7 Best Filtered Water Bottle To Try

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2019)

Do you love to spend days on road travelling from one point to another? Are you crazy for camping? Or Hiking? The reason I’m asking these questions is because if you do belong to any of these communities just like I do, you’d have often come across a situation where you’re out of water and are sitting by a stream or a water fountain filling your bottles with water. Here’s where portable filter bottles come in. Enabled with filters inside, these are equipped to keep you safe and healthy from the various water borne diseases that can catch hold of you on such trips. Let’s have a look at why you should be using one in the first place. Best compact home gyms


The benefits of filtered water are manifold, especially if you are an active fitness enthusiast, hiker, camper, or an active MMA enthusiast as well. All that said, it primarily removes contaminants of three types:

Chemical Compounds

Water filters can filter both organic as well as inorganic compounds. Deposits of organic compounds like chlorine or fluoride which are added to water are commonly found in gymnasiums, copper components are found in the plumbing as also other contaminants that make their way in to water sources.

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Bacteria and Parasites

This has been one of the large talking points of any discussion i.e. whether or not bacteria and parasites are healthy for the human body. While most of them are healthy for us, there are some such as Clostridium and Cryptosporidium that can cause diarrhoea and vomiting. A filtered bottle would be highly recommended in such cases.


For most people, viruses and bacteria aren’t very different from other. While it is true that both are living organisms, it is also true that viruses are tens or hundreds of times smaller than the bacteria which makes it extremely difficult for most filters to separate them. It may still manage to lessen the impact of the bad viruses and save your health.

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Types of Filters

The most popular types are either made up of carbon or a UV filter. Let’s delve deeper and understand how they are different from each other.


One of the simplest and the most effective, carbon ones are used all over the world for chemical filtering. These are made up of a layer of activated carbon. The water passes through carbon leaving behind the contaminants thus making the water purer and fit for consumption. Carbon fibres however are prone to wearing out over a period of time and hence have to be replaced regularly.


The UV filter as the name suggests makes use of the UV light to kill viruses and bacteria. UV ones are far less in number as compared to the carbon ones and prove to be more expensive as well. Rather than effectively cleaning chemicals, they aim to remove viruses and sterilize water at the same time.

If you are high on consuming ultra clean water, you can choose to combine the two filters and have a go at the viruses and bacteria leaving them in tatters.

Most Popular Recommendations


The LifeStraw gives users access to safe drinking water even when there is no water source nearby. Simply use it to scoop water from any pond, stream or river, and you will have a supply of fresh, clean drinking water. Take the LifeStraw Go with you when you go hiking, camping, or travelling to areas with poor water quality. Tested rigorously, it filters up to 1000 litres of water, removes 99.99% bacteria, and 99.99% protozoa. With a lightweight and leakproof design, this is ideal for outdoor adventures like hiking and camping

· Leakproof, made up of BPA-Tritan can be used indefinitely
· Zero aftertaste, no chemicals, or iodine
· Low on price

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· The water filter does not filter out viruses


The only virus tested, reusable portable water filter straw available on the market, the Survivor filter is all that you have thought of. Durable, Reliable, high capacity, and versatile are some of the qualities it is associated with. What’s more is that it can be easily returned if you are not satisfied with the quality of the filter

· Easy flip-on, flip-off cap keeps the mouthpiece clean
· Independently tested to show removal of 99.99% virus, staph, and bacteria
· Has 3 types of filter
· 100% money back guarantee and lifetime warranty if you’re not satisfied with the product

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· O-ring quality is very poor
· Most filters won’t work for viruses less than 0.05 microns
· Sometimes it cracked during usage


The OKO H2O is a level-2 advanced water filtration that comes with an o-ring carabineer used to carry or hook it on to a bag. The material of the body is lightweight and the semi-soft nozzle and the washer makes it easy to grip.

· The quality is great
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· The carabiner will inevitably extend around the catch and the tension in the spring will release making it no longer reliable
· Need to close it very tightly to avoid leaks

Drinkrite Filtration

Made of high-quality tritan that is durable, phthalate- and BPA-free, this sports water bottle will keep you safe in the knowledge that you’ll never be put at a risk when using it. The DrinkRite Sports can filter up to 1,500 liters of water, and get rid of 99.9% of waterborne, parasites and protozoa. From rainwater to river water, lake water, ground water, and even tap water, you can filter any of them and make them drinkable in seconds.

It can filter particles as little as 0.01 microns, as compared to competitors’ 0.02 microns. The leakproof design also prevents leaks and unwanted accidents that might damage your backpack, purse, or more.

· It can filter up to 1500 litres of water and bacteria as small as 0.01 microns
· The design is leakproof

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· It is difficult to clean the filter
· The plastic was found to be chipped in some cases
· The water will leak if not tightened.

Frontier Flow

The Aquamira Frontier Flow is made to be a very effective and lightweight water filtration system that can be used mainly for the outdoors. So whether you’re camping, hiking, trekking, this is the one for you. The filter is adept at removing sediments, chlorine and bacteria, including over 99.9% of Giardia and Cryptosporidium; commonly found in water outdoors. The flow rate is the highest in comparison to others available in the marktet

· Works as advertised and filters great
· The quality of the plastic used is good and can tolerate some rough handling
· The design is convenient enough to fit in a cycle water carrying cage

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· There is a quality control issue as the water doesn’t flow out as easily in some
· The water will leak if not tightened.

Sawyer Filtration

The Swayer Personal is BPA free and durable enough to be used in the great outdoors. The Absolut Micron can filter bacteria up to 0.1 microns. Apart from that, it also comes with a cleaning syringe, cleaning and maintenance instructions

· No leakage
· The suction required to drink water is very convenient too
· The drinking straws are easily replaceable

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· There are no water measurements
· There is no mesh as a pre-filter screen unlike others available on the market


Overall, these water filter bottles are ideal for longish trips or road trips or when you don’t have access to filtered water all the time. Make sure you do your thorough research too before buying one. Check out my review of  Bowflex PR1000 and PR3000

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