Best Ankle Brace Reviews: Top 7

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2019)

Don’t let an ankle injury prevent you from practicing your fighting skills. When you’re fighting, you need to switch your weight around a lot, which can really strain your ankles.

Ankle braces help with that strain. Depending on your injury or the amount of support you need, my ankle brace reviews will make it much easier to choose the right one.

When To Use An Ankle Brace?

If you do find yourself with an ankle injury, a brace will help you support your foot while your injury continues to heal. This means that you can keep up your training regimen without causing any further damage. You can even use them to prevent further injury by providing a little extra support during your training. Normally you put a lot of weight on your ankles, so certain braces can act like a sock-like support. Other types can act like a prevention method for those of you with a history of ankle problems. It all depends on what you need it for.

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Benefits of Ankle Braces

The fast-paced weight changes that come with MMA fights can be tough on your ankles. The extra support of ankle braces can not only give support, but help prevent further problems.

Give Me A Little Support

The stiff fabric of an ankle brace can help support your feet with the metal or plastic, reinforcing any injury. Certain kinds pull on, others strap on with Velcro, and some even lace up. These can help with compression more than usual support if you’re experiencing inflammation.

Sprain Causing Pain

Usually if you sprain your ankle, you roll your ankle inwards toward the sole of your foot, hence the pain. This type of injury is supported by a brace with metal or plastic supports on the outside. If you roll your foot outward, supports inside and outside will do the trick. See my Top King Shin Guard review.

I Need Some Time

You might need to wear your brace for just a few days or for six weeks maximum. Any swelling, pain, or instability will benefit just by keeping it on over your sock.

No Future Injuries

Some of us are prone to ankle sprains, so wearing one of these braces is great for preventative care. Any time you train, put on the brace and your ankle won’t have the chance to roll in or out. Make sure it’s tight enough to give support, but not so much that your circulation suffers.

Top 7 Best Ankle Brace Reviews

No matter your need, an ankle brace will help you keep your training on track. You don’t need to worry as much about interrupted training days with one of these strapped on snugly.

ASO Ankle Stabilizer

The stabilizing straps of ASO form a complete figure 8 for increased support while the boot itself provides lots of durability. With the elastic cuff, you can be sure it stays on either the left or the right foot with ease.

Why It’s So Popular
– It’s smaller than other braces, and easier to lace up
– Provides a great combination of support, comfort, and flexibility
– The tongue is stretchy to provide a comfortable fit

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– Not recommended for worse injuries or sprains
– It works better for prevention than for support during injuries
– The actual design isn’t super low profile

Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace

When you pick up an ankle brace, you want to be sure it stays on. Grip-tech technology prevents slipping just as the design gives you an individual fit. You even get anterior, lateral, and medial support.

Why It’s So Popular
– The brace isn’t bulky, but still provides suitable protection
– Works great to actually prevent injuries
– It’s well-braced for good lateral support

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– It’s not as comfortable as some people would like
– There’s not a lot of support when it comes to injuries
– The plastic part makes it hard to wear for extended periods of time

Shock Doctor 851 Ultra Wrap Laced Ankle Brace

The polyester frame of the Shock Doctor provides support for moderate to major sprains, strains, and joint issues. Lateral and medial support is easy with no slipping at all.

Why It’s So Popular
– The support is highly stable and comfortable
– The double, Velcro fastened over-wraps provide lots of structure
– It’s cost effective and fastens on easily

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– The brace is not comfortable when it’s strapped tightly
– The material around the heel digs into the foot
– The straps under the heel aren’t very durable

McDavid 199 Lace-up Ankle Brace

This top-selling ankle brace uses medical grade spring steel to make it breathable and light. Not only will this prevent common injuries, but it’ll help you get back to your usual training in a jiff.

Why It’s So Popular
– The price is very cost effective
– They really work to reduce pain after an injury
– This non-elastic laced support does not cut off circulation

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– It takes a little longer to lace up than other braces
– It may feel uncomfortable in the beginning, as it takes time for it to break in
– Getting the right size has been an issue

Kunto Fitness Ankle Brace

The protection provided by Kunto applies even pressure along your entire ankle to give you quick relief. The tight, yet breathable fabric slips on easily without any discomfort at all.

Why It’s So Popular
– It doesn’t even feel like a brace; it’s like a thick sock
– There’s no visible swelling after using it, even after using it all day
– The compression and support are great for everyday use

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– The hemlines can be a little loose for some
– It’s more like a compression sleeve rather than a brace
– It’s better for everyday use, rather than intense physical activity

Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace

Ultra Zoom uses lightweight technology to prevent injuries without hindering your performance. It’ll fit either the left or the right ankle while remaining low profile.

Why It’s So Popular
– Even after 4 months of use, the brace is still in good shape
– It goes on and off with much more ease than some other brands
– Pain pretty much disappears while you’re walking

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– There’s a slight squeaking from sweat or water
– The bottom plate bites into your foot a little with continued usage
– The support during intense activity is a little lesser

TriLok Ankle Support Brace

There are no laces to worry about in the TriLok support brace. It just pulls on easily like a sock to provide even support and added comfort. The high quality, durable material should stand up to any type of training.

Why It’s So Popular
– The brace stays in excellent condition over time
– It’s easy to fit in shoes during exercise
– The comfort is excellent for usage throughout the entire day

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– The sizing guide is a little misleading
– The sleeve stretches out a little too much after continued use
– It bunches up a little, compromising compression


Ankle injuries don’t have to stop you from your training. With a simple ankle brace, you can keep up your fighting without worry. Take a look at these reviews to pick out the best ankle brace for you. Whether you’re preventing injury or bracing yourself with some extra support, one of these is sure to do the trick.

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