7 Best Jump Ropes For Boxing: 2020 Reviews

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2020)

Is there really a way to improve endurance, punching power, balance, and footwork with ease? Yes actually, as long as you pick up a jump rope. Jumping rope can help you move better during your fights with just a little practice a day, so grab the best jump rope to get all around improvement.

Benefits of Using Jump Ropes For Boxers

Compared to other training methods, it is simple, but very effective. It may feel a little silly when you first start, although the benefits are more than worth it.

Better Footwork

Most of the exercises we do don’t focus on the lower body, so even though your punches may be perfected, your footwork can be lacking. Even running is usually something we do absentmindedly.

The jump rope however forces you to pay attention, and if you do tricks, your feet will become even more coordinated. You’ll notice a huge improvement when it comes to your footwork in the ring.

More Stamina

Jumping rope allows you to do tons of body motions with different speeds or difficulty. The repetitive motions help you develop muscle memory and coordination while adding agility. Ten minutes a day and you’ll be bouncing with ease.

More Rhythm

The jump rope naturally mimics a usual fighting rhythm. You have to be in constant motion and stay aware of your body. The improved awareness that you gain will keep you more “awake” during fights so you can adjust to any blow that comes your way.

More Power

Thanks to the repetitive motions, your body will learn how to move more efficiently with ease. Not only do your punches become stronger, but your movement too. Bouncing will become something natural rather than an energy-wasting chore.

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Jump Rope Tips

When you get started, you may know how to jump rope, but not how to get the best training as you jump. These tips will help even beginners succeed:

  • Breathe through your nose as you go to calm your breathing and increase endurance.
  • With each jump, land on the balls of your feet while keeping your knees a little bent.
  • Your arms should be the main movers rather than your shoulders so you’re not jumping too high.
  • Shorter and faster jumps help with your rhythm, along with allowing your rope to smack the floor gently after each turn.
  • Don’t stop during rest periods, but do stop if your calves start to hurt. You want to train without getting shin splints after all.

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Best Jump Ropes For Boxing

Dynapro Boxing Jump

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This adjustable rope is easy to use with its smooth circular motion. It’s completely durable, so it should last for even the most intense training. Just use the extra long handles to get a good grip before you get going.

Why It’s So Popular

  • People love the easily adjustable length
  • The handles are easy to hold onto even when sweaty
  • The chord has a nice weight to it when you swing it


  • The bearings don’t rotate as freely as others in the market
  • There’s some concern over how long it lasts
  • Speed suffers a little with this

Pure Power Adjustable Jump Rope

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Pure Power uses bearings and adjustable wire sets to set their jump rope apart. It’s meant to rotate even faster than the average jump rope for even more training with your footwork and rhythm.

Why It’s So Popular

  • Both lightweight and solidly built
  • The knurling on the handles provides an easy grip
  • The action of the bearings are both quick and smooth

Keep In Mind

  • Works great, but doesn’t seem as durable
  • It might be too light for some jumpers
  • Most people have nothing but good things to say

Helios Premium Weighted & Adjustable

Check Price & More Details here

The slip-free handles Helios jump rope uses allows you to keep going when you’re sweaty. They’re even designed for easy rotation while you’re training, including an adjustment that makes it perfect for both men and women.

Why It’s So Popular

  • It’s perfect for even those jumpers who are taller
  • The weight is substantial, but not tiring after a while
  • The handles are easy to grip


  • People complain of the twisting during jumps

PowerSkip Memory Handles

Check Price & More Details here

The ball bearing system in this polymer coated jump rope helps gives you smooth and fast rotations. The handles are lightweight and coated in memory foam, and the adjustable cable is great for all heights.

Why It’s So Popular

  • The weight in it stops it from twisting while jumping
  • The rotation is very smooth
  • The handles are comfortable to hold onto


  • There’s a lack of any instruction on how to change the length
  • The adjuster is difficult to use

FitSportz Premium Speed Jump Rope with Metal Bearings

Check Price & More Details here

Use FitSportz boxing jump rope specifically for speedy movements to improve your footwork. The durable and comfortable handles will make it easy to keep jumping and spinning effortlessly.

Why It’s So Popular

  • Very durable and easy to use
  • It swivels slower so it won’t get completely tangled
  • There are parts included with the purchase if you need to replace


  • It may not be as heavy as some would like
  • The swivel can be a little too slow
  • Most people had nothing but good things to say about this

BeMaxx Fitness

Check Price & More Details here

The ball bearings inside BeMaxx jump rope are meant to fix up your strength, endurance, and coordination all in one. Even if you’re a beginner, this rope will work well thanks to the easy to grip handles and adjustable cable.

Why It’s So Popular

  • Made of very high quality materials
  • Two different ropes are included so you can switch depending on your workout
  • The grips are very comfortable to hold and the bearings are smooth


  • There’s not a great solution for the extra rope that is left for shorter adjustments
  • Shorter individuals find that their hands get tangled in the extra rope
  • There’s no flex around the handles, so jumping may be awkward at times


Increase your endurance, power, and footwork without breaking the bank or your back. The simple best jump rope for boxing is extremely useful for training with only a little bit of practice every day.

Take a look at these awesome jump ropes to find one that’ll help you train for boxing and move with ease during your fights.

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