Best Boxing Headgear Review: Top 7

Mike Tyson once famously said, “Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face”. It couldn’t be more apt than when you are in a boxing ring then. Sure, taking punches is hard. What’s harder though is going in without adequate protection, be it the head, gloves, groin region or any other body part. Trust me when I say this. I’ve been in the ring and I’ve had my share of getting knocked at and knocked out too. You can’t avoid getting hit on the head. But you sure can have the top boxing headgear in the business and save your face, literally.

  • A lace-up top: You tend to sweat a lot during the fight and it would only make sense to have something around your head that doesn’t bob from side to side when you fight. A lace-up top headgear helps keep the gear firmly in place for a better fighting experience
  • A chin buckle: A chin buckle is always a better option as it keeps the headgear in place. However, do opt for a strap and a buckle instead of those Velcro straps which wear out and loosen up after prolonged use.
  • USA Boxing Certification: While this is not the benchmark you need when you are out picking the best headgear, USA certified headgears obviously lend a high credibility and you can just buy the gear and be worry free.

Other Things To Consider

While we have delved into some of the features of what a great boxing headgear will have, it’d be worth your time to consider a few other pointers as well.

  • Visibility: Putting on headgear is akin to restricting visibility. It is a given and there is no changing that. Hence there is a constant trade-off between visibility and padding i.e. the more the padding the lesser the visibility and vice-versa.
  • Comfort & Fit: Comfort and fit play a huge role in the way your fight ends and can often be the difference between victory and defeat. Make sure you choose something that is comfortable enough and fits snugly instead of moving around.
  • Quality: One of the most critical factors that can’t be left out of the fray, a good quality headgear lasts long. Also as discussed above, a USA certification certainly adds value to your buy.
  • Coverage: Now this is something that differs from one fighter to another. Some prefer chin protection while a few others prefer padding on the back of the head. Whichever category you fall in, ensure you are clear in what you want from the headgear.
  • Size & Weight: Be sure to avoid headgears that are very heavy due to multiple layers of padding as this affects your ability to move around as well as your reflexes due to lesser visibility.

Boxing Headgear VS MMA Ones

Over the course of 15 years in the sport, training and coaching I’ve had the chance to use boxing gear made by both boxing brands as well as MMA brands. And in my opinion, the gear made by boxing brands last longer than their MMA counterparts which either become too soft or too hard due to repeated use. So if you ask me, I’d always stick with gear made bu boxing brands.

The Ultimate Top Boxing Headgears


Title Boxing Face Protector Headgear

The Title Boxing Face Protector is an excellent headgear with the outer shell made up of leather combined with a super thick, layered foam padding that provides extra comfort. It comes with a fully adjustable lace-tie top and back that provides a secure fit for everyone.


  • Perfect fit for head of any size
  • Superior padding absorbs the hard shots and protects face
  • The metal face frame protects the face from knee and elbow shots
  • Value for money


  • Uppercuts will land on the metal frame causing the head to bob up
  • The padding reduces visibility thereby affecting reflexes


Rival Traditional Headgear

The Rival Traditional headgear is your go to piece of gear if you love old school boxing. Made up of cowhide leather shell on the outside and soft, supple, water resistant suede leather on the inside, this one is made to go the distance. The dual rear hook-and-look straps keep the gear in place while training.


  • Perfect fit and great material that is apt for boxing
  • Cheek guards add an extra level of protection
  • Soft inner lining adds to comfort while training and fighting


  • The ear sockets are a bit shallow and shots to the ear often hit hard
  • The chin buckle is uncomfortable


Ringside Master Headgear

The Ringside Master Headgear comes with a padding that is thicker than the standard competition headgear. Made up of durable leather, it comes with a buckle chin strap and cheek protectors for better guarding


  • The cushioning is very good
  • Nose protection is very good
  • It is lightweight


  • Visibility is reduced due to extra layer of padding
  • Inside lining is leather that causes excessive sweating
  • Cheek protectors block peripheral vision affecting movements in the ring


Fighting Sports Tri-Tech

Fighting introduces the newest innovation in training headgear with exclusive Tri-Tech® design and incorporation. A trio of precision placed inner foams - K-329 Sponge Comfort Foam, BL05S High Density Impact Absorbing Foam and S-2 Latex Low Density Protection Foam - creates the most comfortable, awe-inspiring and high coverage designs in the world.


  • Padded cheeks, forehead, and ear pads are ideal as a whole
  • Smooth inner lining doesn’t cause sweating


  • They loosen up after repeated use and move a lot


Rival d3o Intelli-Shock Pro

The Rival d3o Intelli-Shock Pro has a suede lining combined with a 3-way Velcro adjustment. A heavy duty chin strap buckle keeps the head in place while training with the read pad giving a perfect fit every time.


  • Suede lining doesn’t cause the headgear to slip while taking a hit
  • Superior padding absorbs shock punches and hard hits
  • Peripheral vision is good


  • Very expensive as compared to other headgears offering similar features
  • The cheek guards leave the nose open to be hit


Ringside Competition

This is the best competition headgear for design, comfort, durability and safety. Featuring high grade leather construction inside and out, a top quality laminated foam system and the latest protective advancements


  • Quality of leather is very good
  • Peripheral vision is good due to open face style
  • Fit is very good


  • Buckle quality is very cheap
  • The delivery was late


Venum Elite

Handmade in Thailand, the Venum Elite is made up of 100% Skintex leather. The Venum Elite is ultra-lightweight for better head movement while adding triple layer foam for better protection and visibility.


  • Fit is very good and comfortable
  • The gear doesn’t move even after taking hits
  • Good value for money


  • The material is not leather
  • Size may be a problem for larger head sizes especially


Our heads are the most vital component of our bodies and there is no denying that the best piece of headgear will protect it like a helmet. Ensure that you always pick a headgear that’s not only strong and durable but also comfortable because in the end, it’s the comfort that will allow you to fight and move better. Also Read: What are the best boxing gloves for beginners?

(Last Updated On: January 3, 2018)

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