Best BJJ Ear Guards & Headgear 2020: What You Need For Ear Protection

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2020)

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a great way for leaner people to fight bigger and stronger assailants. It requires a lot of dedication and hard work, but there will definitely be pain mixed in there too if you’re not careful.

If you want to avoid the infamous BJJ cauliflower ear, take a look at the most effective ear guards for best BJJ headgear so you can get the best bjj ear protection.

Best Ear Guards for BJJ

Brute Quad III Ear Guards

brute quad

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The new styling of Brute Quad bjj ear guards is meant to provide both increased support and comfort during any type of training you undertake. They’re not hard enough to hurt your partner and will prevent cauliflower ear with ease. Definitely one of the best headgear for bjj.

Why It’s So Popular

  • It’s very low profile, and doesn’t stand out excessively
  • The entire set is comfortable and easy to wear
  • Its soft exterior is perfect for training partners


  • There’s some difficulty hearing compared to others
  • Training partners may find the Velcro strap on top abrasive
  • They can get really warm after a while

ASICS Unisex Gel Ear Guards

asics unisex

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Whether you’re a man or a woman, ASICS makes an ear guard that’s right for you. Forehead and chin straps hook securely with a chin cup made out of neoprene for even more comfort.

Why It’s So Popular

  • These are the best looking guards for big ears
  • It’s low profile compared to other guards out there
  • The Velcro makes it easy to adjust by yourself


  • It’s a little harsh on the ears for some
  • Its top section can roll forward over your eyes
  • The fabric can cause the guard to move around

Cliff Keen F3 Twister Headgear Ear Guards

cliff keen f3

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Regardless of the color you pick, this double wide bjj ear guard with low profile straps should ensure both comfort and security. This jiu jitsu headgear set-up makes sound go in and sweat go out easily.

Why It’s So Popular

  • Has heavy duty wide nylon straps
  • The softer chin pads makes it more comfortable to wear
  • Its pads for the ears are perfect for comfort


  • The headgear moves around sometimes
  • The guard puts some unnecessary pressure around the ears

Matman Ultra Soft Headgear Ear Guards

matman soft

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This brand new bjj headgear is meant to be one size fits all with the instant adjustments. As the ear guards with the highest rated comfort out there, Matman makes sure you can fight with ease.

Why It’s So Popular

  • This bjj headgear is fairly low profile
  • The hard plastic cup protects the ears from the outside, while the inside is soft
  • The straps made of neoprene-like material provide a little give


  • The chin strap doesn’t have padding; may provide minor discomfort
  • Not recommended for women with long hair

Grapplearts Minimum Profile Ear Guard for BJJ and Wrestling

grapplearts minimum profile

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Grapplearts makes their head gear specifically for MMA training. The resistant nylon and easy Velcro adjustment will make fitting simple, while the chin pad can be added for more comfort.

Why It’s So Popular

  • Adjustability is excellent
  • When rolling, the guard will not shift on your head
  • The chin strap allows for a more comfortable and secure fit


  • The gear traps heat around the head
  • There’s reduced hearing during classes or rolling
  • The chin strap may not remain in good condition over time

Venum Ear Pads Kontact EVO

venum ear

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The neoprene Venum Ear Pads bjj ear guard are perfect for adjusting your coverage with a 3-way band system. Molded shells provide proper protection, with foam covering to absorb and disperse shock from any sort of blow.

Why It’s So Popular

  • The silicon strips on the forehead keep it in place securely
  • Only having two straps makes it easy to adjust
  • The neoprene is lightweight and it’s soft on the inside


  • There are no holes on the ear cups, so it’s very hard to hear
  • The cup isn’t hard enough near the center
  • The strap on the bottom is much too long

Cliff Keen F5 Tornado Headgear for BJJ

cliff keen

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Cliff Keen bjj ear guard uses a patented venting system that allows air to go in and out without impacting your hearing. You can adjust it snugly in seconds, with deep ear cups for both protection and comfort. Cliff Keen provides a very tight, adjustable and comfortable fit.

Why It’s So Popular

  • The chin strap is perfect especially if you have a larger Adam’s apple
  • Plastic-coated foam around the ears is very comfortable
  • It’s very light and comfortable, and safe for a practice partner


  • It’s a bit slippery, and must be worn tighter than you’d like
  • The foam around the ears slips a lot once you sweat

Adidas Response Ear Guard

Adidas Response Ear Guard

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Adidas is a brand that is commonly known for sportswear but the thought of them manufacturing bjj headgear came as a big surprise. It has been able to offer BJJ practitioners and wrestlers with the Adidas’ Response Ear Guard, a headgear that provides protection and comfort to the user. This wrestling headgear is available in different colors.

Why It’s So Popular

  • Easy to put on and use, lightweight and sturdy ear guards
  • The additional stripes provide more fitting options and prevent it from slipping.
  • Specially molded soft foam ear cups, with soft padding that are soft to touch.
  • Adjustable vinyl straps.
  • Very durable


  • The chin cup is uncomfortable to some training partners


What is ‘Cauliflower Ear’?

When your ear is grinded during head pressure, escapes while grappling, or trauma from strikes, you can end up with a cauliflower ear. In simple terms, it is a visible facial injury that deforms the ear. Basically, the ear gets a blow that separates the cartilage from its perichondrium, so liquid fills the space before it hardens.

The main cause of an injury to the cartilage is friction. Since your ear cartilage can’t take the pressure of grappling the blow causes it to start breaking. In response to this, your body tries to fix these cracks and breaks by building scar tissue.

Due to the reduced blood levels in the cartilage, it’s usually difficult for the broken cartilage to heal fast. The slow healing process makes complete recovery impossible and as more of the scar tissue continues building up, it blocks the ear canal. This auricular hematoma of the ear will be painful to touch. Repeated blows to the ear can cause bleeding and swelling resulting in ear deformation.

Although there are some jiu jitsu grapplers that consider it to be a sort of ‘badge of honor’, the deformation can depict a really bad impression on some people. It can also be linked with medical complications and should be treated early enough to prevent further damage. In very extreme cases, the pain and damage caused may affect your hearing capabilities.

After the injury, you will experience a sharp frequent pain that gradually subsides, but your ear will end up permanently disfigured. Nursing the injury is a very difficult and painful experience. You will need to drain the ear several times and in some cases have to repeat the procedure a few times to get rid of the pain or fix any recurring symptoms. Even talking and sleeping will be tough, and in the more severe cases, hearing problems can arise with the expanded tissue.

Ear Injuries

Similar to any other sport, those engaged in Brazilian jiu-jitsu also experience injuries. Apart from other body part injuries, ear injuries like that which cause the Cauliflower ear are one of the most common. To prevent ear injuries from occurring or even worsening, BJJ training partners should use ear guards to guard their ears.

Why You Don’t Want It! Use Your Ear Guard BJJ!

Can you wear headgear in BJJ? Yes, of course! Besides the fact that every day activities could become tough, there are lots of reasons why you want to avoid cauliflower ears. Appearance is definitely part of it too. The best headgear for bjj can help.

Appearance Problems

Whether you’re looking out for a girlfriend, boyfriend, or potential boss, you might end up scaring them away with cauliflower ear. Men may not have as much to worry about as women, but regardless of gender, most people would agree that cauliflower ears aren’t too pretty. Getting white collar jobs especially is a problem.

Hard of Hearing?

Having something that directly affects your ears is bound to make it more difficult to hear correctly. Changing the shape of your ear hole to be smaller or having an obstruction will more than likely cause hearing issues.

Not the Earphones

With your ears swollen and misshapen, you can’t stick your earphones in properly! It’s not worth it when you can’t listen to your favorite music or podcasts just because you can’t keep the earphones in.

Do Ear Guards Prevent Cauliflower Ears?

Don’t give yourself more ear issues if you don’t need to. Even if you haven’t experienced cauliflower ear before, there are tons of ways to prevent it and treat it.

Jiu Jitsu Headgear

Ultimately, headgear is the best preventative measure. It’ll stop any serious trauma to your ears. It’s especially helpful if you’re looking to keep your ears safe after previous injury.

Drain it Out

For you to be safer, you need to drain all the blood and liquid before everything hardens. The best treatment is to drain out the fluid. Most athletes choose to do this with the help of a health professional, although you or a friend can try to fix it yourselves. After draining, compress it so fluid doesn’t fill the ear again. A gauze wrap with a clip for pressure will do wonders. You can always check out the draining procedure before determining whether it’s worth the risk.

Surgical Fixes

If you don’t drain the ear, after about a week the fluid will harden for a permanent deformity. The deformed cartilage can usually be excised easily, but you might require some corrective shaving afterwards..

Qualities of the Best BJJ Headgear

Similar to any other product that you buy online, you first need to do your research for you to find the best ear guards bjj. You need to know what you’re looking for before going into a store and buy a Jiu Jitsu headgear. Below are some of the main qualities to look out for when choosing a headgear.


The Jiu Jitsu headgear is shock absorbent and provides abrasion protection. Apart from protecting you, also consider the protection that the jiu jitsu headgear offers, especially to your partners.

Quality and material

As a wrestling headgear, a bjj headgear of a high quality will not only protect both you and your opponent but also serve you for long. A Jiu Jitsu headgear is mostly, one made of Neoprene or Nylon, with extra foam in the lining is the most comfortable to wear. You can also go for the plastic ones. The material should also be lightweight, especially if you like playing guard a lot. The only disadvantage is that most nylon ones wear out faster than plastic ones.


Always buy a headgear with non-slip straps. Slippery straps will not stay in place during rolling and you frequently have to re-adjust the straps and position the bjj headgear. The straps have to be strong enough for the bjj headgear to stay on your head during the roll.


BJJ is perfect for training. Unfortunately, lots of fighters have a hard time with cauliflower ear. Trauma to the ears can cause lots of problems. Who has the beard guard in BJJ? A good set of ear guards for BJJ or the best headgear for bjj will prevent this trauma.

Cauliflower ears will develop, but if you want to avoid them, you have to buy the very best Jiu Jitsu headgear. It’s definitely no pain, no gain, but your ears shouldn’t be what’s suffering. Make sure you get some bjj ear protection!Also check out these bjj gis


  1. So does wearing this type of ear gear 100 percent stop the possiblity of change and deformation to the ear

    • No product is ever going to 100% stop damage being done, but it should definitely help to protect more if you wear one than if you don’t have ear gear on.

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