Best Boxing Shoes Review: My 2020 Picks

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2020)

“Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee” were Ali’s famous words. And putting to action what he said is certainly no mean task. Boxing is probably one sport that needs the least amount of accessories – gloves, shorts, shoes, and you’re good to go.

If you’re truly a boxing enthusiast, you’d be quick to note the importance of the best boxing shoes and how it can impact your game in the end. You have to float after all, don’t you?

​Best Boxing Shoes

1. Title Hi Top Boxing Shoe Boots

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If you are looking for great ankle support along with soles that not only make you feel light but also allow for those speedy movements, then the Title Hi-Top boxing boots are for you. Built for quick footwork, it also has beautifully embroidered logos and style for that mean look.


  • Great training shoe for long periods of time
  • They have great ankle support for boxing
  • It’s a steal for the price that it is being offered at. Good value and durable


  • Can take a pair to lace up
  • They run roughly half a size smaller than a normal pair.


2. Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes

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With a breathable nylon mesh pattern and patent leather vinyl finish, this boxing shoe is right up there with the top of the top. And the soles and the grip are great too. All in all, it’s a complete boxing package.


  • ​Trendy, contemporary styled shoe
  • Delivery was super fast
  • Helps you feel stable (non slip sole) and light
  • Breathable nylon mesh and patent leather vinyl finish


  • The glue sometimes comes off at the ends of the shoe


3. ASICS Split Second Boxing Shoes

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Well, here’s a pair of shoes for boxing that you can use at an amateur level as well. The ASICS Split Second shoe speaks nothing but performance. Built with a rubber sole and a good mesh design, this is a good buy at the price point.


  • Comes with great support and are very comfortable
  • Helps the boxer feel stable and light
  • Breathable upper mesh


  • More narrow at the toe end
  • Small sizes aren’t available

4.Adidas Box Hog 2 Boxing

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The Adidas Box Hog 2 boxing shoe has got it all. Probably the top one in this list, it’s got style, flexibility, good support, and a comfortable fit. You really couldn’t have asked for more coming out of the Adidas stable.


  • Fits comfortable and gives ample support
  • Lightweight and stable shoe
  • You can move faster in the ring. It slides perfectly on the ring surface


  • Does tend to wear out

5. Title Box-Star

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Train with a pair of boxing shoes that get noticed as well. This one does not disappoint. The Title Box-Star is a blend of synthetic leather and nylon mesh for optimal performance and breathing. A low cut boot that improves performance all the time.


  • The delivery was super fast
  • The time taken to lace up is much less
  • Rubber grip improves stability and performance for boxing


  • The velcro on the straps give way easily
  • Size leans a little big

6. Cleto Reyes Boxing Shoes

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If you care for high-end boxing shoes, this one isn’t going to disappoint you. The Cleto Reyes takes care of all the important factors that we listed. The sole material, weight, thickness, ankle support and mobility are perfectly factored in. It gives you the feeling that they’ve been handcrafted with love.


  • The zipper on the side makes them getting on and off really easy
  • Product quality is great


  • The soles are glued instead of stitched

7.Otomix Boxing Shoes

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Another boxing shoe in the slightly premium segment, the Otomix is a traditional boxing shoe that looks old fashioned. With a great rubber sole, extreme padding and ankle support, this boxing shoe glides on your feet and on the ring surface. Add to that the fact that this is available in limited quantity and it already sends the enthusiasts in a frenzy.


  • The look and feel is really good for boxing
  • Soles are strong on this pair of boxing shoe
  • Ankle padding is comfortable and supportive


  • Available only in limited quantity

What To Look Out For in Good Boxing Shoes

If you’ve come this far and intend to read on, we assume you’re serious about boxing. Yes, we know you’re a natural. Yes, we know you hit hard and move fast in the ring. Why only look at a great pair of gloves?

How about moving a little faster, and surprising your opponent! We all loved Rocky Balboa but didn’t we also drool at Apollo Creed’s footwork?

Picking out good boxing footwear goes way ahead in terms of the benefits you reap. You not only feel light while moving, a great pair also protects your ankles.

Things like shoe sole, material, support, and the mobility it provides are what you can look for in a great set of boxing shoes.

We’ll break down these best boxing shoes for you one by one.


Another important factor is the material. While picking out a great set, ensure that they not only fit well but also allow your feet some room to breathe. The fit of a boxing shoe is usually more comfortable than say a football stud which is tighter around your foot.

The idea is that it should hug your feet rather than wrapping them. Most are made of leather or suede and are truly resilient to the movements in the ring.

Support and Mobility

A great boxing air won’t be good enough if it does not support the feet. While there are options to choose from a low-cut shoe and high top boots, experts suggest you use high top boots.

Not only does it support the ankles but also prevents them from unnecessary twisting when you’re off balance exhausted after trading punches for 15 rounds.


What if your car tyres are replaced and fitted with bike tyres? Will it run the same way? Will your car attain the same top speed? Will your car be as balanced on hikes and rough roads? The answer to all the above questions is NO.

Then why train in a pair that are meant for running or basketball or tennis or any other sport on the planet?

We see a lot of these all the time, especially in the beginning when they’re trying to save some money.

Some of the greatest benefits that these boxing shoes offer are improved speed, mobility, performance, comfort, and ultimately, power.

Important Features

Regardless of whether you are an amateur or a professional, knowing technicalities that will eventually improve your performance is always a plus. So here’s a list of some of the important features to consider while picking out a great pair.

Grip and Pivot

Just imagine how funny it would look if you slip while throwing a punch. Well that’s where grip and pivot play a crucial role. A good grip doesn’t allow you to slip on the ring surface. A good grip also allows you to change direction with ease while the pivot allows you to throw those quick punches aka Apollo Creed.

Sole Construction and Texture

Most good shoes have thinner soles that not only make the boxer feel light but also help him move easily in the ring. The texture is usually rubber that allows for a better grip on the surface

Weight and Thickness

The weight and thickness sought by boxers varies from one boxer to another. However, a lightweight boxing shoe allows the boxer to move easily while feeling powerful as well. A thicker pair on the other hand keeps the ankles and joints firm and injury free.

Height and Ankle Support

Ankle support is critical which is why most boxers opt for high top boots. Low cut boots expose your ankle and chances of twisting your ankle are higher when you’re off balance. The ultimate goal should be to provide the right amount of mobility coupled with support to the ankles and feet.

Comfort and Width

Like we pointed out at the beginning of the article, they should pretty much hug your feet while still allowing them to breathe. You don’t want your feet to be strangled by choosing shoes that are too tight or uncomfortable. Choosing shoes that are too wide or too narrow will never allow you to be balanced thereby affecting your power and stability during the match.


Except for your shorts, practically everything takes a beating in the ring, doesn’t it? Think about it and you’ll realize that your body keeps getting battered, your gloves keep getting hit, and shoes keep bouncing and sliding on the ring surface too. Therefore, it goes without saying that the quality should be top notch in order to avoid disappointment.

Boxing Shoe Sole

Soles are like pizza crusts in a way. It’s the right balance that counts. While most soles would be made of rubber or any other non-slip material, boxing soles are thinner than usual. This is a huge advantage as the thinner soles are not only light but also allow the boxer to move in the ring and change direction with ease.

Wrestling Vs Boxing Shoes?

Well, it’s the same car tyre principle that we discussed in this article above. Obviously, wrestling shoes differ from boxing ones. For starters, wrestling shoes have a better grip since they don’t have to slide in the ring, The top boxing ones will always have high cut ankles. Buy a wrestling pair and it will have low or medium cut ankles.

There are other differences as well if you want to delve deeper but we can leave that for another time. For now, we have specially curated for you, a list of the most popular boxing shoes you can find yourself.

So if you’re pondering or losing sleep over which one to buy, we’ve done that bit for you as well.

​Before choosing which to buy, it is important to know that boxing shoes are different from running or basketball ones. These are all made and designed for different, specific sports.

They all serve different purposes. Running (or the basketball ones) ones might not feel really comfortable when you are inside the ring and starts moving. So if you are boxing or would like to, you should definitely buy the boxing ones.

Now, for the beginners, we have what we call the beginner’s shoes. These are great for well, the beginners. For those who are just starting. It is also good for those relaxed and informal boxers, those who do not plan to go pro.

If you have to do boxing everyday (or just want to) and has some extra budget, it would be nice if you purchase two of these so that you will get to have an alternate ones every other day.

These are a lot cheaper than the ones the professionals use so it will be affordable for beginners. And since it is cheaper and made for beginners, it’s quality is for beginners too. It’s durability and features should not really be anticipated much.

If you are at a pro level, we also have what we call the pro level shoes. These are for serious boxers who do hard sparring everyday or regularly. You can also buy them if you want to improve your beginner’s shoes and decide to update your second pair.

These boxing shoes are more expensive than the beginner’s but they are more durable and has more features that can cater your pro level boxing needs.

For some of those who have special needs (or preference) for their feet, you can choose from specialty boxing shoes. Maybe you want to use lighter ones to be able to move easily around or you have an unusually larger (or wider) feet, or maybe you want a pair of shoes that can be converted from a wrestling to a boxing shoe.


Whether you box as a hobby, an amateur or a professional, the best boxing shoes you pick is as important as picking the right set of gloves as well the mouth guard. Of course, the needs of different boxers are different.

However, certain fundamentals don’t change much over the years.

We hope we’ve given you some serious points to consider and ponder on before you go out and pick the best boxing shoe you want for yourself.

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