7 of the Top MMA Heavy Bags You Need!

Buying a bag involves a lot of consideration and is often not as easy as it sounds. MMA Heavy Bags differ in weight, size and purpose for which they are going to be used. (Check out this post on the best free standing punching bags) So before you jump in, and look for a good one, knowing what you are exactly looking for, always helps.

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Difference between a heavy punching bag & an MMA one

While an average joe finds it difficult to differentiate between the various types used in boxing, punching, grappling, Muay Thai, etc., it is very important to know the fundamental difference between a punching bag and an MMA one. For starters, it’d be good to know about the difference in the weights, the components used in the core, and the length.

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Things To Consider

While a newbie will face a tough time selecting the right one for training, there are still a few things you can keep in mind before you pick one. Factors like the weight, the filling material used as well as the material of the cover all contribute to the results you can get out of your training plan. But don’t fret yet. We’ve outlined these things for you so you can make an informed choice.


The weight is a critical component in helping you achieve the desired result. A general rule of thumb when picking is that you pick one that is about half your bodyweight. Not only does the stability allow you to balance your body better while striking but also helps you understand your power and fine tune your timing.

Cover Material

The cover material can prove to be the most critical factor when it comes to longevity of the punching bags. The cover material used is mostly leather, vinyl and canvas. While leather is the most durable of the three, and it can endure explosive striking, it certainly comes at a premium as compared to the other two. Vinyl and Canvas on the other hand are nothing but cheaper alternatives, durable nevertheless. Your safest bet would be to go for a leather cover. Even though it’s expensive, in the end it’ll be worth your money.


Whether it’s food or punching bags, the filling matters, doesn’t it? The filling of most punching bags contain sand, water, fibres, fabrics, and synthetic materials depending on the quality and the price of the bag. However all that considered, ones filled with sand will give you value for your strikes.

However, the flip side is that with time, the sand tends to settle at the bottom which makes it heavily inconsistent in other areas. Bags filled with water though are consistent right through the entirety because no matter where you strike, you will encounter the same resistance. The others are cheap alternatives. So yes, water based filling is the way to go.

Training Use

We all like to train like Rocky Balboa or at least feel like we’re training like Rocky. So while you’d pick out the top choice in terms of the weight, cover material, and the filling, you’d still be better off doing all that after you’ve considered the purpose for which you need one.

For simplicity, understand if your training involves only trading punches or only kicks or both. If it’s only going to be punches, you must look at a hanging punching bag. Likewise, a freestanding bag would be a better option if your training revolves mainly around kicks and light cardio. Whatever your goal is, making informed choices always puts you in a better position and negates chances of going wrong.

​5 of the Most Popular Picks

​Finding a good one can be equivalent to finding a needle in the haystack. There are thousands of choices out there with all of them promising the most effective material, durability, quality, and the list goes on. So we’ve done a bit for you in short listing 5 of the most popular picks. Have a look.


Everlast Omni 80lb

This is a highly durable product is made up of premium synthetic leather. The bottom panel of the bag is wrapped with C3 foam for your low kicks and knee strikes. Moreover, this beast from Everlast also comes in with a warranty of 120 days subject to terms and conditions which makes it one of our top picks for your training needs.

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  • C3 foam protect the bottom from wear and tear
  • The handles really help for knee clinching moves
  • It’s an excellent choice for smaller/younger strikers and works just as described


  • The top can become too soft and the filling can settle at the bottom



This is an excellent pick with a vinyl exterior and a water core. Yes, water, you read that right. Add to that a foam layer, variable weight system, reinforced weight straps, and steel hanging chains and ring. Whoa! You’ve got a winner here.

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  • The water core feels like you’re striking a human and the resistance is uniform throughout
  • The variable weight system allows to add or remove water based on your training requirement
  • The weight straps and foam layer are strong adding to the longevity


  • The foam sometimes leads to the buildup of moisture that causes the water to drip
  • It was observed by some users that it does not have a flexible core. It has a hard plastic core instead


Century Diamond Tech

The Century Diamond Tech Training is an excellent option if you are looking for a cheaper alternative as compared to the leather or water core type. Strong, tensile and durable, this is filled with sand, shredded cotton and polyester fibres, and is ideal for all fitness levels. 

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  • High tensile strength with durable web straps for hanging
  • Cheaper and more pocket friendly for the amateur and budding enthusiasts
  • Truly appropriate for all fitness levels as the product description suggests


  • Too hard for some people's liking
  • Sand settles at the bottom making the other areas inconsistent

Title Boxing Aero

Another fantastic product in this list. Built in a way that suits all fitness needs, this is covered with PU Innovation, a unique material that lasts as long as leather. Whether it’s kickboxing, MMA or any other form of training, you don’t need to look for anything else.

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  • Durable and resilient PU construction
  • Great for boxing, kickboxing, MMA
  • The chain and swivel assembly comes with triple reinforced D-rings
  • Comes with shock absorbing foam liner to prevent sagging


  • There’s no warranty on the product

Everlast 70lb

Perhaps the most complete of the products listed here, this Everlast 70 lb kit comes with a set of gloves as well as wraps and height adjustable chain. It is filled with natural and synthetic fibres that are blended with sifted sand. At 70 lb, this kit is ideal for workouts.

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  • Good padding in the gloves and bungee cord are great inclusions that support your workout
  • It can take explosive hits from powerful strikers and is truly durable
  • Perfect for punching workouts


  • Continuous use causes the straps to weaken and break eventually
  • Mix of fibres and sand filling causes it to become uneven and hard at certain spots


Finding an MMA heavy bag that suits your needs is probably a highly daunting task given the different expertise levels and fitness levels of fighters. Nevertheless, whether you’re a newbie or an expert fighter, with these informative guidelines and product reviews, you’re sure to be in a better position to decide which one to buy. Now, the next part is figuring out your training plan, diet plan, off days, and cheat days. Relatively simple, right?

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2019)

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