The Top 7 Focus Mitts For Boxing

(Last Updated On: January 3, 2018)

If you’re starting out in a sport like MMA or boxing, you are surely going to encounter focus mitts at some point. These are the mitts that people who catch punches wear. But what are the things that you should consider when looking for focus mitts? Today, we’re going to find out.

Best Focus Mitts for Boxing

RDX Cowhide Leather Punching Training

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These focus mitts are curved to help provide support and comfort to the trainer. It is made of light shock absorbent foam and paddings on both the mitts’ palm and wrist areas. There are finger compartments to slip your fingers into as well as Velcro straps to help stabilize the mitts when worn. It’s durable because of the hide material.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Durable and sturdy
– Cowhide leather
– Shock absorbent foam and paddings
– Finger compartments and Velcro straps
– Curved
– Perforations on upper layer give breathability and comfort

Keep In Mind:
– No size options


Pro Impact Curved Focus

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Made from durable genuine leather with 35% additional padding, these focus mitts will provide you with proper shock absorption when boxing. They are also curved to provide you with comfort when wearing them as well as a white circle target for easier aiming. You can tighten it with a hook and loop closure. It’s resistant to sweat so even after many uses it will remain dry and not smell of sweat.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Durable genuine leather
– 35% more padding
– Curved
– Hook and loop
– Sweat-resistant

Keep In Mind:
– Not good for users with small hands
– A bit stiff and hard to begin with


Title Platinum Focus Mitts

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These are curved for anatomical correctness and ease of use. It has 3” of shock absorbing padding (focus) that is specially contoured and protects the boxing trainer’s wrists. It can be attached with a hook and loop on your wrist and a D-ring secures the mitts.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Curved
– 3” of contoured padding
– Hook and loop attachment and D-ring
– Has wrist paddings

Keep In Mind:
– Too light for powerful fighters

RDX Strike Focus

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These are covered with Maya hide both inside and out for increased durability. It has three layers of paddings: Supremo-Shock Foam, EVA-LUTION Foam, and Shell-Shock gel integration. The wrist joints of the trainer are also protected by padding. And the CoolX mesh technology also keeps your hands cool and dry to reduce sweating. There are finger compartments on the inside to secure them.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Maya hide leather
– Durable and tough
– Three layers of paddings
– Wrist paddings
– CoolX mesh technology
– Finger compartments

Keep In Mind:
– No wrist velcro straps


Meister Cowhide Leather

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These have 2” of padding to help maximize the shock absorbed during boxing. It is durable because it is made from 100% cowhide leather. They are curved to absorb strikes in the middle and also have a wrist padding to stabilize the trainer’s hands and protect joints.

Why It’s So Popular:
– 2” padding
– Shock absorbent
– Durable leather
– Curved
– Wrist padding

Keep In Mind:
– Some may find them to be heavy
– Not for speed drills


Anthem Athletics Stingray

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These are made from buffalo leather and are so much more durable than synthetically made leather. It also has high performance foam that will absorb impacts well and protect the trainer’s hands. It reduces moisture when worn and is made in a lightweight design. It’s also curved for better striking.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Buffalo leather
– High performance foam
– Moisture wicking
– Lightweight
– Curved
– High quality

Keep In Mind:
– No palm ball

Types To Choose From

Speed or Micro

For strengthening combinations and developing accuracy, choose the small and light kind called speed or micro mitts. Being small targets, the fighter is then challenged to hit the mitts with accuracy. As for combinations, it is mainly utilized for the convenience of the mitt holder as they are light and easy to control.

As for protection, micro ones don’t offer much in that area. Because they’re small and lightweight, they do not work well against trained and strong fighters. So for more advanced fighters, use larger mitts.

Contoured or Panther

These types of mitts are built to withstand stronger punches. Their design is curved and contoured to help support the holder’s wrists and arms while getting hit by the strikes of the fighter. The pads often reach the wrist area to increase the area of coverage and keep the holder safer. With its weight, these mitts can stand punches, and hits from elbows and even knees.

Hybrid or Combo

For mitts that can handle just about anything, you can turn to these designs. As such, these are the ones that are seen more in MMA and boxing gyms. They can be a combination of the first two types and have other features depending on your needs. They’re mix and match so you can be sure that you’ll find one type that’s perfect for you.

Tips for Using Them

Resist, Not Reach

As a mitt holder, you must learn to put some resistance to the fighter’s punch to keep both yours and the fighter’s joints protected. You will end up straining your shoulders and elbows as well as the fighter’s elbows if you don’t push back to absorb the impact of the punches. Just make sure that you do it properly and not to drastically affect the distance that the punch must travel before it hits the mitts or your fighter will not develop their reach properly.

Keep them within a reasonable distance from each other, not too far apart and not too close together so that there’s no gap to see through. Obviously you’re going to need to see where the punches are coming from in order to react accordingly, and unless your fighter’s opponent is going to have a three-feet wide head then you probably shouldn’t keep the mitts that far apart.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

It’s going to be beneficial for both you and the fighter to keep on doing basic drills to improve both of your skills. You can work on harder ones eventually, but it’s recommended that you drill the basics so that you can both work on your skills and perfect other things like footwork and how your bodies should move.

Move and Fire

In a class, you’re expected to follow the combinations that are set. Don’t deviate because that’s generally frowned upon. You’ll get the opportunity to mix it up in open rounds, but still you shouldn’t go off course too much. Just make sure to introduce as much variation to keep the fighter on his feet.

Good Equipment

For long-term efficiency, invest in good quality equipment. Being the cheapest does not necessarily mean its the most cost-effective as you may spend more time mending or replacing them than actually training. So choose your equipment wisely.

Points You Should Consider:


Look for mitts that have quality padding in order to be able to absorb punches better. Then they are likely to last a lot longer. Using mitts with quality padding will provide you with that springy ‘pop’ while absorbing the blow of the strike.


Invest in mitts that have genuine leather surfaces. As compared to the much cheaper vinyl, leather is more durable and tougher. Other mitts are available in vinyl, mesh, and other kinds of synthetics.


Even if you have quality padding and striking surfaces, mitts without proper stitching are worth nothing. Even with durable materials, poor stitching is literally what holds your mitts together. So make sure that your mitts are stitched with strong threads and have pipings to protect your seams.

Hand Holds

There are different ways to hold mitts. One of these is the half glove style wherein you put your fingers into the slots allotted. Some also come with wrist straps to secure the mitts more than just being worn on your hands. Straps provide more stability, but it’s all a matter of preference when deciding what kind of hand holds you want for your mitts.


I hope that this was helpful in narrowing down your choices in choosing the right focus mitts for training. Don’t forget to choose something ergonomically designed and one that will provide you comfort, toughness, and durability.

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