set up

No mounts needed 

This is ideal for those with rented homes who don’t want to risk damaging the walls or ceiling of their home. 

Adjustable height 

The adjustable height means this bag can be adjusted to receive strikes from multiple parts of the body and is not limited to just the hands. 

Cost and Value 

While towards the higher end of the scale, the versatility of this bag more than justifies the price. 


  • Mount not necessary 
  • Portable 
  • Adjustable 
  • Versatile 


  • Risk of toppling over 


6. Ringside Heritage

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Whether you’re a novice boxer, or a seasoned enthusiast, chances are you’ve heard of the brand Ringside.

They have a huge variety of products meant to fit any style and skill level of martial artist, whether you need training equipment, boots, or any other gear.

They’re known for delivering quality products that last, without straining your budget. While many of their stock uses mixed materials, the Heritage line is distinctly more vintage.

From the ‘old school’ design, to the all leather construction, this Ringside speed bag brings vintage and modern together. 


7. Balazs Lazer Speed Bag

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They may be a smaller company, but make no mistake, Balazs manufactures unique, high quality boxing gear.

You’ll find products you simply can’t elsewhere: like specially designed and sized platform mounts, as well as flush floor mounts.

The speed bag here, the Lazer, has ample size variations, with quirky names like “Peanut” or “Sonic.”


8. RDX Double End

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You’ve probably seen RDX come up in our recommendations before, and that’s no mistake. RDX is a company that provides reasonably priced equipment that showcases their dedication to producing high quality boxing gear, with everything you could hope to find, from apparel to hand wraps.

This Double End speed bag includes everything from the mounting hardware to high quality faux leather construction.

9. Title Classic

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The Title Classic speed bag is meant to last; it features strong welted seams and leather construction. Of course, the Title is well known for producing high quality boxing products, and has earned their place in the most recognized boxing brands out there.

The interior construction adds to the durability, with a rubber bladder inside to give your hits that extra ‘bounce’ you need to keep it coming fast.

Don’t worry about the hanging loop taking a hit either, it’s reinforced to ensure it stands the test of time, just like the rest of your gear.   

10. Kuyou Double End

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As you’ve noticed, the other brands on here work almost exclusively with boxing and martial arts equipment. Kuyou is a notable exception.

This ‘renaissance’ company does work in a variety of product fields, but that shouldn’t count against them, considering the quality of the products they put out. In fact, it seems to be an advantage for this company, since they’re able to offer products at a much lower price point than competitors. 

Speed bag training isn’t just for boxers; in fact, there are tons of benefits for people that incorporate speed bag training into their workouts. Since you’re hands are raised above chest level, it intensifies any cardio session, because your heart is working harder to keep blood flowing.

The reasons to include speed bag training range far and wide: for those with two left feet, it improves rhythm. For people that have joint issues or need a lower impact workout that still includes cardio, it’s ideal. 


Criteria for Evaluating the Best Speed Bags

boxer ready for speed bag

Mounting Style


A freestanding mount includes a pole underneath the speed bag, which resembles something like a lollipop. Essentially, it’s the reverse answer to the platform mount. While they are lower than a platform mount, you can typically expect the same range of motion.

The height is sometimes an advantage in various forms of martial arts, since the speed bag can be used for training with kicks and other exercises. 


If you’ve only ever seen one type of speed bag mount, chances are it was a platform mount. These are by far the most common option. The speed bag hangs below, mounted on a circular platform or ring, which allows the nag to hang near eye level.

These mounts allow for a slightly greater range of motion, since the platform is designed to swivel and rotate. This allows for greater practice with coordination, since the bag’s movements are more dynamic.

See my water heavy bags guide


These are a more unusual mount, so it’s likely you’ve never come across one before. These mounts, as you may assume, attach to the doorframe, often in a couple of ways (which prevents the bag from slipping or falling when in use).

The most common mounting method attaches at both the top of the door frame, and the sides. While these mounts should include measures to prevent damage to the door frame, it’s better to be cautious and avoid the damage.

Dual Point

These mounts are secured at both ends by a cable, which typically secure to hooks or bolts (which are themselves drilled or otherwise secured), to the ceiling and floor. Sometimes these mounts use frames rather than physically attaching to the building.

These are the best for working on coordination and rhythm, and allow the speed bag a greater range to challenge users. The tight cable keeps the speed bag in place, and returning exactly center. 

punching a bag 

Construction Material

Faux Leather

Leather is an expensive material to work with, and as a result, faux leather has become more popular. While typical faux leather wouldn’t make for a durable speed bag, the ones featured here are designed to stand the test of time.

You will want to practice regular maintenance to keep the faux leather in good shape, but it’s still not as much work as leather.

Keep it out of direct sunlight, wipe it down after every use (or when it comes in contact with moisture), and don’t expose it to harsh conditions.


Leather has long been the classic material for speed bags, but it does require a lot of care, and it’s more expensive to use.

For those reasons, many companies have turned to faux leather, although there are companies that stick with leather. Leather is a material that can last ages if given proper care, kept in proper conditions, and used appropriately.



Welting can be used as either ornamentation, or to help seal stitches and seams, which prevents deflating due to air leaks.

They looks like leather rolls along adjoined panels of leather, although some people find it uncomfortable when they hit the welting. 

Reinforced Stitching

Panels are stitched together to shape and seal speed bags; and the stitching is important to look at. Poor stitching will result in air leaks, and eventually a deflated bag.

This isn’t an issue with speed bags that are well constructed; the best speed bags have reinforced stitching along seams and vulnerable areas so that a single broken stitch won’t mean a broken speed bag. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can I start speed bag training?

A: Naturally there are many different methods. The most important thing is to start slowly and gradually work up to a faster, more consistent pace.

There are plenty of video tutorials online that use can use for training if you don’t have a boxing instructor. 


Q: Are speed bags OK for new boxers?

A: Yes, in fact speed bag training should be one of the first building blocks of martial arts training. 


Q: How high should I mount my speed bag?

A: It depends on your mount; freestanding mounts should be adjusted so the majority of the speed bag is around chest level, while secured mounts should have the bottom of the speed bag at approximately eyebrow level. 


Q: What size is right for me?

A: Experienced users often get small, or extra small, speed bags to increase the intensity of the workout, while new trainers benefit from bags that around 8 inches, which are considered medium sized. 


Q: Why is rhythm important?

A: Martial arts training doesn’t often explain the importance of rhythm, although it is critical to making more cohesive, rapid movements.

This reduces hesitation when training, but also adds to important life skills outside of martial arts, whether that’s making you a better dance partner, or simply being more mindful of how your body balances and works as a unit. 


Q: Will this make my punches more powerful?

A: This is as yes and no; while it won’t make you hit harder (that’s something to go to power training for), it will improve your rhythm, coordination, and strike speed, which are critical for success in any kind of martial arts. 


Q: How is the inside constructed?

A: To keep it lightweight and effective for training, the inside contains an airtight bladder, usually made of rubber or latex, and then it’s just air. 


Q: Should I wear gloves for speed bag training?

A: You don’t have to wear gloves; in fact, some boxers simply use their bare hands or use a hand wrap. To prevent stress on the knuckles and skin close to impact points, some boxers wear special gloves designed for speed bag training. It is important to note however, that wearing regular boxing gloves is far from ideal, or effective. 


Q: How do I maintain a leather speed bag?

A: Naturally some maintenance is going to vary depending on how you store the speed bag, and how you train with it.

If you’re using a conditioner, check to ensure it’s an appropriate product, and wipe your speed bag down if it gets sweat or any other moisture on it. It’ll need to be conditioned monthly, and cleaned about every 2 weeks. 


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