Best Mouth Guard For MMA: 2020 Reviews

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2020)

Have you as a MMA fighter ever imagined a smile without your front row of teeth? I bet you have. And it looks funny in a way, doesn’t it? Well, there are ways to avoid going to the dentist too. And one of the best ways is probably the simplest. Just buy a mouth guard. So read on and discover for yourself how to pick out the best mouth guard for MMA

Best Mouth Guard For MMA

Finding the top mouth guard is a herculean task given the number of companies selling it out there. So we’ve done that bit for you. Sit back and have a look.

SISU MMA Mouth Guard

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The SISU mma mouth guard is one piece of equipment that doesn’t feel as if there’s anything in your mouth at all. Moreover, it does come with a tensile strength that is 8 times higher than normal mouth guards which mean better absorption of impact. This should be on your list for sure while you are out there picking out the best one.


  • The guard fits very well and users can talk, as well as drink without any effort
  • The fitting process is very smooth and comfortable
  • Great for light contact sports


  • The guard is too thin and impact is not distributed
  • The material is harder than traditional guards which causes the gums and lips to be cut sometimes

TapOut Mouth Guards

tapout mouth guards blue

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With a $30,000 Dental Warranty, you couldn’t have asked for a better value mma mouth guard. And it doesn’t end there. Available in 29 color options and two straps in every pack, this beauty can be re-moulded up to 11 times with or without the use of braces. Definite buy.


  • The guard works better than most expensive ones
  • It is easily boiled and fits in a manner that the guard doesn’t fall off when you open your mouth


  • The instructions weren’t clear enough on the manual

Shock Doctor Nano 3D Convertible Mouth Guards

shock doctor nano 3d

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If you are looking for a simple, no hassles mma mouth guard, then this is the piece for you. Nothing fancy but enough in it to deny a visit to your dentist, the Shock Doctor Nano 3D is an extremely lightweight guard that fits comfortably and facilitates better airflow.


  • The guard supports the back teeth better
  • The airflow after fit is excellent allowing the person to talk normally
  • Easy to wash and maintain proper hygiene


  • The guard is ⅔ smaller than traditional ones making it difficult to choose the right size


Brain-Pad MMA

brain pad mma

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Another mma mouth guard that’s big on Dental Warranty. At a $12,000 warranty, it is a steal and worth the money you spend on it. Better airflow coupled with superior technology ensures you breathe nicely even with your teeth clenched. This is one guard you definitely don’t want to miss out on.


  • This one absorbs most concussion from a hit resulting in better distribution and minimum damage
  • The fit is excellent
  • The delivery was super fast


  • Keeps the lower jaw half open during sparring which is a big risk


Impact Custom MMA Mouth Guard

impact custom

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This is certainly one of the best-customized mouth guards for professionals out there. The Impact Custom as the name suggests is customized as per your fit and delivers a highly accurate product. And it comes with a case too.


  • This fits perfectly and users never have to take it out to talk or drink water
  • Highly durable and can be used for a long period of time
  • Great customer service by the team


  • Too thin for impact sports
  • Instructions on the manual were not precise


Impact Limited Edition

impact limited edition

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Yet another premium customized mouth guard, this beauty is also right up there with the Impact Custom we’ve showcased above. In fact with the Limited Edition tag and being handcrafted, it takes the game a notch higher and gives the buyers a sense of exclusivity.


  • This fits very well and allows to breathe easily
  • The moulds are very easy to use


  • Poor customer service

How MMA Mouth Guards Help

Before you go hopping from store to store or open up numerous tabs on your browser to shop, it helps to understand the basics of how they actually work and protect you from shattering your teeth or jaw. Whether it’s Muay Thai, Boxing or MMA, we can’t undermine the importance of investing in a good set of mouth guards.

tapout blue

A good set of mouth guards not only distribute the blow evenly by acting as a shock absorber but also prevent the jaw from fractures and broken teeth. Moreover, there are thicker as well as thinner ones available as per price and quality. The thicker guards are used more for MMA, Boxing, and Muay Thai.

They help spread the impact of the blow more evenly causing less damage to the impact area. Thinner ones, on the other hand, do not spread the impact which increases the chances of a jaw fracture. There are various factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing one.

shock doc convertible

What To Look Out For

Picking out a good one over a bad one can decrease your chances of showing up at the dentist’s. Since it is a reasonably simple piece of equipment, you don’t have to fret over your consideration set. Here’s a list of things we’ve outlined for you to choose a good mouth guard.


Selecting the size is equivalent to selecting a good set of shoes. Bulkier guards are generally better at shock absorption and distribution of the impact while the flipside is that some of them may stick out of your mouth a bit. This can affect your breathing too.

Design and Style

The design and style are something that adds to your trademark as a boxer. A customized mouth guard can have your name or a particular pattern depending on what you want. Everything obviously comes at a price. But we suggest it might be worth it to have some personal branding anyways since you are going to be using it for life.

How To Care For It

You do brush your teeth every morning, right? Sometimes you do it twice a day, too. Why not do the same with the mouth guard? Our mouths are a constant source of germs and leaving out the mouth guard in the gym bag is a deadly crime inviting external germs in the mouth.

The ideal way is to clean it before and after use. Some people use toothpaste, some others use detergent. Whatever suits you is fine as long as you don’t use any such thing for cleaning that alters the fit of the guard. Investing in a good anti-microbial mouth guard case is also a great way of ensuring both you and the germs stay away from each other

Fit and Comfort

Fit and comfort go a long way in impacting the result of your fight as well. Too tight and it will leave you in pain by causing the extra tightness around your teeth. Too loose and there are chances it might fall off if you are struck with a blow. A good one fits comfortably enough to hug your teeth while also not falling off when you open your mouth.

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Well, there are a whole lot of things to consider while buying the best mma mouth guard. However, not all guards are the same and neither are the needs of the users. However, we‘d like to believe we’ve done our bit in a small way in helping you understand how mouth guards work, what to consider, and ways in which you can take good care of them. This just leaves out placing them in your mouth before you step in the ring.-=

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