About MMA Warfare

Learning Martial Arts is an amazing experience. Whether you’re learning Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing, or any other form of Martial Arts, they all require specific gear and knowledge to help you fight more effectively and to keep you and your opponent safe too.

Come to us at MMA Warfare if you’re a beginner looking to learn about all things MMA. Or if you’re a veteran trying to find the best gear.

We live and breathe Mixed Martial Arts. And we’d be glad to share our passion for the sport with like minded people like you.


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We do reviews of the best gear out there so that you can make smart choices when it comes to your training. Our fighters have tested out each product themselves, going through the durability of gear, how it feels, and what you can use it for. They’ve spent time checking it out so that you don’t have to, meaning that you can get started on your training that much faster.

We also have articles about how to learn MMA, like how you might want to get into shape and how to use that punching bag to the fullest. It’s our goal to use our experience to improve your training and help you up your training regimen. Head on over to our blogs to learn from the experts about everything MMA.

If you’re a new fighter, you can learn a lot. But even if you’ve been fighting for years, we hope we’ll be able to give you a few new tips.

About James

My name is James. I’ve been practicing many forms of martial arts for years now. From BJJ to Muay Thai, I’ve had practice in them all since I was just a kid.

You could definitely call me an MMA enthusiast with my passion and dedication for the sport.

That passion is what led me to create MMA warfare to share my knowledge with all of you.

I know what it’s like to deliver a good punch and how it feels to end up on the mat too. I’ve spent years training, and that’s why I’d love to help you train too. It’s an honor to teach you the skills and techniques you need to improve yourself and find the same passion for the sport that I have.

Embrace the sport and come along and join me for the journey.

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