7 Benefits Of Boxing For Women – Health & Fitness Advantages

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2020)

Boxing might traditionally be thought of as a man’s sport, one that is usually quite aggressive in nature. However, this stereotype no longer holds true.

More and more women take to the gloves and discover the vast amount of benefits that come with taking up boxing as a sport.

The most obvious benefit that comes to mind is the physical benefits of weight loss and body toning. But are a wide range of other benefits that boxing can bring to women. This includes a boost in mental health and feeling safer in the knowledge that they can defend themselves if needs be.

Lets take a closer look at some of the benefits that boxing can have for women. Let’s take back the phrase ‘to fight like a girl’. Punching or boxing isn’t only for men.

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Benefits of Boxing for Females

Physical Benefits

Boxing is an effective cardio workout for women. But it also works a vast amount of muscle groups throughout the body. It results in an increase in strength and power. The overall result is a toned rather than a bulky appearance which you would get from weight training alone.

This leaned look is preferred by most women over the bulky muscular look more often associated with men. The more toned your body is, the more effectively you will burn off fat. And the healthier your body will be overall.


Get Fit with Boxing

The act of boxing is an extremely effective core muscle workout. Whether sparring with a partner or alone with a punchbag or heavy bag.

Working out and strengthening your core is key to achieving that flat washboard stomach desired by so many women. Boxing is an anaerobic activity. Anaerobic activities are proven to burn more visceral fat off of the body than non anaerobic exercises.

Boxing is a much better alternative to running, helping you get in shape, tone up and gain muscle very quickly. It will greatly increase your strength and physical stamina.

Better and Improved Posture

Whilst you are training in boxing,  keeping correct the correct posture is very important. This is to maintain the correct technique. This use of correct posture in boxing, will transfer into your everyday life and help improve your posture in all circumstances daily.

This will greatly improve any back pain and muscle strain you might be feeling currently. This is more often than not caused by poor posture, as well as protecting you from future injuries.

Mental Health Benefits

The mental benefits of boxing for women are immense. The physical act of aggression shown when punching a heavy bag or sparring with a partner really aids eliminate everyday stress. No matter what is causing your stress, be it work or your home life, boxing can really help lift your mood. It can be a really big improvement factor in a woman’s overall mental health.

It’s true that all forms of exercise release stress reducing, mood boosting endorphins into the body. But the more intense the exercise is, the more endorphins there will be.

Boxing is a high impact cardio exercise. It releases high volumes of endorphins, resulting in an immediate boost in mood with long lasting effects that go far beyond the boxing ring.

Try these boxing workouts for women!

Train Your Reflexes and Hand-eye coordination

Boxing is a sport which really focusing on aim, power and punching. In this way, it helps improve your Hand-eye coordination over time and with practice. This improvement in Hand-eye coordination transfers into a whole range of life applications including, writing and improvement in other sports.

Speed bag boxing sessions are especially useful for improving hand eye coordination greatly over a short period of time.

Hand eye coordination is something that is greatly nurtured in toys for children. But it’s often forgotten about when it comes to adulthood.

Good Hand-eye coordination is a great skill with many benefits in all aspects of everyday life.

Helps Weight Loss and Burns Fat

Boxing works a vast amount of different muscle groups throughout the body, notably the arms, shoulders, legs and chest. The more muscle that is built up in someone’s body, the faster their metabolism will be. The faster your metabolism is, the quicker you will burn off fat from your body. This will lead to weight loss as well as an overall toning and leaning of the body.

You really need a good mix of cardio and muscle building weight exercises to effectively burn fat off the body.

Boxing provides you with both of these necessities in one neat package. Which is really ideal for busy women everywhere.

It really gets your heart pumping while also working out a huge amount of important muscles in your body

Aggression is something that tends to build up a lot slower in women than it does in men. Boxing can be a great way to get this female aggression out in a healthy way for women.

Boost Your Self Defense Skills

While the sport is not primarily intended to be used as a form of self defense, it will give women the skills needed. Just in case women need to defend themselves in a dangerous situation.

Unfortunately, by the mere fact that they are women, women face considerably more risk when out in public alone. Especially in quieter areas and at nightfall than men do.

Having the skills necessary to defend themselves will equip women with confidence whilst keeping them safe.

Although hopefully they never have to use their acquired skills for this purpose! Self defence is a skill that everybody should be equipped with.

The confidence that boxing brings will help women in all aspects of their lives. Both in and out of the ring.

If you are looking for a solution to improve your physical and mental health, look no further than boxing.

Remember that boxing for women is something that doesn’t necessarily require you to attend a class. Although it’s great to ensure proper form as well as often being more fun, you can always invest in an at home punch heavy bag or sparring kit and a good training video to get started. See if you notice any of these benefits in your daily life.

Grab a few girlfriends and get started, what are you waiting for!


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