7 of the Best BJJ Gi: The Most Popular Ones

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2020)

When training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wearing the proper Gi can be important. They were created to make it easier to put someone into a submissive situation. This can help to teach you how to be ready and prepared under any circumstances. While your BJJ gi won’t exactly break your game, it is nevertheless something you don’t want to neglect.

Vulkan Gi Review


Best BJJ Gi

Sanabul Essentials Ultra Light Gi


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This BJJ Gi is available in three colors; blue, white, and black. This comes preshrunk, so no need to worry if it will shrink after a few washes. It is very lightweight and made using the single weave technique. The material also has anti odor and antimicrobial treatments so that fungi won’t form or spread.

Why It’s So Popular
Made of lightweight material
Affordable price
Available in three colors
Antimicrobial properties to fight fungus

A lot of customers have said it runs large
The sleeves might be too long for your liking
Not very durable for some people


Your Jiu Jitsu Gear Gi

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This affordable gi is available in different colors. This is made of 550 grams of pearl weave fabric, which keeps it durable. Even though the material is very durable, it is still lightweight, which makes it great to wear to competitions. The gi comes completely blank, which gives you enough space to add as many patches and other items to customize it for yourself. This comes pre shrunk, but you can still shrink it a little bit if needed.

Why It’s So Popular
Lightweight material
Affordable price
Completely blank that allows you to customize it
It comes pre shrunk

It doesn’t include a belt
It runs large, so you may need to shrink it a couple of times or have it tailored
A lot of people realize that the top will fit while the pants don’t, and vice versa


Anthem Athletics CLASSIC Pearl Weave BJJ GI

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This bjj gi is lightweight and tear resistant. The pants are made of 10 ounces of ripstop material, while the jacket is made of 450 grams of pearl weave material. It is styled for an athletic fit and more slim cut than other brands. The cuffs are reinforced and the gi has multi panel construction, that makes it durable.

Why It’s So Popular
Lightweight and tear resistant
Made for a more slim and athletic fit
Made to be durable

It is a little pricey
There is no belt included
There is already some embroidery included


ProForce Gladiator BJJ GI

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This affordable bjj  gi is made from 100% cotton that has been single weaved. You can choose from different colors and a vast number of size choices. There are even sizes that can fit children. It also includes a belt.

Why It’s So Popular
Includes a belt
Affordable price
A lot of sizes to choose from

It isn’t very lightweight
The pants and jacket seem to be made at different quality levels


Fuji Uniform

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This bjj gi is made from 100% cotton and has special reinforcements for durability. You can choose from four colors, that also includes pink. The color is thick and stiff. The overall is thick and heavier than other brands.

Why It’s So Popular
Made from 100% cotton
Choose from four colors
Thick which can be good for training

Not lightweight, so not very good for competitions
Includes logos on the sleeve and back
There is no belt included


Elite Sports Ultra Light

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This is available in five sizes and five colors. They come pre shrunk but they might shrink a little if you wash them in hot water and place into the dryer. It is recommended to wash them in cold water and allow them to hang dry. This lightweight one will also keep you comfortable during training or competitions. This will also fight off odors and bacteria to prevent fungus from forming and spreading.

Why It’s So Popular
Lightweight and comfortable
Comes pre shrunk
Fights off odors and bacteria

It doesn’t include a belt
It comes with embroidery on it, so not totally customizable


Flow Kimonos Air

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This is made of 100% combed cotton and available in nine sizes. The pants are eight ounces of ripstop material, making them lightweight and comfortable. The fabric is already shrunk, so no need to worry about it shrinking more. It also includes a high density foam drawstring, so you won’t have to adjust yourself during class.

Why It’s So Popular
Lightweight pants
Made of 100% combed cotton
Preshrunk material and comfortable

They can run a little small
Some people think it feels scratchy

Things To Consider

Cut and Fit

The cut and fit can be important when choosing the right one for you. You will want enough space to be able to perform certain moves, but not too tight to restrict your movements. If it is too tight in the crotch, you might not be able to perform a split correctly or kick as high as you may need to. If it is too loose around your waist or belt, your opponent can easily place you into a submissive position.

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This aspect is completely up to your personal preferences. Some people like to wear bright and bold ones that have a lot of embroidering and patches. Other people prefer to wear plain white ones like the ones that were worn when they were first made.

Trusted Company

This might not be an important consideration for you, but it might be to some. Is it from a trusted company? Do they ever give back to the sport through endorsements or donations? Do they receive excellent reviews online? Do they offer great customer service? You can always message a company on social media or email them to see if they respond within a timely manner. Then, you can ask them any questions you may have.


You can typically choose from harder or softer materials when buying one. Some people prefer one for competing and one for training. Again, this is an aspect that is based on your own preferences.


Like any other product you buy, you want it to last as long as possible. Thicker and heavier ones will typically last longer than thin and light ones. When you are competing in a tournament, you usually have to weigh in with your gi on, so keep that in mind when deciding.


You can choose from different materials. Jackets and pants are also typically made from different materials, so you will need to decide which is the top material for both parts. If it is made of pearl weave, it is usually the softest and lightest material you can choose. Choosing one made of pearl weave can be helpful if you plan on participating in a lot of competitions. Gold weaves were once the only material allowed in a competition. They are harder to grab, which can possibly give you an advantage over your opponent. You can also usually choose between a single and double weave as well.


Having the best bjj gi is very important during training and competitions. You may need to try a few different gis until you find the one that works well for you. Also, if you would like, you might want to find one that would be good for training and one that is lightweight for competitions.

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