7 Best Rash Guards For BJJ Enthusiasts: My Review

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2018)

Your skin should be the last thing on your mind when you’re training in BJJ. You want to focus on your moves rather than any sort of pain from a rash. The best rash guards out there for BJJ are meant to provide so much more protection than just a simple tee shirt while keeping you comfortable too. If you’ve been searching all over the web or even on social media like reddit for your answer, keep reading and you’ll see what I recommend in this post.

Best Rash Guards for BJJ

Picking out the best rash guard really depends on what you’re looking for when it comes to your BJJ training. All of the best ones are meant to last while providing you comfort, but not everyone gets the most out of each one out there.

SUB Sports Dual


Check price and more details here

You can use this BJJ rash guard in any season to wick away moisture with ease. The fabric stretched four ways, including anti-chafe seams and UV protection for training in the sun.

Why It’s So Popular:
– The product is high quality and looks great
– The fabric stretches, but is not uncomfortable and is still form fitting
– It’s soft, with a good amount of compression

Keep In Mind:
– People are wary of it being made in the UK
– US buyers may have trouble with the sizing
– It does not retain body heat very well

Legend Rash Guard BJJ

Check price and more details here

Legend makes their BJJ rash guard right in the USA with a lifetime warranty in case of any problems. The soft material will be perfect for a variety of sports including bjj thanks to stitching that’ll last even longer.

Why It’s So Popular:
– It’s not tight around the neck
– There are no odd designs like some other brands
– They are snug, fit, and soft

Keep In Mind:
– People wish that there were more colors to choose from
– The stitching starts to fray easily

Meister Rush Rash Guard for MMA/BJJ

Check price and more details here

This sleek and comfortable guard claims to be unlike any other guard out there. It certainly provides a high amount of mobility while fitting cleanly to your body and staying in place.

Why It’s So Popular:
– It’s thicker for better compression
– The rubber waistband holds it together better so that it doesn’t come loose
– The material is perfect and still feels masculine

Keep In Mind:
– The colors are a little misleading
– The sleeves might be a bit too long for some buyers
– Some wish for larger sizes


Series 1 Rash Guard

Check price and more details here

The longer length of the torso in Series 1 makes sure than any person can wear these comfortably especially for bjj. Flat lock stitching keeps irritation at bay, giving you a comfortable fit thanks to the four way stretchy material.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Fits well for great compression
– It’s extraordinarily comfortable, and fits like a glove
– The design works well, and isn’t too gaudy

Keep In Mind:
– If you have thicker arms, there may be too much compression
– The stretch may not be comfortable for all body types
– The fit at the armpits and wrists were a little odd


Raven Fight Wear

Check price and more details here

Raven definitely provides you with a new design that won’t peel or fade. Your body should stay cool and dry underneath as you train with this breathable fabric that keeps you moving easily.

Why It’s So Popular:
– It’s well made and comfortable
– Includes an elastic band at the bottom to prevent it from rolling up
– Fits very well regardless of body type

Keep In Mind:
– The coloring is a little off
– Some may have problems with it fitting in the waist
– Finding the right size for women is difficult

Hayabusa Metaru Rash Guard

Check price and more details here

The compression fabric of Hayabusa is meant to provide lots of comfort and flexibility at the same time. Rashes, cuts, scrapes, and sweat won’t be a problem anymore in bjj.

Why It’s So Popular:
– It fits well, is comfortable, and is high quality
– People love how durable this guard is over time
– They are thicker and heavier than other guards, but aren’t any warmer

Keep In Mind:
– You may notice some chafing in the armpits
– The sizing can be a little difficult to get right
– Sometimes this guard can feel a little too tight


Venum Challenger

Check price and more details here

There are even anti-odor technologies in this rash guard to help stop the growth of bacteria. The compression fiber and stretch fabric provides you with a long lifespan, and the graphics won’t even peel off.

Why It’s So Popular:
– The grip really helps it stay put when training
– After months of usage, it still holds up well
– The anti-sliding on the bottom is sure to help it stay on right

Keep In Mind:
– The sizing is really off for lots of people
– The grip is very sticky, and can hurt your hair when putting it on, especially for women
– Some people find it a little too tight

Things To Consider

It doesn’t make any sense to buy a rash guard that’s no better than a tee shirt. The whole point of your guard is to protect your skin and get rid of sweat, so when you buy, things as simple as size, color, price, and durability matter. Providing you with the right coverage for comfortable movement is necessary regardless of what rash guard you end up buying.

Proper Size

If you want to make sure your rash guard does its job properly, you need to be sure you’ve got the right size. The proper size will wick away excess moisture on your skin. This means that it should fit correctly on all parts of the body and that you should still feel comfortable wearing it. The guard should breathe without being too tight, but it shouldn’t be hanging off of you either.

What Color?

You wouldn’t think that something as simple as color mattered when it came to your rash guard. There are lots of colors out there, so which one should you pick? Well if you have a white GI, you’ll probably want to find a white rash guard too. Luckily rash guards usually come in many colors, so when you’re concerned about under colors, you can pick one that will work perfectly. It’s ok to disregard colors sometimes too though, especially if you’re just looking for comfort.

A Good Price

Don’t go crazy when it comes to buying your rash guard. Of course you want the best, but it’s not necessary to break the bank either. Keep an eye on your price point when you buy so that you get something that will last without making you regret your purchase. Even the best out there aren’t meant to make your financial life more difficult.


Sure, price matters, but you also don’t want to buy the cheapest rash guard out there only to find that you have to keep buying replacements. It’s a lot better to buy a durable rash guard that will last over time and end up saving you money rather than a cheap one that continuously frays. You need these guards to protect your skin, so they have to be tough enough to withstand even the toughest of training. The right fabric will be sure to stand up not only against continued usage, but also against washing.


The last thing you need to worry about during BJJ training is the possibility of getting a rash. Your skin should be safe and protected with the best rash guards for BJJ, allowing you to train comfortably and with ease. Any one of these will do better than an ordinary tee shirt, so you’ll be sure to notice the difference.

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