Best Kick Boxing Gloves: Top 5 That Made The Cut

(Last Updated On: January 3, 2018)

The most important piece of equipment in your kickboxing arsenal is your gloves. Not only do they protect your hands, but they also protect your opponent with their soft cushioning. With the right gloves, it shouldn’t hurt to give a good blow, so start your search for proper kickboxing gloves here.

 Best Kick Boxing Gloves

To have the best chance at proper training and fighting, you need a great pair of gloves. Choose from my list of the best so you won’t have to waste your time looking.


RDX Cow Hide

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These gloves by RDX are authentic cowhide leather that are layered with both gel and padding for max shock absorption. Improved Velcro gives a comfortable fit with mesh to wick away moisture and odor.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Right amount of padding and support
– The straps have a nice loop that keep them from flopping everywhere
– Great support for the wrists

Keep In Mind:
– The weight is a little heavy
– The sizing may be too small when ordering online


Fairtex Limited Edition Falcon Gold

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These all purpose gloves are meant to fit tightly. They’re homemade in Thailand and constructed with premium leather so you can be sure you’ve got proper protection.

Why It’s So Popular:
– The wrist support is there and the design is unique
– The leather is built to last
– Tight fit around the knuckles and wrists

Keep In Mind:
– The sweet spot for hitting is narrower than others
– There’s not much padding at the fingertips

Fairtex Breathable Kick Boxing

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Choose any color of Fairtex’s tight fitting gloves with Velcro straps. The mesh material provides better air circulation for your punches. Just order and get them handmade from Thailand.

Why It’s So Popular:
– The mesh reduces smell and provides good air
– Secure Velcro
– Great fit even for someone with smaller hands

Keep In Mind:
– Sometimes a little flimsy where the mesh area is
– Lesser padding on the outside of the palm
– They are a bit light


Anthem Athletics STORMBRINGER

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There are lots of colors in these premium buffalo leather gloves that you can pick up. They include high performance foam for maximum impact, with additional padding for a secure fit that wicks away moisture.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Very supple with good padding
– The thumb sits in a more natural position
– The double closure system is easy to use and provides good wrist security

Keep In Mind:
– The stitching comes apart overtime
– The padding may not hold up to constant use


RDX Kickboxing

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These gloves use a special mold to help them act as both bag mitts and training gloves. The high density gel, long Velcro strap, and hand crafted anti-thumb lock is sure to keep your hands perfectly safe.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Comfortable; good for heavy bag training
– Price is great for the quality of item
– Plenty of room for wraps inside

Keep In Mind:
– There are few reviews, but most have nothing but good things to say

What is the Difference Between Kickboxing and Boxing?

Sure, kickboxing and boxing are quite similar. They use some of the same techniques, but there are a few key differences. In kickboxing for instance, both hands and feet can be used, but you can only use hands in boxing for punches and blocks. There are other important differences to be aware of too:

– The way of evading is different. In boxing, you’re able to duck low or move away. If you try that in kickboxing, ducking low can lead to you being kicked in the face and moving away will make it harder to block.
– As a kickboxer, you can be hit anywhere, even below the belt.
– A boxer can circle to change guard.
– Boxers can do a left jab to hit the head. The head’s not nearly as important as in kickboxing.
– Clinching as a defensive method is important in boxing to stop attacking. There’s no place for this in kickboxing though; there’s a high chance using it will get you thrown away.

Both ways of fighting did originate in different areas too, with boxing in Greece and the United Kingdom. Kickboxing came from Japan in the 1950s.

Points To Look Out For:

A lot goes into each pair of gloves that you buy, including design, fit, and cushioning. It’s important to get just the right ones so that it doesn’t affect your fighting technique.


Gloves that are too big aren’t practical, and can even be dangerous. Put on gloves over wrapped hands to be sure they fit snug around the knuckles, thumbs, and wrists. If there’s not a lot of extra movement, that’s exactly how it should be to provide optimal protection. Try a few swings to be sure they fit well.


Most are around 6-18 ounces. 16 is the average, but it really depends on your preference and fighting style. Newer fighters tend to like lighter kinds to prevent slowing.


There’s foam and gel padding in lots of brands. The foam can absorb the impact while the gel is more durable. Gel ones are a little more expensive, but they tend to last longer. Take an extra look at the padding around the knuckles to be sure they stay safe.

Enclosure System

You’ll see either hook and loop or traditional lace enclosures. Hook and loop is great for beginners since the Velcro provides a quick, yet snug fit for training. For competitive fights however, lace is your thing. The lace is custom and provides more security when it comes to matches.


Cheaper gloves are usually vinyl, so they’re thin and light, but won’t last forever. Higher quality ones use leather that improves with age and provides more protection. Synthetic leather combines both leather and vinyl for a great fit at a low cost.

Kick Boxing Tips

You can get gloves from anywhere, but if kickboxing is something you’re planning on doing for a while, spend the extra buck on a good brand. When you go to a specialty store or gym, lots of them even provide customization. If you order online though, it’ll take usually 2-10 days to get them. Try out a few from friends first too. This will help you choose the best pair that’ll last for around a year. Most kick boxers do replace their gloves every year or two anyway. When the padding becomes thin or the fit becomes loose, that’s when you know it’s time.


Choosing the right kick boxing gloves is a lot more difficult than you’d think with so many available options out there. The right ones provide both you and your partner protection when you give a good blow. There are lots of considerations when it comes to gloves, but as soon as you get the right pair, get out there and get kickboxing.

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