7 of the Best Beginner Boxing Gloves

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2019)

When you are first learning how to box, you will know that it is important to land your hits properly. It is also important to block the correct way. Choosing the right gloves can help you to achieve these things. I’m here to show you some of the most suitable beginner boxing gloves to help you.


Top Beginner Boxing Gloves To Buy

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

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These are available in six different colors and have a very affordable price. They have a large velcro part to customize the fit for each beginner individual boxer. They are made from PU leather and are very durable. They have triple density foam inside which will help to absorb some of the shock from hits.

Why It’s So Popular
Lightweight and designed to keep your thumbs safe
They absorb the shock from hits
They are affordable

They are stiff when first bought
They are larger


Woldorf USA Boxing Gloves

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These boxing gloves are green and come in different sizes. They are made of vinyl and are perfect for beginner boxers. They are comfortable and affordable. They have velcro straps so you can adjust the enclosure on them.

Why It’s So Popular
They are affordable
They are very comfortable
Velcro straps so you can choose how tight

Only available in green
Some customers feel the fit isn’t right if they have larger hands
They can take a while to be broken in


UFC Starter Training Combo Beginner Gloves

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This set is perfect for children that are beginning to learn boxing. The elastic wrist strap helps keep them on comfortably and easy take off. There is also a cushioned grip bar inside the gloves. The headgear and youth flat punch mitts are also included. The headgear is padded and easy to take off and put on. The flat mitts are also designed to absorb some of the shock from landed hits.

Why It’s So Popular
Included padded headgear and flat mitts
The set is affordable
Perfect for children

Only available in red
There is only one size to choose from
They are smaller than most


RDX Cow Hide Leather Gel Boxing

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These gloves are made from 100% full grain cowhide and have premium stitches for higher quality. There is dense gel and padding throughout the glove for extra safety and comfort – great for beginners The easy velcro strap can wrap around your wrist 360 degrees, for the perfect fit and comfort. There is also perforations within the glove so that moisture doesn’t build up.

Why It’s So Popular
They won’t build up moisture
A lot of padding for extra comfort and safety
They are durable

They are a little pricey
They can take a few times to break them in, but most customers never experienced pain during this period
Sizing runs a little smaller than other brands



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These affordable ones are available in different sizes and colors. You can use them for many different beginner training exercises, including: speed training, bags, and sparring. There is a wide wrap that goes around your wrists to keep them safe. There is also a lot of shock absorbing foam inside. These are durable and are designed with mesh palm area so that they can breathe, this can help reduce odors inside.

Why It’s So Popular
Affordable price
Mesh palms keep gloves free of moisture and odor
Lots of padding for comfort and safety

The sizing chart can be difficult to understand sometimes
Some customers feel that they should have more breathability throughout
They tend to run large in size


Venum Contender Boxing Gloves

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These beginner gloves are made out of premium quality synthetic leather and are available in many colors. The foam is also multi density, for maximum shock absorption. The thumb portion is fully attached to reduce twisting of your thumb.

Why It’s So Popular
Different colors to choose from
Made of synthetic leather

There is no mesh
The enclosure is velcro, but not elastic
They aren’t very durable


Ringside Apex Bag Gloves

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These beginner gloves are stylish, affordable, and available in different colors. The closures on them are hook and loop for easy placement. They also have ventilated thumbs and palms, to reduce moisture and odors. The wrap around closure will also keep your wrists secure. They also include a grip bar inside.

Why It’s So Popular
Includes grip bars
Affordable and stylish

Some people don’t like the way the enclosures fit
Some customers think they are too tight
The small size might not provide enough padding

Boxing Tips For Beginners

  1. Don’t forget to keep breathing and remain as calm as possible. If you begin to feel overwhelmed, ask the person you are training with if you can take a short break to recompose yourself.
  2. Always pivot your body when landing a hit, never lean back. If you lean back, you can throw off your entire balance. You will also want to always look at your opponent, if you lose sight of them, you won’t be able to block their next hit.
  3. You will only want to do combos that have a maximum of five hits. If you do more, you are more susceptible to being hit by a counter and you will drain your energy faster.
  4. The only hit you want to throw long is a jab, you will want the rest of them to be short.
  5. Always put your whole body into your punches. Never punch faster than your body can move. Maintain synchronization between your body and hits.
  6. When you punch, breathe out and always look at your opponent.
  7. When you are training, try and make as many friends as possible. The more friends you have, the more guidance you can gain during your training.
  8. Try not to overtrain yourself. You should become a little tired, but if you train until you are physically exhausted and can’t take anymore, you likely won’t succeed. If you don’t succeed, you might want to quit.
  9. Stay hydrated. If you drink at least one cup of water an hour, you should stay adequately hydrated, but it doesn’t hurt to drink more!
  10. Even if you don’t see an opportunity to land a hit, you should still swing. This will keep your body moving and your opponent wondering where you will try to hit next. It can also help you focus more to see where you can land a hit.
  11. Always keep your hands high. You will want your elbows to stay low. You will always want to keep moving your head as well.
  12. Learn how to clean your boxing gloves

5 Main Things To Remember

Stay Relaxed

Staying relaxed during boxing is very crucial. If you remain relaxed while throwing a punch, you can notice an increase in your power and speed in which you throw the punch. You will also want to keep your hands relaxed inside your gloves; you should only clench your fist right before your hit will land. Also, try to maintain a loose posture so that you don’t look rigid and tense.

Maintain Proper Breathing

If you aren’t breathing correctly, it can impact your performance and tire you faster. If you are practicing on the bags, you will want to take a breath before every combination you throw. Everytime you throw a hit, exhale. When you are combating against someone, you will want to maintain your breathing even more. If your breathing isn’t proper, you can become winded or even nervous in the ring.

Proper Foot Placement

If you are thinking that boxing only requires proper use of your hands, than you are wrong. Proper footwork is very important in the ring. You should always put more weight on your back foot, and always stand on the balls of your feet. If you have bad foot placement, you can become unbalanced and fall over or be knocked over. Don’t step back to avoid a hit, slide your foot back and turn your body a little; this can help you keep your balance.

Combination Throws

Combination throws can help you win a fight. When you are first learning, you will want to practice many different combinations to find the one that works best for you. You never want to throw more than five punches at once, you can tire yourself out and leave yourself open for your opponent to attack. Try to not use the same combination or throws repeatedly, you want your hits to be a surprise to your opponent; if they can guess what you will throw next, they have a higher chance of blocking.

Enjoy Yourself

This is probably the most important thing to remember. When you are in the training stages, you will want to learn as much as you can. If you continue to enjoy yourself, you will want to win more. Also, your trainers and sparring partners also want you to succeed. If you become too competitive, it can anger your partner.


If you are beginning to learn how to box, you will need good gloves. Wearing the proper gloves can greatly improve your performance while training and in the ring. There are many choices on the market. Yes, you can even find boxing gloves under $50! Or even pink gloves or gloves for women. You will just have to find the ones that work best for you and your needs.

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